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Lindsay and Dunn
Alan Dunn, Bob Hickey, Eric Burnell, Henry Devine, Kenny Lindsay, Phil Vickery and Wayne Morris
* Lindsay Dunn, The Stephenson Trial: Internal Klan Conflicts Linked to Downfall of Second Klan in Indiana, Columbia University
By all accounts, these sessions were a three-day, around-the-clock party, which not only reunited the original MGs ( Steve Cropper, Donald " Duck " Dunn and Al Jackson, Jr. of Booker T. and the MGs fame ) for the first time in three years, but also featured Carl Perkins, Mark Lindsay ( of Paul Revere & the Raiders ), and Wayne Jackson plus The Memphis Horns.

Lindsay and Adam
* June 24 – Adam Lindsay Gordon, Australian poet ( b. 1833 )
Persistent legends, based on the highly coloured and unreliable accounts of 16th-century chroniclers such as Adam Abell, Robert Lindsay of Pitscottie, John Leslie and George Buchanan, claim that James III was assassinated at Milltown, near Bannockburn, soon after the battle.
He was well received by his fellow writers, George Gordon McCrae, Marcus Clarke, Adam Lindsay Gordon and others, but Kendall had none of the qualities of a successful journalist, though some of his work was accepted by the press and George Robertson published his second volume, Leaves from Australian Forests, soon after his arrival.
** Joey Aplin, Lindsay Butler, Anthony Vu, Adam " Woody " Woodward.
* Adam Lindsay Gordon ( 1833 – 1870 ), Australian poet, jockey and politician.
Horne appears to have had as little sense of discipline as Adam Lindsay Gordon showed at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, and like him was asked to leave.
Along with such literary figures as Henry Kendall, Adam Lindsay Gordon, George Gordon McCrae and Marcus Clarke he was a member of the Yorick Club where members met and discussed literature.
It stars Lindsay Lohan as an aspiring teenage actress whose family moves from New York City to New Jersey, Adam Garcia as her favorite rock musician, Glenne Headly as her mother, and Alison Pill as her best friend, with a guest appearance from Lohan's friend Craig.
He was survived by his three daughters: Patricia Gates Norris, Kathe Gates McCoy, Anne Gates Ponce ; several grandchildren, including Michael Ponce, Alice Ponce Robison, Mari Ponce Bauman, Thomas Ponce, Christopher G. Scott, Gates Scott, Sarah Scott, Polly F. Norris Ober, Sandra L. Norris, and great-grandchildren Alice Bauman, Hope Bauman, Robin Bauman, Rebecca Bauman, Greta Robison, Cerin and Corwyn Ponce, Annie and Lindsay Ponce, E. Graham Ober, Lydia L. Ober and William Gates Ober, as well as Hannah L. Scott, Peter, Adam, Andrew, Cordelia and Oliver Scott.
Prominent residents include trucking magnate Lindsay Fox, Kate Baillieu and Rupert Murdoch's grandson businessman David Calvert Jones, other well known residents are Eddie McGuire, John Moran ( dec ), David Deague, David ' Dave ' Ryan ( considered by many as being responsible for putting Portsea " on the map "), Adam Stansen and Ron Walker.
Adam is the creation of Dr. Maggie Walsh ( Lindsay Crouse ), the head of a military-like organization called The Initiative that studies how to alter the harmful behavior inherent to demons.
# REDIRECT Adam Lindsay Gordon
* " The Swimmer " by Adam Lindsay Gordon
His son Hugh McCrae, also a poet, produced a volume of memoirs ( My Father and My Father's Friends ) about George and his association with such literary figures as Henry Kendall, Adam Lindsay Gordon, Richard Henry Horne and Marcus Clarke.
Two poets who are amongst the great Australian poets are Christopher Brennan and Adam Lindsay Gordon ; Gordon was once referred to as the " national poet of Australia " and is the only Australian with a monument in Poets ' Corner of Westminster Abbey in England.
The Adam Lindsay Gordon obelisk at the Blue Lake.
In July 1865 Adam Lindsay Gordon performed the daring riding feat known as Gordon ’ s Leap on the edge of the Blue Lake.
