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Line and printers
Line printers were the fastest of all impact printers and were used for bulk printing in large computer centres.
Line printers frequently used a variety of discharge brushes and active ( corona discharge-based ) static eliminators to discharge these accumulated charges.
Line matrix printers are used for high-speed printing applications in industries such as manufacturing, banking, supply chain and back office environments.
Line matrix printers were originally popularized by the mini-computer craze and continued its growth as a bar code printer.
Printronix Line matrix printer shuttleOften considered the “ backbone ” of many industrial and back-office systems, there are several types of line matrix printers used today across diverse enterprise production environments including: manufacturing, supply chain, distribution & logistics, transportation, finance and banking.
Line matrix printers are solutions designed for high-reliability, lowest total cost of ownership and environmental benefits.
Line matrix printers can handle highly recycled paper stock, use cartridge ribbons which yield 30, 000 printed pages before replacement and have printer hardware with much longer life cycles.
Line matrix printers are sold under the brand names of Printronix, Hp, TallyGenicom, Oki, InfoPrint, WeP, Lipi, Sedco and others.
In Line mode, an existing print application can be enhanced with form overlays, font selection, color and other features offered by modern laser printers.

Line and name
He did not mind the Line itself, which Churchill declared in the House of Commons, on February 27, 1945, he had always believed to be `` just and right '', but he did not want it called by a hated name.
During this period, the band teamed up with producer Mark Cunningham on the first-ever BBC Children In Need single, a cover of David Bowie's " Heroes ", released in 1986 under the name of The County Line.
Ben Nevis was the name of a White Star Line packet ship which in 1854 carried the group of immigrants who were to become the Wends of Texas.
He made his name as host of the improvised television comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway ?, which ran for 10 series.
* Fsk, pen name for Boštjan Čadež, creator of Line Rider
As of spring 2007 Keramikos is the name given to the metro station which belongs to Line 3 of the Athens Metro is adjacent to the Technopolis of Gazi.
Although the name " Maginot Line " suggests a rather thin linear fortification, the line was quite deep, varying in depth ( i. e., from the border to the rear area ) from between.
The Tube map is a schematic transit map representing the lines and stations of London's rapid transit railway systems, namely the London Underground ( commonly known as the Tube, hence the name ), the Docklands Light Railway, London Overground and the Emirates Air Line cable car.
The campus is accessible from the LACMTA Orange Line station of the same name.
The Borough of County Line in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania changed its name to Telford in 1857, after the North Pennsylvania Railroad Company named its new station there " Telford " in honour of Thomas Telford.
The Grand Union Canal was also the original name for part of what is now part of the Leicester Line of the modern Grand Union: this latter is now generally referred to as the Old Grand Union Canal in order to avoid ambiguity.
McCormick Place is the name of a station on the Metra Electric Line, and is located in the basement of McCormick Place.
Among the critics of the views put forward in this book was a Jesuit, Francis Line ( 1595 – 1675 ), and it was while answering his objections that Boyle made his first mention of the law that the volume of a gas varies inversely to the pressure of the gas, which among English-speaking people is usually called Boyle's Law after his name.
The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority further honored the broadcaster by changing the name of the nearby Blue Line station to Pico-Chick Hearn.
His name also varies between versions ( Tam Lin being the most common ) as Tom Line, Tomlin, Young Tambling, and Tam-a-line.
* Line ( given name ), a Danish and Norwegian female given name
Twenty years after Days of Heaven, Malick returned to film directing in 1998 with The Thin Red Line, a loose adaptation of the James Jones World War II novel of the same name, for which he gathered a large ensemble of famous stars.
The company name was the St. Petersburg – Tampa Airboat Line, and the pilot was Tony Jannus, flying a Benoist XIV flying boat.
The project involved electrification of the surface lines ( operated by steam trains at the time ), the doubling of the original single-line section between Finchley Central and the proposed junction with the Edgware branch of the Northern line, and the construction of three new linking sections of track: a connection between Northern City Line and Finsbury Park station on the surface ; an extension from Archway to the LNER line near East Finchley via new deep-level platforms below Highgate station ; and a short diversion from just before the LNER's Edgware station to the Underground's station of the same name.
Cunard purchased White Star's share in 1947 ; the name reverted to the Cunard Line in 1950.
In 1947 Cunard purchased White Star's interest, and the company dropped the White Star name and was renamed to Cunard Line.
In 1994 Cunard purchased the rights to the name of the Royal Viking Line and its Royal Viking Sun.
His name lives on today in the Cunard Line, now a prestigious branch of the Carnival Line cruise empire.

Line and implies
Little India MRT Station ( NE7 / DT12 ) is an underground Mass Rapid Transit ( MRT ) station on the North East Line in Singapore and as the name implies, serves the ethnic neighbourhood of Little India.
* < u > Line of Sight </ u >: at 60 GHz, radio communication is blocked by any intervening object, which implies the need for open line of sight.

Line and print
This puzzle first appears in print in Anita Richterman's " Problem Line " column in Newsday on April 29, 1975.
She became an ambassador for the Silversea Cruise Line, which has her appearing in print ads and on their website.
Glass Harp's original Decca studio albums were re-issued on CD in 2005 by Music Mill Entertainment ( having first been released on CD in 1993 by Line Records in Germany before quickly going out of print ).
Local events are covered by The Main Line Times and the newer Main Line Life print newspapers.
It celebrates the saving of the railway line which was coordinated by the Friends of the Settle to Carlisle Line whose first secretary, Graham Nuttall, was a keen hillwalker and his companion dog Ruswarp famously signed the petition to save the line with his paw print.
* Line Printer Daemon protocol, a component of the protocol in Unix, Linux, and BSD computing ; network protocol for submitting print jobs to a remote printer.
*" News Line ", daily print newspaper of the Workers Revolutionary Party.
They later form the print newspaper Front Line.
* " A Landour Day with Ruskin Bond ' by Ramendra Kumar, Business Line print 10 December 2010
* Selective Line Print – The standard 557 could only print on the top 2 horizontal lines ( between the 12 and 11 rows and between the 11 and 0 rows ).
Selective Line print feature allowed you to print on one of 26 lines.
Value Line is best known for publishing The Value Line Investment Survey, a stock analysis newsletter that is updated weekly and kept by subscribers to the print edition in a large black or green binder.
VLP publishes in both print and electronic formats The Value Line Investment Survey ®, one of the nation's major periodical investment publication, as well as The Value Line Investment Survey-Small and Mid-Cap Edition, The Value Line 600, Value Line Select, The Value Line Fund Advisor, The Value Line Special Situations Service, The Value Line Daily Options Survey and The Value Line Convertibles Survey.

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