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Lord and Gladwyn
* The Memoirs of Lord Gladwyn, 1972
The papers of 1st Lord Gladwyn were deposited at Churchill Archives Centre at the University of Cambridge by his son, 2nd Lord Gladwyn, between 1998 and 2000.

Lord and pointed
Parry and his student Albert Lord pointed out that such elaborate oral tradition, foreign to today's literate cultures, is typical of epic poetry in a predominantly oral cultural milieu, the key words being " oral " and " traditional ".
Ferdinand Christian Baur ( 1792 – 1860 ), founder of the Tübingen School, drew attention to the anti-Pauline characteristic in the Pseudo-Clementines, and pointed out that in the disputations between Simon and Peter, some of the claims Simon is represented as making ( e. g. that of having seen the Lord, though not in his lifetime, yet subsequently in vision ) were really the claims of Paul ; and urged that Peter's refutation of Simon was in some places intended as a polemic against Paul.
Tolkien does not describe Hobbits ' ears in The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, but in a 1938 letter to his American publisher, he described Hobbits as having " ears only slightly pointed and ' elvish '".
The Eldar background and persona are heavily derived from The Lord of the Rings elves, in that both are lithe humanoids with pointed ears, having superb reflexes and speed, having keen senses and are extremely seclusive and arrogant.
At the centre of the painting is positioned the eight pointed star of the Order of the Garter which Lord Burlington received from King George II in 1730.
When the prosecuting counsel pointed out that Lord Astor denied an affair or having even met her, she replied, " Well, he would, wouldn't he?
As Lord Windermere rises to leave, the fan is pointed out to him, which he instantly recognises as his wife's.
Talleyrand, fresh from renouncing his embassy to London and close to the British Foreign Secretary, Lord Palmerston, pointed in this direction.
George VI then pointed out that as Mr Windsor or Lord Edward Windsor, his brother could sit in the House of Commons.
Gort replied: " Lord Kitchener had clearly pointed out that no great country can wage a “ little ” war ".
In 1766, for example, Lord Charles Townshend, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, pointed out that the house was in a dilapidated condition.
Belphegor ( Lord of the Opening ) was pictured in two different fashions: as a beautiful young woman or as a monstrous, bearded demon with horns and sharply pointed nails ; the former form, according to most sources, was his earthly disguise when invoked by mortals.
While Sir Guy Carleton lieutenant governor of Lower Canada pointed out that the offices were intended to be separate, Lord Grenville set the wheels in motion with John Graves Simcoe lieutenant governor of Upper Canada by pointing out that there was no legal impediment to prevent cross-appointments.
The Arab representatives also pointed out that McMahon had been acting as an intermediary for the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Lord Grey.
They also pointed out that McMahon had been acting as an intermediary for the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Lord Grey.
Critics pointed out that he had made Lord Chief Justice George Coke, the chief character of his book The Struggle for Sovereignty in England ( 1950 ), into a liberal long before liberalism had came into existence.
Lord Grenville replied that " he must remind him, that so far from there having been any difference in the state of the Country when that great man lived, and the present times, his book was first published at a period, previous to which there had been two or three seasons of great dearth and distress ; and during those seasons there were speculators without number, who raised an unfounded and unjust clamour against Forestallers and Regraters, and who proposed that a certain price should be fixed on every article: but all their plans were wisely rejected, and the Treatise on the Wealth of Nations, which came forward soon after, pointed out in the clearest light how absurd and futile they must have been ".
While Charles was determined to press on in the deluded belief that their success was due to soldiers of the regulars never daring to fight against their true prince, his Council and Lord George Murray pointed out their position.
Lord Justice Elias said evidence not available during the first inquest pointed to the possibility that the crash was " stage managed " to look like an accident, and that foul play may have occurred.
Reginald McKenna ( First Lord of the Admiralty ) supported Admiral Wilson, but the Committee Secretary Maurice Hankey pointed out that the Army must draw up such plans and that the Army plans had already been approved by the CID.
The Whig leader Lord Grey complained that the bill was far removed from ordinary legal practice, and pointed out that, if the Lords passed the bill, the entire process would have to be repeated in the Commons, leading to more public strife.
In his book Commando, Reitz recounts how Lord Vivian pointed out his bivouac tent and told him it would be worth his while to take a look at it.
However, they were stopped when a member of the FitzGerald family brought a large painting of Lord Edward FitzGerald to the door and pointed out that they would be burning the house of a revered Irish patriot.
The facts are: while we were discussing the Israeli-Palestinian issue, I pointed out to Lord Black that this tragedy was taking place in a geographically limited area ( I even specified that it was the equivalent of three French departments ) that for 40 years had been suffering from a conflict whose equitable solution seems more out of reach than ever.