In a two-horse race between the two most preferred parties, the vote was split 57. 91 % for the ALP's Lindsay Tanner and 42. 09 % for The Greens ' Adam Bandt ( putting the suburb in the " fairly safe ALP " category ).
The meeting features the steeplechase race commemorating the feats of district horsemen and renowned Australian poet Adam Lindsay Gordon.
The bush poet and balladeer Adam Lindsay Gordon, Melbourne.
* In “ Sunlight on the Sea ” ( The Philosophy of a Feast ), by Adam Lindsay Gordon, the mortuary phrase is the penultimate line of the eighth, and final, stanza of the poem.
In 1886 a collection of Australian Essays on topics such as Melbourne, Sydney and the poet Adam Lindsay Gordon was published in Melbourne and London.
Among them Saint Mary MacKillop, poets John Shaw Neilson and Adam Lindsay Gordon, Father J. T.
Woods met Adam Lindsay Gordon of whom he afterwards wrote an interesting account which appeared in the Melbourne Review for April 1884.

Lindsay and Samuel
Prominent experimenters along these lines included Samuel F. B. Morse in the United States and James Bowman Lindsay in Great Britain.
William Samuel McGee ( b 1868, Lindsay, Ontario ,-d 1940, Beiseker, Alberta ) was primarily a road builder but did indulge in some prospecting.
On March 12, 1903, under the administration of the Public Instruction Commissioner, Samuel McCune Lindsay, the 2nd Legislative Assembly approved a law creating the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras, transferring all the funding of the Insular Normal School there.
The couple have two sons, both born in Hillingdon, London: Samuel Lindsay Stevenson ( born 18 November 1999 ) and James Lindsay Stevenson ( born 8 April 2003 ).
## Senator Samuel Lindsay ( c. 1774-1813, m. Henrietta Causey )
In 1921, the policyholders voted to nominate Professor Samuel M. Lindsay of Columbia University to represent them on the TIAA board of trustees.
Among the other Canadian notables to have received the Award of Merit of B ' nai Brith Canada are Lindsay Gordon, Blake Goldring, Frank Stronach, Tony Comper, Al Waxman, Wallace McCain, Lloyd Axworthy, Mayor Jean Drapeau, George Cohon, Leo Kolber, former Liberal Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin, hockey legend Jean Béliveau, Paul Tellier, former Ontario Premier Bill Davis, Ambassador Allan Gotlieb, Monty Hall, Surjit Babra and Walter Arbib, Izzy Asper, Guy Charbonneau, former Manitoba Premier Gary Filmon, former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Herb Gray, former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed, Edward Samuel " Ted " Rogers, former Alberta Premier Ernest Manning, and Calin Rovinescu.
Lascelles Abercrombie-Percy Addleshaw-Douglas Ainslie-Thomas Bailie Aldrich-William Alexander-William Allingham-Sir Edwin Arnold-Matthew Arnold-Thomas Ashe-Alfred Austin-William Edmonstoune Aytoun-Philip James Bailey-Richard Harris Barham-Maurice Baring-George Barlow-Jane Barlow-William Barnes-Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield-Thomas Lovell Beddoes-Henry Charles Beeching-Charles Dent Bell-Hilaire Belloc-Arthur Christopher Benson-Laurence Binyon-John Stuart Blackie-Richard Doddridge Blackmore-Mathilde Blind-Wilfrid Scawen Blunt-George Henry Boker-Gordon Bottomley-Francis William Bourdillon-Robert Bridges-Emily Brontë-Rupert Brooke-Robert Barnabas Brough-Oliver