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Likewise and these
Likewise, if the skill is being used in a commercial or industrial way it may be considered design instead of art, or contrariwise these may be defended as art forms, perhaps called applied art.
Likewise, the King James Version references some of these books by the traditional spelling when referring to them in the New Testament, such as " Esaias " ( for Isaiah ).
Likewise, a baserunner can attempt to steal a base, or the batter can choose to swing at an intentional ball ; however, these rarely occur since taking these risks is rarely more beneficial to the offensive team than allowing the walk.
Likewise, one might assume that criminalize acts that in themselves do not harm other people (" victimless crimes ") may prevent subsequent harmful acts ( assuming that people " prone " to commit these acts may tend to commit harmful actions in general ).
Likewise Dutch did not get the ' ij ' and ' IJ ' letters, because Dutch speakers had become used to typing these as two letters instead.
Likewise, one can construe semantic internalism in two ways, as a denial of either of these two theses.
" Likewise, some philosophers feel that these dichotomies necessitate a switch from materialism to physicalism.
Likewise with CATV, although many broadcast TV installations and CATV headends use 300 Ω folded dipole antennas to receive off-the-air signals, 75 Ω coax makes a convenient 4: 1 balun transformer for these as well as possessing low attenuation.
Likewise, because Iguazu is split into many relatively small falls, one can view these a portion at a time.
Likewise, these Traditional Catholic religious observances may further be understood from Cultural Catholicism in Cajun-Creole Louisiana by Marcia Gaudet which tells us that such traditional religious observances, although they may not be " strictly theological and liturgical forms ", are still integral and necessary to many and remain religiously valid as " unofficial religious customs and traditions are certainly a part of Roman Catholicism as it is practiced ".
Likewise, many of these same companies announced yet another generation of consoles for, such as the Odyssey3, and Atari 7800.
Likewise, Chomsky's analyses in Necessary Illusions represent a refocus on the use of these patterns of power, which he implies to underscore the failure of populations-particularly in a representative democracy-to learn from history in this regard.
Likewise, a screen of 17 miRNAs that have been predicted to regulate a number of breast cancer associated genes found variations in the microRNAs miR-17 and miR-30c-1, these patients were noncarriers of BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations, lending the possibility that familial breast cancer may be caused by variation in these miRNAs.
Likewise, firms are assumed to choose hiring, investment, and output on the basis of productivity and demand over the foreseeable future, instead of considering these quantities at just one point in time.
Likewise, two small potted oil palms brought back by the VOC from Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean, produced seeds after six years, and these were propagated throughout all of Southeast Asia, becoming a major source of revenue in the Dutch East Indies and now in Indonesia.
Likewise, these force fields may be used within other molecular dynamics programs that support them.
Likewise, where competition for resources is more competitive — both in the number of species and the height of surrounding plants — there are times when it is to the advantage of a plant to develop into arborescent, dendroid “ trees .” This development is because these particular Pachypodium must compete with other plants for resources in a dry deciduous forest, composed of, perhaps, arborescent Aloe, members of the Didiereaceae genera -- Alluaudia, Alluaudiopsis, Decaryia, and Didierea ; all endemic to Madagascar -- and Uncarina species, for instance.
Likewise, women were considered to be particularly attracted to both wakashū and onnagata, and it was assumed that these young men would reciprocate that interest.
Likewise, the Byzantine civil-servant, soldier and historian John Kinnamos calls these " axe-bearers " which guarded the Emperor " the British nation, which has been in service to the Romans ' Emperors from a long time back.
Likewise in 1877 authority was granted to the Lewes and East Grinstead Railway ( L & EGR ) for the construction of a line between these towns, roughly parallel to the ‘ Cuckoo Line ’.
Likewise, the U. S. Marine Corps does not possess its own trained experts in these areas, but rather, it generally uses the corps of experts from the U. S. Navy, or else from the other two American Armed Forces ( whichever one is available in the region ) that have own corps of experts: e. g. medical, dental, legal, or nursing.
Likewise, until the return of the New Zealanders the brigade would have little artillery support ; as such if large Chinese forces arrived before these two units returned the forward companies would be without support and would have to accept the probability that they would be cut-off.

