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Likewise and view
Likewise, Leo describes the use of grenades, which further reinforces the view that contact with water was not necessary for the substance's ignition.
Likewise, some gay men view frotting or oral sex as maintaining their virginity, with anal penetration regarded as virginity loss, while other gay men consider frotting or oral sex to be their main forms of intercourse.
Likewise, Justice Antonin Scalia has expressed the same view, in the dissenting opinion of Troxel v. Granville 530 U. S. 57 ( 2000 ):
Likewise, because Iguazu is split into many relatively small falls, one can view these a portion at a time.
Likewise, comics of questionable character ( in the view of the Nazis ) were banned outright.
Likewise, the school of psychology known as behaviorism ( see Verbal Behavior ( 1957 ) by B. F. Skinner ) puts forth the point of view that language is a behavior shaped by conditioned response, hence it is learned.
Likewise, a " moral dilemma " view suggests that avoiding potential benefit to humans is unacceptable on similar grounds, and holds the issue to be a dilemma in balancing such harm to humans to the harm done to animals in research.
Likewise, Lindesfarne considers Kell her mother, and has a considerably more favorable view of her than Angelique, Kevin's ex-wife and her adoptive mother, due to feeling neglected by Angelique during her childhood.
Likewise, during an opposition procedure before the EPO, where the grant of a recently granted European patent may be opposed by a third party ( opponent ), the patent may be revoked if the Opposition Division form a different view on whether or not the invention in question was patentable.
Likewise, James McDonald has expressed the view that extreme groups undermined serious scientific investigation, stating that a " bizarre ' literature ' of pseudo-scientific discussion " on " spaceships bringing messengers of terrestrial salvation and occult truth " had been " one of the prime factors in discouraging serious scientists from looking into the UFO matter to the extent that might have led them to recognize quickly enough that cultism and wishful thinking have nothing to do with the core of the UFO problem.
Likewise the judge, Thomas Yeotis, discredited the psychiatrists view on the grounds that " you make a nice appearance, and yet, there's something about you that disturbs me.
Likewise, a long-held view among some Christians is that the " sons of God " who fathered the nephilim spoken of in the text, were in fact the formerly righteous descendants of Seth who rebelled, while the " daughters of men " were the unrighteous descendants of Cain, and the nephilim the offspring of their union.
Likewise advocates of the primacy of an Aramaic New Testament have coined a new meaning for the phrase " Greek primacy " ( earliest confirmed reference 2007 ) to describe the consensus scholarly view that the New Testament was originally written in Greek.
Likewise, some ( most famously Rabbi Abraham ben David, known as the RaBad ) objected to Maimonides ' raising the notion of the incorporeality of God as a dogma, claiming that great and wise men of previous generations held a different view.
Likewise, if one accepts the Marxist view of National Socialism as the culmination of capitalism, then the Nazi phenomenon is universal, and fascism can come to power in any society where capitalism is the dominant economic system, whereas the view of National Socialism as the culmination of Deutschtum means that the Nazi phenomenon is local and particular only to Germany.
Likewise, though he was an early proponent of recognizing totem poles as world-class high art, his view that they are a post-contact artistic development has also been decisively disproved.