Lord and out
She said, `` I guess the Lord looks out for fools, drunkards, and innocents ''.
He wanted desperately to see Kayabashi defeated, the Communists in the village rooted out, the mission standing triumphant, for in the triumph of the Lord he himself would be triumphant, too.
In Psalm 27: 1 you read those beautiful words which you must have in your heart if you are to master the fears that surround you, or to drive them out if they have you in their grip: `` The Lord is my light and my salvation ; ;
They begged Grandma to let them put a bed in the kitchen for her, but Grandma said she was getting too old to sleep in strange beds and be seen with her teeth out, and that she hoped to die in privacy like a Christian and if the Lord willed it to be of pneumonia than it would have to be that way.
Or, what was worse, she prayed for him out loud at bedtime: `` Please, Lord Gord, please give my brother the strength to go swimming like he promised ''.
The office of Lord High Admiral passed a number of times in and out of commission until 1709, after which the office was almost permanently in commission ( the last Lord High Admiral being the future King William IV in the early 19th century ).
Bentinck was succeeded by Lord Granby ; Disraeli's own speech, thought by many of his own party to be blasphemous, ruled him out for the time being.
Still Job does not curse God, but instead shaves his head, tears his clothes, and says, " Naked I came out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return: Lord has given, and Lord has taken away ; blessed be the name of Lord.
Earlier generations will remember other notable characters who have been phased out, such as Biffo the Bear and Lord Snooty.
Ancient resources as well as recent archaeological evidence suggest that, at one point, Caligula had the palace extended to annex this structure. When several kings came to Rome to pay their respects to him and argued about their nobility of descent, he cried out " Let there be one Lord, one King ".
The group, who came to prominence after the fall of Charles's first prime minister, Lord Clarendon, in 1667, was rather called the Cabal because of its secretiveness and lack of responsibility to the " Country party " then run out of power.
In England and Wales, exemplary damages are limited to the circumstances set out by Lord Patrick Devlin in the leading case of Rookes v. Barnard.
# Deeds are recorded: The persons thoughts and deeds are said to be recorded and the faithful is warned that these will be read out in the presence of the " Lord of Dharma ".
On death, the soul of the person he brought before " Lord of Dharma " are these account are read out as recoded in this quote: " Day and night are the two nurses, in whose lap all the world is at play.
Good deeds and bad deeds – the record is read out in the Presence of the Lord of Dharma.
Then Wollheim changed everything when he brought out an unauthorized paperback edition of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings in three volumes — the first mass-market paperback edition of Tolkien's epic.
Lord Lytton, the viceroy, ordered a diplomatic mission to set out for Kabul in September 1878 but the mission was turned back as it approached the eastern entrance of the Khyber Pass, triggering the Second Anglo-Afghan War.
Elijah tells her that God will not allow her supply of flour or oil to run out, saying, " Don't be afraid .. this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ' The jar of flour will not be used up and the jug of oil will not run dry until the day the Lord gives rain on the land ," illustrating that the demand of the covenant is not given without the promise of the covenant.
Outside the city lie wastelands where " Outsiders ", Gallifreyans who have dropped out of Time Lord society, live in less technological tribal communities.
These suspicions are later borne out in " Utopia " ( 2007 ), when the Tenth Doctor discovers that the renegade Time Lord the Master has survived the Time War and has been living in human form in the year 100 trillion, at the end of the material universe, a point so far forward in time that no Time Lord has ever travelled there.

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