Likewise and components
Likewise, if the ETF starts the trading session higher by $ 1. 12, then that would signal an approximate gain for the Dow of 112 points at the open, even if some components begin trading at 9: 31 am or 9: 33 am due to a delay.
Likewise, the covariant components of v can be obtained from the dot product of v with covariant basis vectors, viz.
Likewise the East German border troops and police Volkspolizei or VoPo issued reworked G43 rifles, which are recognizable by a sunburst proof mark near the serial number and the serial number engraved by electropencil on removable components.
Likewise for the author of On Regimen, the " knowledge and discernment of the nature of man in general — knowledge of its primary constituents and discernment of the components by which it is controlled " may be completely worked out, and yet in practice it is difficult to determine and apply the correct and proportionate diet and exercise to the individual patient.
# Likewise, A has a right eigenvector w with eigenvalue r whose components are all positive.
Likewise, energy and momentum are the components of the four-momentum, and the electric and magnetic field are the components of the electromagnetic tensor.
Likewise, accessories which are no longer available from manufacturers may be found, and many sales of complete systems are made to buyers who only need one or two components.
Likewise, the right-hand inequality can be interpreted as saying that the entropy of a composite system is maximized when its components are uncorrelated, in which case the total entropy is just a sum of the sub-entropies.

Likewise and aid
Likewise, one cannot use this to aid a criminal.
Likewise, some forms of statistical and mathematical modelling, and the computer simulation of human behaviour and behavioural evolution using software tools such as Swarm or Repast would also be impossible to calculate without computational aid.
Likewise, Sachs proposes, developed countries cannot give only a fraction of what is needed in aid and expect to reverse the poverty trap in Africa.
Likewise heroes can either aid the forces of the player's armies, recruit mercenaries, perform diplomacy, or search for treasure.
Likewise, a small ingestion of poisonous medicines, i. e. very small quantities innocuous to an individual, during one's lifetime can aid in the mummification process after death.

Likewise and referred
Likewise, the Tamil word for honeymoon is த ே ன ி லவ ு ( Thaen Nilavu ) meaning Thaen-honey and nilavu-moon, and the Marathi word for honeymoon is मध ु च ं द ् र ( Madhuchandra ) meaning Madhu-honey and chandra-moon, whereas in Bangla ( Bengali ) language, it is referred as মধ ু চন া দর ি ম া ( Modhuchondrima ) meaning Modhu-Honey and chondrima-moon.
Likewise, most cases of sciatica and other mechanical radiculopathies are treated by general practitioners, though they may be referred to neurologists or a surgeon ( neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons ).
Likewise, Hawaiian Creole English is commonly referred to by its speakers as " Pidgin ".
Likewise, Sunni Muslims are referred to as Ahlus Sunnah wa Al-Jamā ‘ ah (), literally " people of the tradition Muhammad and the community ", emphasizing their attachment to religious and cultural tradition.
Likewise, an element that is reduced gains electrons and is referred to as the oxidizing agent.
" Likewise, Peter Berkowitz has written that, " Perhaps it would have been more generous for the Court to have asked the Florida court on remand whether ' outside deadline ' referred to contest-period as well as protest-period recounts.
Likewise, the Mohegan Sun casino resort is also often referred to as being in " Uncasville " although Uncasville itself is actually three miles to the south.
Likewise, Mountain is often erroneously referred to as a power trio, even though there were four instrumentalists ( guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards ) in the band.
Likewise, flight numbers larger than 9000 are usually referred to ferry flights, that carry no passengers and are only to move an aircraft from point A to point B, where it is supposed to start a new commercial flight.
Likewise, when NHK broadcasts a language instruction program for Korean, the language is referred to as hangurugo (; " hangul language "); although it's technically incorrect since hangul itself is a writing system, not a language.
Likewise, the process of chemical potential equalization is sometimes referred to as the process of electronegativity equalization.
Likewise, the coin was usually referred to in conversation as a, or bit.
Likewise, an older hydrant without a steamer connection may be referred to as a " village hydrant.
Likewise, a storage area for Usenet articles may be referred to as a news spool.
Likewise, LDS Apostles John Taylor, Orson Pratt ( a mathematician with an interest in astronomy ), Orson F. Whitney, and Alvin R. Dyer referred to Kolob as a planet.
Likewise, a nondegenerate form is one for which the associated matrix is non-singular, and accordingly nondegenerate forms are also referred to as non-singular forms.
Likewise, the brothers Bullar, in an account in their journeys, referred to a likely reality: they refer to a general local reference to the rocks along the coast as capelas, rocks taking on the appearance of small grottos and seeming to appear as chapels.
Likewise, the government's failure to intervene in a market failure that would result in a socially preferable mix of output is referred to as passive Government failure ( Weimer and Vining, 2004 ).
Likewise, the Chapter at the University of Missouri-Columbia has historically been called the Mem chapter, 13 in Hebrew respectively, but is more commonly referred to as the Missouri Chapter.
Likewise, the use of the term " blended " does not necessarily refer to the creation of what is typically referred to as a blended whisky.
* Likewise, the famous general and military leader, Võ Nguyên Giáp, is referred to by his given name, e. g., " General Giáp.
Likewise, a station not owned by ABC but contracted to air ABC ’ s programming is correctly referred to as an ABC affiliate ; that is, the station is affiliated with ABC.

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