Madox Brown-Thomas Edward Brown-Elizabeth Barrett Browning-Robert Browning-William Cullen Bryant-Robert Buchanan-Arthur Gray Butler-Wathen Mark Wilks Call-Thomas Carlyle-Bliss Carman-John Clare-Caroline Clive-Arthur Hugh Clough-Hartley Coleridge-Mary E. Coleridge-Sara Coleridge-Mortimer Collins-Frances Cornford-William Cory-Frances Burdett Money Coutts-Dinah Maria Craik-Walter Crane-Marquess of Crewe-Arthur Shearly Cripps-Henry Cust-George Darley-John Davidson-William H. Davies-Thomas Osborne Davis-William James Dawson-Walter De la Mare-Lord De Tabley-Sir Aubrey De Vere-Aubrey De Vere-Emily Dickinson-Richard Watson Dixon-Bertram Dobell-Sydney Dobell-Austin Dobson-Alfred Domett-Lord Alfred Douglas-Edward Dowden-Ernest Dowson-Sir Francis Hastings Doyle-John Drinkwater-Agnes Mary Frances Duclaux-Helen, Lady Dufferin-George Louis Palmella Busson du Maurier-Matilda Betham Edwards-George Eliot-Ebenezer Elliott-Henry Ellison-Ralph Waldo Emerson-Frederick William Faber-Sir Samuel Ferguson-Michale Field-Edward Fitzgerald-James Elroy Flecker-Alice Furlong-Norman Gale-Richard Garnett-Wilfrid Wilson Gibson-Adam Lindsay Gordon-Edmund Gosse-Charles Granville-David Gray-Dora Greenwell-Gerald Griffin-Louise Imogen Guiney-Fitz-Greene Halleck-Thomas Hardy-Bret Harte-Robert Stephen Hawker-William Ernest Henley-Maurice Hewlett-Emily Henrietta Hickey-Katharine Tynan Hinkson-Oliver Wendell Holmes-Thomas Hood-George Hookham-Gerard Manley Hopkins-Richard Henry Horne-Lord Houghton-Laurence Housman-Julia Ward Howe-William Dean Howells-Leigh Hunt-Douglas Hyde-Jean Ingelow-Lionel Johnson-Ebenezer Jones-Ernest Charles Jones-James Joyce-John Keble-Frances Anne Kemble-Henry Clarence Kendall-John Kenyon-Charles Kingsley-Henry Kingsley-Rudyard Kipling-Walter Savage Landor-Andrew Lang-Emily Lawless-Eugene Lee-Hamilton-Edward Cracroft Lefroy-Richard Le Gallienne-Amy Levy-William James Linton-Frederick Locker-Lampson-John Gibson Lockhart-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-James Russell Lowell-Henry Dawson Lowry-Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall-Thomas Toke Lynch-Sidney Royse Lysaght-Earl of Lytton-Lord Lytton-Lord Macaulay-Denis Florence MacCarthy-George MacDonald-Charles Mackay-H. C. Compton Mackenzie-Francis Mahony-James Clarence Mangan-Philip Bourke Marston-Theophile Marzials-John Masefield-Gerald Massey-Annie Matheson-George Meredith-Herman Charles Merivale-Alice Meynell-Richard Middleton-William Cosmo Monkhouse-Harold Monro-Mary Montgomerie-T. Sturge Moore-Sir Lewis Morris-William Morris-Neil Munro-Ernest Myers-Frederic William Henry Myers-John Mason Neale-Henry Newbolt-John Henry Newman-John Nicol-Roden Berkeley Wriothesley Noel-Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton-Alfred Noyes-Moira O ' Neill-John Boyle O ' Reilly-Arthur William Edgar O ' Shaughnessy-Francis Turner Palgrave-Sir Gilbert Parker-Fanny Parnell-Coventry Patmore-John Payne-John Swinnerton Phillimore-Stephen Phillips-Eden Phillpotts-William Philpot-Edgar Allan Poe-Walter Herries Pollock-Ezra Pound-Winthrop Mackworth Praed-May Probyn-Adelaide Anne Procter-Bryan Waller Procter-Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch-Ernest Radford-William Brighty Rands-Hardwick Drummond Rawnsley-Ernest Rhys-James Logie Robertson-Sir James Rennell Rodd-Samuel Rogers-T. W. Rolleston-William Caldwell Roscoe-William