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Line and numbers
On January 28, 2005, UN Security Council Resolution 1583 called upon the Government of Lebanon to fully extend and exercise its sole and effective authority throughout the south, including through the deployment of sufficient numbers of Lebanese armed and security forces, to ensure a calm environment throughout the area, including along the Blue Line, and to exert control over the use of force on its territory and from it.
The RCA Service Corporation provided large numbers of staff for the Distant Early Warning ( DEW ) Line.
Line numbers are an alternative to a named label ( and used in some languages such as Fortran and BASIC ), that are whole numbers placed at the beginning of each line of text within the source code.
Line numbers of the original file appear before < tt > a </ tt >/< tt > d </ tt >/< tt > c </ tt > and those of the modified file appear after.
Township 1 is the first north of the First Base Line, and the numbers increase to the north.
Line numbers were optional in Zgrass, and typically only appeared on lines that were the target of a.
Experience with High Speed Trains on the East Coast Main Line from London to Edinburgh had shown that reduced journey times could produce a significant increase in passenger numbers, but that line was largely straight and suited to high speeds.
The increase in passenger numbers in the 1920s as the Northern line was extended north ( to Edgware ) and south ( to Morden ) and the expected further increase from the 1930s extensions of the Piccadilly Line led to the reconstruction of the station below ground in the early 1930s.
With this organisation's help, huge numbers of workers — up to 500, 000 at a time — were found to work on the Siegfried Line.
Line numbers added to the published version have been removed.
# International Express Trail-- Queens County, New York from Sunnyside to Flushing follows the route of New York City's IRT Flushing Line subway and elevated railroad which was built to redistribute the large numbers of recent immigrants in the early 1900s.
Following the fire in 1936 which destroyed the Crystal Palace passenger numbers fell and most services through the station were diverted to serve London-Croydon routes rather than running along the Outer South London Line.
Examples are photographs, drawings, Line Art, graphs, diagrams, typography, numbers, symbols, geometric designs, maps, engineering drawings,
These numbers are called " Зелен номер " ( Green Number ) by BTC and " Зелена линия " ( Green Line ) by M-tel.
Even though significant numbers of bus riders in Anacostia had switched to Metrorail by February 1992, WMATA nonetheless began running two-rather than four-car trains on the Green Line on Sundays and during slow periods in order to close a revenue shortfall.
Line numbers were a required element of syntax in some older programming languages such as GW-BASIC.
Line numbers also provided a convenient means of distinguishing between code to be entered into the program and direct mode commands to be executed immediately when entered by the user ( which do not have line numbers ).
In 1968 a Canadian Department of National Defence Paper ( November 27, 1968 ) stated no further funding for research on the DEW Line or air space defense would be allocated due in part to lack of commercial activity The Canadian Government also limit U. S. air activity, base activity, soldier numbers, and contractor numbers ; and the overall operation would be considered and called in all formalities a " joint operation ".
Even though significant numbers of bus riders in Anacostia had switch to rail by February 1992, Metro nonetheless began running two-rather than four-car trains on the Green Line on Sundays and during slow periods in order to close a revenue shortfall.
In 1974 the airline " Court Line " collapsed, causing a fall in passenger numbers.
* The numbers along the three edges of the n < sup > th </ sup > Layer are the numbers of the n < sup > th </ sup > Line of Pascal's triangle.

Line and are
Wallace did extensive fieldwork, first in the Amazon River basin and then in the Malay Archipelago, where he identified the Wallace Line that divides the Indonesian archipelago into two distinct parts, one in which animals closely related to those of Australia are common, and one in which the species are largely of Asian origin.
But these are physical representations of the corresponding mathematical entities ; the line and the curve are idealized concepts whose width is 0 ( see Line ).
The border between Cambridge and the neighboring city of Somerville passes through densely populated neighborhoods which are connected by the MBTA Red Line.
Forward Line of Own Troops ( FLOT ), or Forward Edge of Battle Area ( FEBA ) are technical terms used by all branches of the U. S. armed services.
The only two users of the harbors are Royal Arctic Line and Arctic Umiaq Line.
The most characteristic differences, for instance, between Roman Italian and Milanese Italian are the gemination of initial consonants and the pronunciation of stressed " e ", and of " s " in some cases: e. g. va bene " all right ": is pronounced by a Roman ( and by any standard-speaker ), by a Milanese ( and by any speaker whose native dialect lies to the north of La Spezia-Rimini Line ); a casa " at home " is for Roman and standard, for Milanese and generally northern.
In addition to for-profit theatre troupes, there are several college-based improv groups in the United States that are becoming popularized as a result of programs such as Whose Line is it Anyway ?.
There are several ISPs that provide broadband internet access using different technologies such as xDSL, ISDN, Leased Line, Ethernet.
Swan Hellenic's Minerva, Fred Olsen Cruises ' ship Balmoral, Oceania Cruises ' Regatta, and MS Prinsendam of Holland America Line are able to transit the canal.
Staffan de Misura, Personal Representative of the Secretary-General for Southern Lebanon stated that he was " deeply concerned that air violations by Israel across the Blue Line during altercations with Hezbollah are continuing to take place ", calling " upon the Israeli authorities to cease such violations and to fully respect the Blue Line ".
There are 142 ouvrages, 352 casemates, 78 shelters, 17 observatories and around blockhouses in the Maginot Line.
They were owned by American Overseas Marine ( AMSEA ) but have been recently sold to MSC and are now operated by Maersk Line, Limited.
The five ships are Maersk Line ships converted by Bethlehem Steel.
Waters of the Yellow Sea are demarcated between North Korea and South Korea by the disputed Northern Limit Line drawn by the United Nations Command ( Korea ) in early 1950s and not officially recognized by North Korea.
On the Baltic Sea coast, a number of large seaports exist to serve the international freight and passenger trade ; these are typically deep water ports and are able to serve very large ships, including the ro-ro ferries of Unity Line, Polferries and Stena Line which operate the Poland – Scandinavia passenger lines.

