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Loach and Laverty
Loach values having a strong, creative partnership with scriptwriters, most recently with Paul Laverty, who has written nine feature films for Loach ( including The Wind That Shakes The Barley and Sweet Sixteen ), and previously with Jim Allen ( Land & Freedom ) and Barry Hines ( Kes ).
In June 2009, Loach, Paul Laverty ( writer ) and Rebecca O ' Brien ( producer ) pulled their film Looking For Eric from the Melbourne International Film Festival, where the Israeli Embassy is a sponsor, after the festival declined the withdraw their sponsorship.
Carla's Song ( 1996 ) is a British movie directed by Ken Loach with screenplay by Paul Laverty.

Loach and O
Ernie O ' Malley's autobiographical works are the main inspiration behind the Ken Loach film The Wind That Shakes the Barley, and the character of Damien is based partly on O ' Malley.

Loach and subsequently
Loach minnow was proposed ( USDI, Fish and Wildlife Service 1985 ) and subsequently listed ( USFWS 1986 ) as a threatened species.

Loach and wrote
In an open letter to Ms Shalom Ezer, Ken Loach wrote " From the beginning, Israel and its supporters have attacked their critics as anti-semites or racists.
Loach is supporting the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in the London Assembly election, 2012 He wrote a letter to The Observer in 2012 condemning the Globe theatre for allowing an Israeli theatre company to perform there.
He also wrote the screenplay for Fatherland, which was directed by Ken Loach.

Loach and from
A member of the Labour Party from the early 1960s, Loach left in the mid-1990s.
In May 2009, organisers of the Edinburgh International Film Festival returned a £ 300 grant from the Israeli Embassy after speaking with Ken Loach.
" Loach said he had a " respectful and reasoned " conversation with event organisers, saying they should not be accepting funds from Israel.
The festival's chief executive, Richard Moore, compared Loach's tactics to blackmail, stating that " we will not participate in a boycott against the State of Israel, just as we would not contemplate boycotting films from China or other nations involved in difficult long-standing historical disputes .” Australian lawmaker Michael Danby also criticised Loach ’ s tactics stating that “ Israelis and Australians have always had a lot in common, including contempt for the irritating British penchant for claiming cultural superiority.
Loach has also expressed strong support for Chechen independence from Russia.
* Interview with Loach from 1998
Likewise, the film Land and Freedom, directed by Ken Loach, tells of a group of POUM soldiers fighting in the war from the perspective of a British member of the British Communist Party.
The name ' Big Flame ' came from a television play, The Big Flame ( 1969 ), written by Jim Allen and directed by Ken Loach for the BBC's Wednesday Play season.
Members also recorded as: Matthew Hein ( solo ), Wallpaper ( David French ), Awesome ( Luke Hollywood with guest appearances from other NBT alumni ), Gashdig, Popewyrm, Incinerators & Diamond Tuck ( Jasin Fell ), Denk ( solo ), The Loach Clips ( Lars ), and Prince Mattie Gaunt ( solo ).
Dr. Jeff Loach, now minister of St Paul's in Nobleton, Ontario, ministered from 1997 until 2004.
Lyricist Chris Difford said that the title phrase was lifted from the 1965 TV play version of the novel, directed by Ken Loach, and its subsequent 1968 movie remake.
After a robust and rigorous campaign with support from thousands including Kevin Spacey, Ken Loach, Michael Bogdanov and Richard Wilson, the Morley Drama Department was saved.

