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LiveScience and .
* LiveScience. com All about dinosaurs, with current featured articles.
* LiveScience. com Giant Dinosaurs Get Downsized by LiveScience, June 21, 2009
" Sept 2006, LiveScience, Accessed 29 January 2007.
* 70 % of Sea Urchin Genes Have a Human Counterpart — Sequencing confirms that sea urchins are more closely related to humans than fruit flies ( LiveScience. com, November 2006 ).
* Tool use in crows is a combination of natural ability and schooling by other crows – LiveScience. com ( October 31, 2006 )
* Study: People Literally Feel Pain of Others-mirror-touch synesthesia, LiveScience, 17 June 2007.
* Archerfish Can Adjust Their Deadly Shots Based on the Size of the Prey – LiveScience. com
-discusses Henri Giffard's first powered flight, LiveScience. com, March 4, 2008
According to LiveScience. com, " physicians and nutritionists worry the show's focus on competitive weight loss is, at best, counterproductive and, at worst, dangerous.
For further information, please see the link to the online news story article on the study, from the NBCNews. com Health VITALS blog, by unnamed LiveScience staff.
* " Ocean ' Gummy Bears ' Fight Global Warming ", LiveScience. com, July 20, 2006
* “ The Day the Earth Fell Over ” at LiveScience. com
Syndication of The Next Step news segments on LiveScience was announced in December 2007.
* LiveScience — Contagious Canine Cancer Spread by Parasites 10 August 2006 10: 34 am ET ( Charles Q. Choi )

LiveScience and with
* The Next Step with Richard Hart at LiveScience

. and com
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* UKAgriculture. com – Advance the education of the public in all aspects of agriculture, the countryside and the rural economy
Farmer Power: The Continuing Confrontation between Subsistence Farmers and Development Bureaucrats by Tony Waters at Ethnography. com
Examples include Web accessibility a set of guidelines and two accessible web portals designed for people developing reading skills are peepo. com — try typing a letter with your keyboard for more — and peepo. co. uk with enhanced graphics, unique style controls and improved interactivity ( requires an SVG supported browser ).
Apartheid's War Against Angola http :// www. scribd. com / doc / 29244604 / Apartheid-s-War-Against-Angola-Marga-Holness
< http :// www. britannica. com / EBchecked / topic / 39703 / Asterales >.
< http :// www. merriam-webster. com / dictionary / asterales >.
* Emperor Charles I. of Austria ( 1916 – 1918 ) http :// www. youtube. com / watch? v = jMU9FFzez1A
* Emperor Franz Joseph ( 1848 – 1916 ) http :// www. youtube. com / watch? v = jecUwMPk8pE & feature = related
See Nammys. com
A. Milne's profile at Just-Pooh. com
* August: Let's get rid of it, by David Plotz, Slate Magazine, slate. com
Retrieved September 30, 2008, from Encyclopædia Britannica Online: http :// www. britannica. com / EBchecked / topic / 243212 / Great-Drought
* Life Lists at SmithsonianMag. com: Mesa Verde
* http :// www. classbrain. com / art_cr / publish / american_samoa_economy. shtml

. and recaps
Ology was founded by Beth Haggerty and Vivian Moran in June 2008. It consists of daily updated news trends, original editorial content, interviews, reviews, recaps, and user communities related to TV, film, music, celebrities, fashion, geek culture, humor, politics, and sports.
Some include detailed recaps of football and basketball games.
On November 3, 2005, Good Morning America celebrated its thirtieth birthday with recaps to 1975 and by decorating Times Square.
-Gunilla Sköld Feiler, one of the two artists involved, recaps and interprets what happened.
This is not a difference in print size or removal of redundant " recaps "; it is missing a noticeable amount of material, including many entire chapters.
The third is dated 1663 and commemorates the re-rebuilding of the Qingzhen si synagogue and recaps the information from the other two steles.
To commemorate its 225th anniversary, BNY Mellon created a 5 part video series entitled " Looking Forward: The 225th Anniversary of The Bank of New York Mellon " which was narrated by historian Richard Brookhiser and recaps the company ’ s history from its founding in 1784.
Pidto was often the target of good-natured ribbing by Berman, since Pidto often did recaps of games featuring losing teams.
For that same reason, the episode also recaps many of the relationships between races touched on in the pilot: the Earth-Minbari War, the occupation of Narn, and the decline of the Centauri Republic.
Each issue also includes brief news coverage, previews, and recaps for the ABC soaps, as well as Days of our Lives.
The ABC edition also includes news coverage, previews, and recaps for the CBS soaps and Days of our Lives.
NBC's last remaining serial, Days of our Lives, still holds brief news coverage, previews, and recaps in the ABC and CBS editions.
Thus, much of the network's highlights and recaps feature NFL Films ' trademark style of slow motion game action, sounds of the game, and the talk on the sidelines.
This time, though, Time-Life was ready to have the Doctor poised for American consumption, by having stage and screen actor Howard Da Silva read voiceover recaps of the previous episode and teasers for the next one which would inform the viewer as to what was going on.
Sale of the serial had been provisionally agreed with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and Cartier wanted the material available to use in trailers and recaps.
He played the voice heard over the factory loudspeaker system in episode five, and narrated the recaps at the beginning of episodes two, three, four and six.
It recaps the events of " Green Eyes ", the last episode of the series, and used the un-produced script from " Dark Horizon ", the first episode of what would have been the second season.
Brief recaps of top stories being followed by the Morning Report programme occur half hourly at 06: 15, 06: 45, 07: 15, 07: 45 and 08: 15.
Seventy-eight episodes and two " best of " recaps would air between 1985 and 1989.
Additionally, it can be very dangerous for the following car if one of the truck's tires ( or their recaps ) delaminate, as the chunks of ejected rubber can be large enough to cause serious harm, even death, to a driver following too closely.
Soap Opera Magazine was a weekly periodical devoted to interviews and recaps of American soap operas.
WWE After Burn is a WWE syndicated television show which recaps events taking place on SmackDown.

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