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Likewise and women
* Likewise the status of women seems lower in Athens than in many Greek cities.
Likewise, the menstrual cycle in women with epilepsy can influence patterns of seizure recurrence.
Likewise, it is recommended that women at a mosque wear loose clothing that covers to the wrists and ankles, and cover their heads with a hijab or other covering.
Likewise, older men often introduced young women to sex.
Likewise, Eusebius hints to the fact that Paul was " too familiar " with his women followers, whom he called " subintroductae ".
Likewise, women have historically been and still are in some countries formally denied access to higher education — even if they could pay the tuition.
Likewise, just because it is sensible not to bother with addressing a man's right to receive an abortion, does not mean that only women should be protected from torture.
Likewise, the testimony of women, Muslim or non-Muslim, is not admissible in cases involving Hadd punishments.
Likewise, women were considered to be particularly attracted to both wakashū and onnagata, and it was assumed that these young men would reciprocate that interest.
Likewise Mahfouz sees the development of society has an important influence on the role of women, so he represents the traditional, obedient women who do not go to school such as Amina, Abd al-Jawad's wife, and her daughters in the first novel, women as students in the university such as Aida, Kamal's beloved, in the second novel, and women as students in the university, members of the Marxist party and editors of the journal of the party in the third novel.
Likewise, in the American classic novel Gone with the Wind about the Civil War, numerous references are made to grieving fiancées, women who were " wanted, if not wed ," and to the shortage of single, able-bodied ( and thus " marriageable ") men at war's end.
Likewise the indicative suffix is when addressing men and when addressing women, and also for imperatives: ( male ), ( female ).
Likewise, in studies of the speech patterns in British English, Peter Trudgill observed that more working class women spoke the standard dialect than men.
Likewise other mass graves were exhumed in the villages of Aloa, Sandalaris and Maratha containing women and children ( Maratha, Santalaris and Aloda massacre ).
Likewise, if the local bishop has participated in the ordination of women as priests, a parish can request to be under the pastoral and sacramental care of another bishop who has not participated in such ordinations.

Likewise and Japan
Likewise the Ruhr steel industry went into sharp decline, as its prices were undercut by lower-cost suppliers such as Japan.
( See Japan general election, 2003 ) Likewise, that year, the LDP won the election, even though it suffered setbacks from the new opposition party, the liberal and social-democratic Democratic Party ( DPJ ).
Likewise, Rodin's sculpture, The Kiss, was not displayed in Japan until after the Pacific War.
Likewise the Ruhr steel industry went into sharp decline, as its prices were undercut by lower-cost suppliers such as Japan.
Likewise, there is a recent trend among magical girl anime in Japan of using the eyecatches to show the heroine having fun with some gadget or toy, such as those featured in Pretty Cure.
Likewise Japan and Italy evinced some interest, and France and Great Britain lent moral support.
Likewise, a follow-up studio album United Cover is mainly composed of cover versions of the songs that were popular in Japan during the postwar Showa period.

Likewise and frequently
Likewise, as in Roman Imperial times, armies would frequently follow rivers while their supplies were being carried by barges.
Likewise the inhabitants of conquered cities were frequently massacred during the Crusades against the Muslims in the 11th and 12th centuries.
Likewise, the installation and care of any deity's form ( frequently appearing as a statue ) can involve daily ritual anointing.
Likewise, it can be observed in psychology that indirect cues and hidden motives often lie behind peoples ' statements and acts, frequently because social disincentives discourage individuals from openly voicing their feelings or pursuing their desires.
Likewise, dishes and decorative glass jars filled with tumbled stones ( often including common rocks not suitable even for costume jewelry ) were frequently used as household ornaments.
Likewise, Mokuba is equally devoted to Seto and is frequently seen at his side.
Likewise, Furet frequently lectured at American universities, from 1985 onwards, taught at the University of Chicago.
Likewise, lists of addresses sold for use in spam frequently contain malformed addresses, duplicate addresses, and addresses of role accounts such as < tt > postmaster </ tt >.
Likewise, Joan and Deborah frequently discuss the shortcomings of men while at their apartment.
Likewise more Light Pacifics were built than were actually needed, and was frequently undertaking tasks that would usually befit a much smaller locomotive.

Likewise and practice
Likewise, the Al-Masjid al-Nabawi and the city of Medina that surrounds it are also off-limits to those who do not practice Islam.
Likewise, a Prime Minister is no longer just " first amongst equals " in HM Government ; although theoretically his Cabinet might still outvote him, in practice he progressively entrenches his position by retaining only personal supporters in the Cabinet.
Likewise, the foreign worker must possess at least a bachelor ’ s degree or its equivalent and state licensure, if required to practice in that field.
Likewise for the author of On Regimen, the " knowledge and discernment of the nature of man in general — knowledge of its primary constituents and discernment of the components by which it is controlled " may be completely worked out, and yet in practice it is difficult to determine and apply the correct and proportionate diet and exercise to the individual patient.
Likewise, the laws only once mention the practice of individuals being ineligible for kingship if they are blemished ( a practice more widely evident elsewhere, especially in Irish mythology ).
Likewise, in countries with gun laws heavily restricting the ownership and use of actual firearms, Airsoft guns often are used instead for " shooting range " practice.
Likewise, the common practice to without discrimination, publish " Average Joe's " highly opinionated opinion on the cause of something, ( such as a flood ) simply because he's standing by the side of the flood observing it.

Likewise and peace
Likewise in Cabinda, " Lemba is the spirit of peace, as its name indicates.
The Philippine-American War ended in 1901 after Aguinaldo was captured and swore allegiance to the U. S. Likewise the other insurgents accepted American rule and peace prevailed, except in some remote islands under Muslim control.
Likewise, Jane ’ s wealth has made her stubborn in her efforts to preserve the peace, which on several occasions lack logic and common sense.

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