Loach and at
On 28 May 2006, Loach won the Palme d ' Or at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival for his film The Wind That Shakes the Barley, a film about the Irish War of Independence and the subsequent Irish Civil War during the 1920s.
The film competed for the Palme d ' Or at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival where Loach won the Jury Prize.
Ken Loach at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.
In Kes the boy actor, discovering the dead bird at the end, believed Loach had killed the bird, which he had become fond of during the filming ( the crew used a dead bird found elsewhere ).
Loach opposes censorship in cinema and was outraged at the " 18 " certificate given to Sweet Sixteen.
" Loach also joined " 54 international figures in the literary and cultural fields " in signing a letter that stated, in part, " celebrating ' Israel at 60 ' is tantamount to dancing on Palestinian graves to the haunting tune of lingering dispossession and multi-faceted injustice ".
* Ken Loach at MUBI
* The Ken Loach film Ladybird Ladybird was filmed at many sites around Acton including The Mount, the Town Hall, Vyner Road, Cumberland Park and parts of South Acton.
Gerrard also scored the Jim Loach directed Oranges and Sunshine starring Emily Watson and Hugo Weaving released in April 2011 which garnered her with another nomination at the 2011 IF Awards for Best Music Score.
The film, directed by British filmmaker Ken Loach, received critical acclaim after its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.
It was also shown at the British Film Institute in a 2011 Ken Loach film festival.
Loach minnow can be found at turbulent, rocky riffles of mainstream rivers.
* Other cast: Nicky Henson as Trooper Swallow, Wilfrid Brambell as Master Loach, Tony Selby as Salter, Bernard Kay as Fisherman, Godfrey James as Webb, Michael Beint as Captain Gordon, John Treneman as Harcourt, Bill Maxwell as Gifford, " Morris Jarr " ( pseudonym for Paul Ferris ) as Paul, Maggie Kimberly as Elizabeth, Peter Haigh as Lavenham Magistrate, Hira Talfrey as Hanged Woman, Anne Tirard as Old Woman, Peter Thomas as Farrier, Edward Palmer as Shepherd, David Webb as Jailer, Lee Peters as Sergeant, David Lyell as Footsoldier, Alf Joint as Sentry, Martin Terry as Hoxne Innkeeper, Jack Lynn as Brandeston Innkeeper, Beaufoy Milton as Priest, Dennis Thorne as Villager, Michael Segal as Villager, Toby Lennon as Old Man, Margaret Nolan as Girl at Inn, Sally Douglas as Girl at Inn, Donna Reading as Girl at Inn, Derek Ware as Boy at Hoxne Inn.
One of her more notable pupils was the internationally respected historian on mid-Tudor England, Jennifer Loach, a Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College, Oxford.
Spanner Films is a small London-based documentary company founded by film director Franny Armstrong in 1997. Notable productions include the no-budget epic McLibel ( 1997 / 2005 )-the story of a postman and a gardener who took on McDonald's and won, with courtroom reconstructions by Ken Loach, and Drowned Out ( 2002 ), following an Indian family who decide to stay at home and drown rather than make way for the Narmada Dam.
She was present at the 2005 Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival, to promote two films she had acted in: Tickets ( 2005 ), a three-segment film directed by Ermanno Olmi, Abbas Kiarostami, and Ken Loach, and Crustacés et Coquillages, a comedy directed by the French duo of Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau.
Ken Loach ) won the Best Contemporary Screenplay prize at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival.

Loach and .
Other contemporary British film directors include Paul W. S. Anderson, Andrea Arnold, Richard Attenborough, Kenneth Branagh, Danny Boyle, Terence Davies, Mike Figgis, Terry Gilliam, Tom Hooper, Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Sam Mendes, Alan Parker, Sally Potter, Lynne Ramsay, Guy Ritchie, Michael Winterbottom, Edgar Wright, Joe Wright and Matthew Vaughn.
Kenneth " Ken " Loach ( born 17 June 1936 ) is a Palme D ' Or winning English film and television director.
Loach was born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, the son of Vivien ( née Hamlin ) and John Loach.
In 1966, Loach made the influential docudrama Cathy Come Home portraying working-class people affected by homelessness and unemployment, and presenting a powerful and influential critique of the workings of the Social Services.
In 1982, Loach and Central Independent Television were commissioned by Channel 4 to make Questions of Leadership, a documentary series on the response of the British trade union movement to the challenge posed by the policies of the Thatcher government, which also gave members an opportunity to call their own leaders to account.
The programmes were not broadcast by Channel 4, a decision Loach claimed was politically motivated.
Ken Loach and His Films.
" Land and Freedom " contains a quintessentially Loach sequence of a 12 minute political discussion amongst villagers trying to decide whether or not a village's smallholdings should be collectivized.
Throughout the 2000s Loach continued to intersperse wider political dramas such as Bread and Roses ( which focused on the Los Angeles janitors strike ) and Route Irish ( set in the Iraq occupation ) with smaller examinations of personal relationships.
Loach lives with his wife, Lesley, in Bath, where he is a supporter of and shareholder in Bath City F. C.
His son Jim Loach has also become a television and film director.
De Sica's film had a particularly profound effect on Loach.
Loach makes great efforts to help the actors express themselves naturally and honestly.
" This explains how Loach regards politics and drama as intertwined, rather than existing in separate spheres.
In 2007, Loach was one of more than 100 artists and writers who signed an open letter initiated by Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism and the South West Asian, North African Bay Area Queers ( SWANABAQ ) and calling on the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival " to honour calls for an international boycott of Israeli political and cultural institutions, by discontinuing Israeli consulate sponsorship of the LGBT film festival and not co-sponsoring events with the Israeli consulate.

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