Line and specified
Line level is the specified strength of an audio signal used to transmit analog sound between audio components such as CD and DVD players, TVs, audio amplifiers, and mixing consoles.
Shortly before taking delivery of the L & N specified EMD SD50's, Seaboard adopted a Swis721 type font for reporting marks and numbers instead of the customized Seaboard Coast Line lettering seen on pre-1983 repaints.

Line and using
The London Docklands Development Corporation ( LDDC ), needing to provide public transport cheaply for the former docks area to stimulate regeneration, considered several proposals and chose a light rail scheme using dock railway infrastructure to link the West India Docks to Tower Hill and to run alongside the Great Eastern line out of London to a northern terminus at, where a disused bay platform at the west of the station was available, for interchange with the Central Line and main lines.
Since the early 1980s, Smyril Line has operated a regular international passenger, car and freight service using a large, modern, multipurpose ferry, the Norröna.
Based from Avonmouth, Curnow Shipping replaced the Union-Castle Line mailship service in 1977, using the RMS St Helena, a coastal passenger and cargo vessel that had been used between Vancouver and Alaska.
* The Main Line runs from Long Island City east to Greenport ; trains using the Northeast Corridor and the East River Tunnels from New York Penn Station join the line at Sunnyside Yard.
* Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 2 Plus ( ADSL2 +), A version of ADSL2 that doubles the data rates by using twice the spectrum.
* Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Plus Plus ( ADSL ++), technology developed by Centillium Communications ( Centillium has been acquired by TranSwitch Corp .) for the Japanese market that extends downstream rates to 50 Mbit / s by using spectrum up to 3. 75 MHz.
* Universal High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line ( UHDSL ) using fiber optics.
* Internet Protocol Subscriber Line ( IPSL ), developed by Rim Semiconductor in 2007, allowed for 40 Mbit / s using 26 AWG copper telephone wire at a radius, 26 Mbit / s at a radius.
In radio or wireless telephony, Private Line is a term trademarked by Motorola to describe their implementation of a Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System ( CTCSS ), a method of using low frequency subaudible tones to share a single radio channel among multiple users.
Obtaining a Line of Position using the bearing to a single radio station.
** SkyTrain in Vancouver ( Expo Line ( using ITCS ) opened 1985 and Millennium Line opened in 2002 )
# Line impedance determination using dielectric layer thickness, routing copper thickness and trace-width.
Finally the adopted plan included roads in addition to using a 3 Line Mass Rapid Transit ( MRT ) and the 3 Line BRT.
The Weather Star systems also utilize a Lower Display Line ( LDL ) on the bottom of the screen during local forecasts and national programming, providing current conditions for a specific location and two or three towns within 15 miles, almanac data, forecasts and ( in select cities ) traffic information on cable headends using the IntelliStar system and only current conditions, and forecasts on cable headends using WeatherStar XL and older models.
The Mason – Dixon Line was marked by stones every mile and " crownstones " every five miles, using stone shipped from England.
ALN guerrillas using mortar across the Algerian-Tunisian border protected by the electrified Morice Line.
Since December 2009, high speed commuter services from Dover have called at Folkestone and then, using the South Eastern Main Line to Ashford International, the services join HS1 for the journey to Ebbsfleet, Stratford and London St Pancras.
The shots of the LACMTA Metro Red Line through the construction zone were shot using an 1 / 8 scale model of the Metro Red Line, except for the jump when it derailed.

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