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Likewise and process
Likewise Beckett ’ s take on Purgatory is that it “ is a state rather than a process .”
Likewise, the process of chemical potential equalization is sometimes referred to as the process of electronegativity equalization.
Likewise, oversalting and undersalting also has a significant impact on the rate and quality of fermentation due to their effects on the bacteria involved in the process.
Likewise, in the same month the Royal Bank of Scotland Group ( Europe's largest debit card issuer which includes the NatWest, Coutts and Ulster Bank brands ) switched from Maestro to Visa Debit, a process that will take two years to complete ..
Likewise, some diamonds may have small extra facets on the crown or pavilion that were created to remove surface imperfections during the diamond cutting process.
Likewise, the political process model explained otherwise confusing affairs.
Likewise they emphasized how the redaction of the New Testament resulted from a process over time, so that the New Testament included early textual layers, around which later and later layers crystallized.
Likewise, a small ingestion of poisonous medicines, i. e. very small quantities innocuous to an individual, during one's lifetime can aid in the mummification process after death.

Likewise and character
Likewise, character set has been widely used to refer to a specific repertoire of characters that have been mapped to specific bit sequences or numerical codes.
Likewise, comics of questionable character ( in the view of the Nazis ) were banned outright.
Likewise, the 30 Rock sitcom character Dennis Duffy attracts disdain and mockery for his career as a pager salesman.
Likewise, Peter Jackson has made brief cameos in all of his movies, except for his first feature length movie Bad Taste in which he plays a main character.
" Likewise, character names are rife with puns and innuendo.
Likewise, a new antagonist named Gill took over M. Bisons role from the previous games as the new boss character.
Likewise, the headmistress of the initial drafts was not a specifically villainous character.
Likewise, in Cyder, Ambrose Philips refers to Milton as " that other bard " and contrasts Milton to his character Abdiel.
Likewise, blogs that ordinarily cover non-war issues may dedicate their coverage during a time of war to the conflict, with some reverting to their previous missions at the end of the war, and others retaining their new character.
Likewise, allowing a particular character into the party could cause the plot to branch off in a new direction, if even for a short time.
Likewise, Angie's portrayer Debbi Morgan became the first actor to portray the same character as a regular on three different soap operas.
Likewise, the character of Daryoon has had his name spelled / pronounced differently from " Darün " to " Dariun ".
Likewise, the animation frames when a character advances towards an opponent are the same when he or she retreats.
Likewise, for the Latin America version the main character was called Brando Drummond and the carrier " Gran Dragon del Espacio ") who was drafted for the job because his latent psychic powers made him the only one capable of doing so, all other similarly empowered candidates having been assassinated by alien agents with he himself having been injured in an attack that ended his sports career.
Likewise, the Red Room is referenced in the manga / anime series Monster, in which a backroom in a bar that's curtained off serves as a meeting place for the Baby ( whose character was partially inspired by the Man from Another Place ) and Nina Fortner.
Likewise, Gibson includes a character who awkwardly wears only one shoe ; this character ( Ashpool ) is an insane killer.
Likewise, yet another theory identifies Fergus ' father with the obscure Sumarlidi Hauldr, a character in the Orkneyinga Saga.
Likewise, Unilever used integrated agency Billington Cartmell to tie into the 2010 Football World Cup, with the character – now transformed into the " Fanimal " – on posters ( notably in pub's gents toilets with risque slogans ), print ads, radio spots, an interactive website and even distributed in the form of a shouting rubber mascot.
Likewise, the game's character designs were split amongst four artists.
Likewise, in The Nutty Professor and its sequel, Eddie Murphy played the title character and almost every member of his family.
One critic noted “ On the surface, Cleopatra Jones is about a black distaff James Bond who drives a fancy car equipped with a submachine gun in the door, wears smart clothes, is a karate expert, and travels all over the world as a United States secret agent, destroying the poppy wherever it is found .” Another critic, Chris Norton, even suggested, “ Like Bond, Cleo is not a stealthy character who tries to infiltrate the underworld by losing her identity … Bond seldom tried to hide his identity, often using his real name during introductions, and all Bond films rely on his being recognized as 007 .” Likewise, Jones is rarely undercover, and is flashy and flamboyant on tbe job.
" Likewise, when Nancy forgave Lisa for her past transgressions in the 1970s, public opinion softened toward Lisa and she became a respected character on the program.
Likewise, the character of the narrator's grandfather is loosely based on the real life story of the Rev.

