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Local and reaction
Local allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction in the nose to an allergen, without systemic allergies.
Local reaction to this announcement was intense, with most suggesting that the bridge be built to appear as proposed — either in the steel material as bid or using a reinforced concrete tower of similar appearance but of lower cost.
Local and national reaction to the attacks involved a wave of panic that led to shark hunts aimed at eradicating the population of " man-eating " sharks and protecting the economies of New Jersey's seaside communities.

Local and Grantham
Local traffic was never heavy, and by 1950 there were only two Grantham trains remaining, one of which was a semi-fast with limited stops which connected with the Flying Scotsman at Grantham.

Local and Journal
Local news coverage for the town and some of its neighbors is provided by the Tri County Journal and the Washington Missourian.
Local and regional newspapers include the The Cork News, Carrigdhoun, the Cork Independent, The Corkman, the Mallow Star, the Douglas Post, the East Cork Journal and the Southern Star.
Local print media include the News-Sun, a newspaper published on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, and the weekly Lake Placid Journal.
Local, county, and regional news is covered by the daily Jersey Journal.
Local, county, and regional news is covered by the daily Jersey Journal.
Local, county, and regional news is covered by the daily Jersey Journal.
), Brentford & Chiswick Local History Journal, Number 16, 2007, 4 – 7
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Local newspapers: “ Kutaisi ”, “ Imeretis Moabe ”, “ PS ”, “ Akhali Gazeti ”, " Kutaisuri Versia ", " Chveneburebi " ( Journal ); Scientific Journal “ Gantiadi ”.
Readers participating in the Capital Times / Wisconsin State Journal Reader's Choice Award survey have voted the classic the # 1 Favorite Local Running Event every year since 1995.
Research covered in the Journal of Economic Issues and State and Local Government Review shows a link between sprawl and emergency medical services response delays.
* Eoghan O Comhrai and the Local Perspective, Brian O Dalaigh, North Munster Antiquarian Journal 44, 2004
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* Dromore and District Local Historical Group Journal
Local placements include: Attleboro Sun-Chronicle, Boston Business Journal, Cape Cod Times, Gloucester Times, The Patriot Ledger, the MetroWest Daily News, the Lowell Sun, Fall River Herald News, New Bedford Standard-Times, Taunton Gazette, Worcester Telegram & Gazette, Milford Daily News, Salem News, and many more.
* Le Grand Journal Estrie ( 1989 – Fall 2009 ) Local news show, aired weekdays at 5: 30 p. m.

Local and was
Local industry's investment in Rhode Island was the big story in 1960's industrial development effort.
Local allegiance was due by an alien while in the protection of the Crown.
Under the Local Government Act 1972 the urban district was abolished in 1974, becoming part of the borough of Islwyn, Gwent.
Local groups have argued for a reinstatement of the rail link south to Manchester via Haslingden and Bury, that was closed in the 1960s.
Local German peasants, angry at French plundering, compounded Tallard's problems, leading Mérode-Westerloo to bemoan – " the enraged peasantry killed several thousand of our men before the army was clear of the Black Forest.
The BBC radio commentary on the final day of the innings ( 6 June 1994 ), by Dave Roberts, was being broadcast around the world live via the BBC World Service network, and in the UK on BBC Radios 1, 2 & 4 as well as the majority of BBC Local radio stations.
Local labourer Matthew Weeks was accused of the murder and at noon on 12 August 1844 he was led from Bodmin Gaol and hanged.
The village falls within the Non-metropolitan district of Sedgemoor, which was formed on 1 April 1974 under the Local Government Act 1972.
In 2010 a skatepark was built in the village, funded by the Cheddar Local Action Team.
Local tradition has it that his wife would camp on the nearby Strawberry Island ( which was visible from the open sea ) and signal him with a fire on the island's summit to alert him to whether or not it was safe to bring his illegal cargo ashore.
Local sentiment was so strong that in 1920 residents blocked the roads and declared independence.
It was published on September 30, 1980 as " The Ethernet, A Local Area Network.
The preparation for the charter was undertaken by the predecessor to the current Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, the Standing Conference of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe because involvement of local and regional government was essential.
By the time there was a strong market need for a bus of these speeds and capabilities, the VESA Local Bus and later PCI filled this niche and EISA vanished into obscurity.
Provision for Local Loop Unbundling was introduced in Gibraltar, under the 2006 Communications Act, similar to the UK's 2003 Communications Act.
Reform of the local government arrangements in the County of London and its environs was again considered by the Royal Commission on Local Government in Greater London.
The Greater London Council was abolished in 1986 by the Local Government Act 1985.
In 1940, following the outbreak of conflict, he also tried to sign up for the Local Defence Volunteers, or " Home Guard ", but was turned away because he was already an ARP warden.
The Local Government Act of 1888 was the first systematic attempt to impose a standardised system of local government in England.

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