Stanley Roscoe-Christina Georgina Rossetti-Dante Gabriel Rossetti-Earl of Rosslyn-John Ruskin-George William Russell-Lady Margaret Sackville-George Santayana-William Bell Scott-John Campbell Shairp-William Sharp-Dora Sigerson Shorter-Joseph Skipsey-Douglas Brook Wheelton Sladen-Menella Bute Smedley-Alexander Smith-Walter C. Smith-James Stephens-Robert Louis Stevenson-Charles Swain-Elinor Sweetman-Algernon Charles Swinburne-John Addington Symonds-Arthur Symons-John M. Synge-Sir Henry Taylor-Rachel Annand Taylor-Frederick Tennyson-Lord Tennyson-William Makepeace Thackeray-Francis Thompson-Edward William Thomson-James Thomson ( B. V .)-Henry David Thoreau-Wilfrid Thorley-Walter Thornbury-John Todhunter-Archbishop Trench-Herbert Trench-Charles Tennyson Turner-Samuel Waddington-Thomas Wade-Edward Walsh-Thomas Herbert Warren-Rosamund Marriott Watson-William Watson-Theodore Watts-Dunton-Augusta Webster-Thomas Westwood-Charles Whitehead-Walt Whitman-John Greenleaf Whittier-Oscar Wilde-Sarah Williams-Nathaniel Parker Lewis-Margaret L. Woods-Thomas Woolner-William Butler Yeats
William Samuel McGee ( b 1868, Lindsay, Ontario-d 1940, Beiseker ) lived for several years on a farm with his wife and daughter just outside of Beiseker and is buried in the area.

Lindsay and Sean
Helen's world suddenly changes when her sister Lindsay ( Felicity Huffman ) and brother in law Paul ( Sean O ' Bryan ) die in a car accident.
* Eric L. Boyd, Ed Greenwood, Christopher Lindsay, and Sean K. Reynolds, Expedition to Undermountain: Campaign Adventure ( Wizards of the Coast, 2007 ).

Lindsay and Samuels
Alumni of WBAI include Margot Adler, Abraham Aig, Jan Albert, Chris Albertson, Nancy Allen, Matt Alperin, Archie Altman, Lindsay Audin, Robbie Barish, Deborah Begel, Olenka Bohachevski, Delphine Blue, Peter Bochan, Bunny Bruce, Janice K. Bryant, Doreen Canto, Pepsi Charles, Frank Coffee, Candy Cohen, Janet Coleman, Neal Conan, Pat Conte, John Corigliano, Deloris Costello, Liza Cowan, Larry Cox, Joe Cumo, Ken Davis, Barbara Day, Ife Dancy, Dick Demenus, Kathy Dobkin, Mike Edl, Barika Taheer Edwards, Matt Edwards, Dick Elman, Bob Fass, Mike Feder, Charlie Finch, Richard Fioravanti, Paul Fischer, John Fisk, Sara Fishko, Joe Frank, Gary Fried, Jim Freund, Paul Gorman, Joanne Grant, Jeff Greenfield, Edward Haber, Doug Henwood, Lex Hixon, Charles Hobson, Milton Hoffman, Mary Houston, Susan Howe, Jimmy Howes, Rob Hunter, Timothy Jerome, Reggie Johnson, Larry Josephson, Sam Julty, Citizen Kafka, Jesse Keyes, Glo Kirby, Robert Knight, Alen Pol Kobryn, Chris Koch, Robert Kuttner, Richard Lamparski, Andy Lanset, Julius Lester, Al Lewis, John Lithgow, Sari Locker, Leonard Lopate, The Mighty G-Man, Ann MacMillan, Marian McPartland, Samori Marksmen, Margaret Mercer, Frank Millspaugh, Dale Minor, Kathy O ' Connell, Andrew Phillips, Betty Pilkington, Charles Pitts, Steve Post, Charles Potter, Robert Potts, David Rapkin, Desiree K. Robinson, David Rothenberg, Jay Rothman ( Zeke ), Charles Ruas, Eric Salzman, Lynn Samuels, Bill Schechner, Baird Searles, Judy Sherman, John J. Simon, Miles Smith, Peter Cedric Rock Smith ( aka: Rocky ), Jay Smooth, Bruce Soloway, A.

Lindsay and ),
The old Civil War parade grounds, in The Village of East Davenport (" The Village " for short ), have been turned into Lindsay Park, which is surrounded by small specialty shops.