Likewise and China
Likewise, the ecumenist may become so absorbed in the conflict of the church with the totalitarian state in East Germany, the precarious situation of the church in revolutionary China, and the anguish of the church over apartheid in South Africa that he loses close contact with the parish church in its unspectacular but indispensable ministry of worship, pastoral service and counseling, and Christian nurture for a face-to-face group of individuals.
Likewise, Joseph E. Stiglitz, speaking not only on China but East Asia in general, comments " The countries that have managed globalization ... such as those in East Asia, have, by and large, ensured that they reaped huge benefits ..." According to The Heritage Foundation, development in China was anticipated by Milton Friedman, who predicted that even a small progress towards economic liberalization would produce dramatic and positive effects.
Likewise, in the East, the business model existed in China 3000 years ago no different than today, through the ages strictly regulated by Imperial or other authorities.
" Likewise, in a 2011 interview with the BBC Friedman says that he wants his children to live in a world where " there's a strong America counterbalancing a strong and thriving China, and not one where you have a strong and rising China and an America that is uncertain, weak and unable to project power economically and militarily it historically did.
Likewise, Freemasonry is outlawed in the PRC and thus the Grand Lodge of China is based in Taiwan.
Likewise the China Yangtze Patrol gunboats also became part of the Philippine naval defenses: ( sunk south of Java 3 March 1942 ), ( lost 2 May 1942 ), ( scuttled 6 May 1942 but salvaged by the Japanese ), ( sunk 5 May 1942 ), and ( scuttled 5 May 1942 ).
Likewise, the first school founded by the Maryknollers in China was called St. Thomas School, a primary school in Yangjiang ( previously known as Yeungkong ) with the first graduation held in July 1923.
Likewise, Carr argued that the suffering of Chinese workers in the treaty ports and in the mines of South Africa in the late 19th-early 20th centuries was terrible, but must be considered a progressive development as it helped to push China towards the Communist revolution.
Likewise, there are the same Chinese vehicles with sails depicted in the Atlas of Gerardus Mercator ( 1512 – 1594 ), as well as the 1626 book Kingdome of China by John Speed.

Likewise and since
Likewise, a baserunner can attempt to steal a base, or the batter can choose to swing at an intentional ball ; however, these rarely occur since taking these risks is rarely more beneficial to the offensive team than allowing the walk.
Likewise, spheres are compact, but a sphere missing a point is not since a sequence of points can tend to the missing point without tending to any point within the space.
Likewise, the problem of computing a quantity on a manifold which is invariant under differentiable mappings is inherently global, since any local invariant will be trivial in the sense that it is already exhibited in the topology of R < sup > n </ sup >.
Likewise, East Asian paintings and other works of art ( such as porcelain and lacquerware ) were highly prized in Europe since initial contact in the 16th century.
Likewise, The Nags Head, Burntwood only dates back to the 16th century, but there has been a pub on the site since at least 1086, as it is mentioned in the Domesday Book.
Likewise, the impact of the risk is not easy to estimate since it is often difficult to estimate the potential loss in the event of risk occurrence.
Likewise in South Sudan the majority of the population is non-Arab and the since succession the state has not indicated any interest in re-joining the Arab League.
Likewise, since Vipsul / Fiesole was probably founded in the 9th-8th century BC and the Dodecapoli was founded by the Lydian brothers, Tyrsenos and Tarchon, who are both assumed to have lived in the 11th century BC, it is impossible that Vipsul was part of the league.
Likewise, in continental Europe, both original book-length stories such as La rivolta dei racchi ( 1967 ) by Guido Buzzelli, and collections of comic strips have been commonly published in hardcover volumes, often called " albums ", since the end of the 19th century ( including Franco-Belgian comics series such as " The Adventures of Tintin " and " Lieutenant Blueberry ", and Italian series such as " Corto Maltese ").
Likewise, when NHK broadcasts a language instruction program for Korean, the language is referred to as hangurugo (; " hangul language "); although it's technically incorrect since hangul itself is a writing system, not a language.
Likewise, since 2001, the FSA has only sought insider trading fines eight times against individuals and companies it regulates, despite the FSA's own studies indicating that unexplained price movements occurs prior to around 25 percent of all UK corporate merger announcements.
Likewise, a hammock provides more comfortable sleep than a bunk or a berth while at sea since the sleeper always stays well balanced, irrespective on the motion of the vessel.
Likewise: " One must follow Maimonides even when the latter opposed his teachers, since he surely knew their views, and if he decided against them he must have disapproved their interpretation.
Likewise: " One must follow Maimonides even when the latter opposed his teachers, since he surely knew their views, and if he decided against them he must have disapproved their interpretation ".
Likewise since 1993 the Town has had a Liberal Democrat County Councillor to Lancashire County Council.
Likewise the Poles, pressured by the League of Nations, were willing to negotiate since its army controlled most of the disputed territories but was nearing exhaustion.
Likewise, Democratic strategists have hoped that the issue of stem cell research could be used as a wedge issue against the right, since some Republicans support the research while others are morally opposed to the use of embryonic cells in research.
Likewise, " bounded complete lattice " is almost unambiguous, since one would not state the boundedness property for complete lattices, where it is implied anyway.
Likewise, since religious instruction involves a teacher-student relationship akin to apprenticeship, Buddhist monks and Taoist priests are also addressed as sifu or shifu.
Likewise, for any given total body CO < sub > 2 </ sub > production rate, alveolar ventilation is inversely proportional to end-tidal CO < sub > 2 </ sub > concentration ( since their mutual product must equal total body CO < sub > 2 </ sub > production rate ).
Likewise, ever since the Council of Orange, the Catholic Church condemns Semipelagianism and does not accept the Calvinist interpretation of Augustine.
Likewise, the Kelvinator brand of refrigerators has continuously been marketed in the Philippines since 1960s by Concepcion Industries, a local maker of air conditioning equipment and refrigerators, including other notable brands: Carrier and Condura.
Likewise, the Logrus seeks to destroy Corwin's Pattern, since it represents an additional artifact of Order against Chaos ( although not in accord with the Order of Amber's Pattern ) — but equally cannot do so without the risk of a counter-stroke from Amber's Pattern.
Likewise, the book published after his death, The Cartoons of Cobean has enjoyed worldwide popularity since its publication in 1952.

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