Likewise and does
Likewise, the fact that the allomorph does not appear after stem-final is because the earlier clause for the allomorph takes priority ; and the fact that the allomorph does not appear after stem-final voiceless phonemes is because the preceding clause for the takes priority.
Likewise, as with most collectibles, a coin collection does not produce income until it is sold, and may even incur costs ( for example, the cost of safe deposit box storage ) in the interim.
Likewise if John says he has a flush, but in fact he does not, his hand is judged on its actual merits, not his verbal declaration.
Likewise, the term photophobia may be used to define a physical complaint ( i. e. aversion to light due to inflamed eyes or excessively dilated pupils ) and does not necessarily indicate a fear of light.
Likewise, eating in the sukkah does not per se impinge on one's own celebration of Shemini Atzeret.
Likewise, Pierre Borel wrote in 1655 that a kind of long-knife called a ' bayonette ' was made in Bayonne but does not give any further description.
" Likewise, it has been held that Section 2 of the Twenty-first Amendment does not affect the Supremacy Clause or the Establishment Clause.
Likewise there is Dean Saxo who died in 1190, however the date does not match what is known about Saxo.
Likewise, the U. S. Constitution does not provide any such requirement for a U. S. Supreme Court justice or other federal judge, although no non-lawyer has ever been appointed as a federal judge.
Likewise does not believe the surrender of 343 to be a retrojection, not finding many similarities between the events of 343 and 211.
Likewise, it explains why the ' r ' moved after the vowel in third and thirteen, even though they originally had it before like three still does.
Likewise, the earliest sunset does not occur on the winter solstice, but rather about two weeks earlier, again depending on the viewer's latitude.
Likewise it does not discriminate against very young users, or languages other than English.
Likewise, amicability is an important component of popularity, as a person who does not like others is unlikely to be liked by others.
" Although the book makes the claim that PAZUZU ( like all entities listed therein ) was of Sumerian origin, critics John Wisdom Gonce III and Daniel Harms document the erroneous nature of such a claim, stating: " Likewise, the demon Pazuzu does not appear in myth until Assyria's rise in the first millennium B. c., long after Sumer's prime ...
Likewise it does not appear from the Qur ’ an that only girls should be available ; both sexes are mentioned ( although their descriptive qualities are feminine, as alluded to, by the Hadiths ).
Likewise, just because it is sensible not to bother with addressing a man's right to receive an abortion, does not mean that only women should be protected from torture.
Likewise, those strolling the streets of Manhattan's West Side could gaze up at a 102 feet tall Sports Illustrated mural of Gooden painted on the side of a building at 351 West 42nd Street in Times Square, whose caption asked " How does it feel to look down the barrel of a loaded gun?
Likewise, frost does not precipitate out of the atmosphere but rises from the ground ; so it, too, is not precipitation.
Likewise, the British Government's Health and Safety Executive ( HSE ) states formally that any threshold for mesothelioma must be at a very low level and it is widely agreed that if any such threshold does exist at all, then it cannot currently be quantified.
Likewise, he objected that the statement that " The only book in front of me is red " does not entail the sensory statement " Redness would probably appear to me were I to seem to myself to see a book ", because redness is not likely to appear under a blue light-bulb.
Likewise, the Millennium Line of the SkyTrain connects the same communities as the former Burnaby Lake Line ; however, the new SkyTrain line does not follow the original right-of-way, which is now the route of Highway 1 through Burnaby.
Likewise does it ignore the presence ( and insult the memory ) of Charles ' daughter and sole heir, Charlotte, who was daily at her father's side, nursing him right up to the moment of his death despite her own cancer.

Likewise and take
Likewise, syncretism, the attempt to take over creeds of practices from other religions or even to blend practices or creeds from different religions into one new faith is an extreme form of inter-religious dialogue.
Likewise, military dictatorships often take the form of " collective presidencies " such as the South American juntas of the late 20th century, meaning that no one person wields supreme power.
Likewise Beckett ’ s take on Purgatory is that it “ is a state rather than a process .”
Likewise, students from the other Claremont Colleges are permitted to take classes at Pitzer.
Likewise, the cease-fire intervened before the Indians could implement a hastily conceived plan to transfer 340 Brigade, a tank squadron, and an artillery battery across the Jamuna via the Phulchari ferry to take part in the advance on Dacca.
Likewise, the ' Separate Ways ' mini-game has the player take hold of Ada Wong, whose path intertwines with that of the game's protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy.
Likewise, in the same month the Royal Bank of Scotland Group ( Europe's largest debit card issuer which includes the NatWest, Coutts and Ulster Bank brands ) switched from Maestro to Visa Debit, a process that will take two years to complete ..
Likewise, Yoder argued, the primary responsibility of Christians is not to take over society and impose their convictions and values on people who don't share their faith, but to " be the church.
Likewise, in that same book, when Mars tried to take Doomgiver away from the man who held it, in the name of the council of Gods, Doomgiver exacted its retaliation, and took all the Swords of the Gods away from them, except, of course, Shieldbreaker, which is immune to Doomgiver's powers.
Likewise, Heaven is not completely pure, as Saint Peter seems to take pleasure in sending souls to limbo instead of through the Pearly Gates, as well as letting souls through that aren't completely pure.
Likewise, sometimes a roda may not take the shape of a circle ; it may be, for example, a half-circle if the event is a public performance, in order for the public to be able to see the performers easily.
Likewise in a will, many persons leave a legacy on discretionary trusts so as to take full advantage of their nil rate band ( gifts to spouses and registered civil partners being wholly exempt ).
Likewise, the relief project's funds controversy and tax problems, which came to light shortly after the release of the live album, would be a source of frustration and embarrassment to the ex-Beatle, but would take nothing away from the " resounding success " of Harrison and Shankar's Bangladesh venture.

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