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Little and is
Especially touching is the chapter, `` The Little Sister '', about a king's daughter who became a nun in the convent of St. Birgitta.
`` Little Rock is a vile, detestable place.
`` Little Rock is, without any flattery, one of the dullest towns in the United States and I would not have remained two hours in the place, if I had not met with some good friends who made me forget its dreariness ''.
Little is known of the synthetic mechanisms for formation of thyroglobulin.
and that they can ignore what is happening in Northern cities because what is happening in Little Rock or Birmingham is worse.
The company which performed the Pulitzer Prize musical here last night and will repeat it twice today is full of bounce, the politicians are in fine voice, the chorines evoke happy memories, and the Little Flower rides to break a lance again.
Little is known of the territorial behaviour of caecilians but some frogs and salamanders defend home ranges.
In some stories the question of whether formal justice will be done is left unresolved, such as Five Little Pigs, and arguably Ordeal by Innocence.
The 1942 novel Five Little Pigs ( aka Murder in Retrospect ), in which Poirot investigates a murder committed sixteen years before by analysing various accounts of the tragedy, is a Rashomon-like performance that critic and mystery novelist Robert Barnard called the best of the Christie novels.
* 1945 – World War II: Hiroshima, Japan is devastated when the atomic bomb " Little Boy " is dropped by the United States B-29 Enola Gay.
Areas of southern Nevada, Utah and Colorado form a loose northern boundary, while the southern edge is defined by the Colorado and Little Colorado rivers in Arizona and the Rio Puerco and Rio Grande in New Mexico.
Alfonso Cuarón Orozco (; born 28 November 1961 ) is a Mexican film director, screenwriter and film producer, best known for his films Children of Men, Y tu mamá también, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and A Little Princess.
In the remainder of this region, the southern portion, the most prominent feature is Little Mountain, extending about from east to west between two valleys, and rising precipitously on the north side above them or above the sea.
Little attention is paid to political, diplomatic, or military history, or to biographies of famous men.
The above cartoon is a depiction of the nursery rhyme " Little Miss Muffet ", in which the title character is " frightened away " by a spider.
Little is known of his life, however it is clear that Alan entered the schools no earlier than the late 1140s ; first attending the school at Paris, and then at Chartres.
Little is known of the personality of Agnes, beyond the remarkable influence which she seems to have exercised over Philip II.
Little is known on their relationship, but Crispus soon died and left his estate to Nero.
Little is known about the Gutian period, or how long it endured.
Little is known about Ammonius's role in the development of Neoplatonism.

Little and known
Even though it was known that the Luftwaffe in the north was now being directed by the young and energetic General Peltz, the commander who would conduct the `` Little Blitz '' on London in 1944, a major raid on Bari at this juncture of the war was not to be considered seriously.
She converted to Islam and became known as Umm Habiba ( Little Mother of the Beloved ).
Little is known of Andreas Capellanus's life, but he is presumed to have been a courtier of Marie of Troyes, and probably of French origin ; he is sometimes known by a French translation of his name, André le Chapelain.
Little is known about Omari's life, and it is unclear whether some information refers to Omari or another person by that name.
Well known examples of this include Joe Cocker's version of The Beatles ' With a Little Help from My Friends, and Ike And Tina Turner's version of Creedence Clearwater Revival's Proud Mary.
Little is known of his life other than hints from his own chronicles.
Little could Abd al-Rahman have known that as he set off to settle matters in that northern city, his hopes of warring against Baghdad would be indefinitely put on hold.
Little is known of the family with certainty ; the Chambers Biographical Dictionary records that they arrived in Spain in the 8th century but the name is familiar from the romance by Ginés Perez de Hita, Guerras civiles de Granada, which celebrates the feuds of the Abencerrages and the rival family of the Zegris, and the cruel treatment to which the former were subjected.
Little is known of its origins but it is likely that an early form of the Basque language was present in Western Europe before the arrival of the Indo-European languages to the area.
Little is known about Nahum ’ s personal history.
Little is known about Blackbeard's early life.
Early Sunday strips, such as Thimble Theatre and Little Orphan Annie, filled an entire newspaper page, a format known to collectors as full page.
Little is known about their first impressions of each other, but Arthur did write to his parents-in-law that he would be " a true and loving husband " and told his parents that he was immensely happy to " behold the face of his lovely bride ".
Among his early favorites were Winsor McCay ( mostly known for Little Nemo ) and Frederick Burr Opper ( mostly known for Happy Hooligan ) but he would later study any style that managed to draw his attention.

Little and about
Little can be done about the changing of dates.
Although it was at the Battle of The Little Horn, about which more words have been written than any other battle in American history, that the 7th Cavalry first made its mark in history, the regiment was ten years old by then.
The Attorney General convinces the dim-witted Le Petomane to select Bart ( Cleavon Little ), a black railroad worker who was about to be hanged.
In 1900, Potter revised her tale about the four little rabbits, and fashioned a dummy book of it-it has been suggested, in imitation of Helen Bannerman's 1899 bestseller The Story of Little Black Sambo.
The play The Reckoning of Kit and Little Boots by Nat Cassidy, examines the lives of the Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe and Caligula, with the fictional conceit that Marlowe was working on a play about Caligula around the time of his own murder.
Little is known about his life.
In 2011, Italian Disney fan forum papersera. net published Don Rosa: A Little Something Special ( edited by Italian Rosa fan Paolo Castagno ), a large folio format, bilingual ( Italian and English ) book about Rosa's life and work, containing interviews with Rosa and articles by many Italian and European Disney artists, Disney scholars, and established art critics commenting on Rosa's work and career, also including many exclusive, rare Rosa drawings and illustrations.
Little is known about the life of Diophantus.
Little is known about Euclid's life, as there are only a handful of references to him.
Little is known about the origin of this diversity.
Sullivan had a healthy sense of humor about himself and permitted — even encouraged — impersonators such as John Byner, Frank Gorshin, Rich Little and especially Will Jordan to imitate him on his show.
Little is known about the life of Eusebius.
Little is known about them, except that they used the Faroes ( and Iceland ) as a hermitage.
Little is known about Faroese history up until the 14th century.
Gygax learned about H. G. Wells ' Little Wars book for play of military miniatures wargames and Fletcher Pratt's Naval Wargame book.
Little is known about early Germanic history, except through their recorded interactions with the Roman Empire, etymological research and archaeological finds.

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