In 1996, as a result of a three-year research project led by Lindsay B. Yeates, the Australian Hypnotherapists ' Association ( founded in 1949 ), the oldest hypnotism-oriented professional organization in Australia, instituted a peer-group accreditation system for full-time Australian professional hypnotherapists, the first of its kind in the world.
The two-part drama, under the name The Sinking of the Laconia, is a 2010 British-German co-production written by Alan Bleasdale, directed by Uwe Janson, and with Andrew Buchan, Brian Cox, Ken Duken ( playing Hartenstein ), Lindsay Duncan, Thomas Kretschmann and Franka Potente playing the leading roles.
The most recent premier to die was Lindsay Thompson ( 1981 – 82 ), on 16 July 2008.
Heartbeat ( 1991 ) and Sweet Revenge ( 1994 ), meanwhile, looked to international horizons and worked with a global range of artists such as Roddy Frame, Dee Dee Brave, Marco Prince, Arto Lindsay, Youssou N ' Dour, David Sylvian, and Ingrid Chavez.
** " All Kinds of Everything ", sung by Dana ( music and text by Derry Lindsay and Jackie Smith ), wins the Eurovision Song Contest 1970 for Ireland.
The team played on a strictly amateur basis for 1895 at least, with a team featuring a number of works employees including Thomas Freeman ( ships fireman ), Walter Parks ( clerk ), Tom Mundy, Walter Tranter and James Lindsay ( all boilermakers ), William Chapman, George Sage, and William Chamberlain and apprentice riveter Charlie Dove.
" She appeared in a television commercial for Lux soap, and took acting lessons at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, before appearing in three further television movies – Callie and Son ( 1981 ) with Lindsay Wagner, The Children Nobody Wanted ( 1981 ), and a remake of Splendor in the Grass.
The illustrated The Magic Pudding ( 1918 ), by Australian author Norman Lindsay, is an example of the picaresque adapted for children's literature.
Davis appeared in the television film As Summers Die ( 1986 ) and Lindsay Anderson's film The Whales of August ( 1987 ), in which she played the blind sister of Lillian Gish.
Her film roles also include Disney's Freaky Friday ( 2003 ), opposite Lindsay Lohan, filmed at Palisades High School in Pacific Palisades, California, near where Curtis and Guest live with their children.
Lindsay based Appleyard College, the setting for the novel, on the school that she had attended, Clyde Girls Grammar School ( Clyde School ), at East St Kilda, Melbourne — which, incidentally, in 1919 was transferred to Woodend, Victoria, in the immediate vicinity of Hanging Rock itself.
* Clifford-Smith, Silas ( 2008 ), ' Joan Lindsay ', Dictionary of Australian Artists Online,, ( biography of her art career )
In the late 1950s, the Hawks struck gold, picking up three young prospects ( forwards Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita and defenseman Pierre Pilote ), as well as obtaining both star goaltender Glenn Hall and veteran forward Ted Lindsay ( who had just had a career season with 30 goals and 55 assists ) from Detroit.
A legend tells of the 15th-century " Earl Beardie ", who has been identified with both Alexander Lyon, 2nd Lord Glamis ( died 1486 ), and with Alexander Lindsay, 4th Earl of Crawford ( died 1453 ).
* The Old Crowd ( writer ) with Lindsay Anderson ( director ), LWT 1979
Earlier in the film, Ben's girlfriend, Lindsay Meeks ( Drew Barrymore ), not yet familiar with the triumphs and tribulations of the Red Sox, is unable to properly pronounce Yastrzemski's name, and has to be corrected by the surrounding fans: " Ya-STREM-ski!
The original lineup of B * Witched comprised twin sisters Edele Lynch and Keavy Lynch ( born 15 December 1979 ), Lindsay Armaou ( born 18 December 1978 ) and Sinéad O ' Carroll ( born 14 May 1973 ).
Notable Pelicans included Shoeless Joe Jackson, Jimmy Dygert, Henry " Cotton " Knaupp, Bill Lindsay ( baseball ), Zeke Bonura, Gene Freese, and Hall of Famers Dazzy Vance, Joe Sewell, Bob Lemon, and Earl Weaver.

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