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Loriga and was
The son of Mario Berlinguer and Maria Loriga, Enrico Berlinguer was born in Sassari, Italy to a noble and important Sardinian family, in a notable cultural context, with family ties and political contacts that would heavily influence his life and career.
Loriga was founded originally along a column between ravines where today the historic centre exists.
Loriga was an ecclesiastical parish of the vicarage of the Royal Padroado and its Matriz Church was ordered constructed in 1233, by King Sancho II.
Loriga was an industrial centre for textile manufacturing during the 19th century.
231, that connects directly to the region of the Serra da Estrela by way of E. N. 338 ( which was completed in 2006 ), or through the E. N. 339, a 9. 2 kilometre access that transits some of the main elevations ( 960 metres near Portela do Arão or Portela de Loriga, and 1650 metres around the Lagoa Comprida ).
The main valley, Vale de Loriga was carved by longitudanal abrasion that also created rounded pockets, where the glacial resistance was minor.
Textiles are the principal local export ; Loriga was a hub the textile and wool industries during the mid-19th century, in addition to being subsistence agriculture responsible for the cultivation of corn.
There are definitely religious ideas here, and it is important to note that Loriga was raised Catholic.
The symptoms were first described by Professor Giovanni Loriga in Italy in 1911, although the link was not made between the symptoms and vibrating hand tools until a study undertaken by Alice Hamilton MD in 1918.

Loriga and municipal
The 1755 earthquake resulted in significant damage to the village of Loriga, destroying homes and the parcochial residence, in addition to opening-up cracks and faults in the village's larger buildings, such as the historic municipal council hall ( constructed in the 13th century ).
At the time of its municipal demise ( October 1855 ), the municipality of Loriga included the parishes of Alvoco da Serra, Cabeça, Sazes da Beira, Teixeira, Valezim and Vide, as well as thirty other disincorporated villages.

Loriga and de
de: Loriga
de: Ray Loriga

Loriga and for
The main roadway in Loriga, Avenida Augusto Luís Mendes, is named for one of the villages most illustrious industrialists.

Loriga and over
A bridge over a ravine in Loriga, with the pastures of the valley landscape

Loriga and two
In 2005, estimates have the resident population at about 1367 inhabitants, in an area of 36. 25 km² that includes the two localities / villages of Loriga and Fontão.

Loriga and during
The residents of Loriga supported the Asolutionist forces of the Infante Miguel of Portugal against the Liberals, during the Portuguese Liberal Wars, which resulted in Loriga being abandoned politically after Miguel's explusion by his brother King Peter.
The central village, Loriga, is seven kilometres from Torre ( the highest point ), but the parish is sculpted by cliffs, alluvial plains and glacial lakes deposited during millennia of glacial erosion, and surrounded by rare ancient forest that surrounded the lateral flanks of these glaciers.

Loriga and ),
Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sanchez Loriga were married by a parish priest in A Coruña ( Galicia ), with Elisa using the male identity " Mario Sánchez ".

Loriga and by
* December 12 – The Cierva C. 6 autogyro makes the first cross-country flight by a rotary-wing aircraft, piloted by Captain Joaquín Loriga Taboada the 10. 5 km ( 7 statute miles ) from Cuatro Vientos airfield to Getafe, Spain, in eight minutes.
Tokio ya no nos quiere () is a novel published in 1999 by Spanish author Ray Loriga.
She shares with José Ángel Mañas, Ray Loriga and Lucía Etxebarria a crisp style visibly influenced by commercial culture — advertising, pop music, film and television.
* Loriga, Serra da Estrela in central Portugal, originally named Lorica by the Romans

Loriga and ).
Jorge Loriga Torrenova also known as Ray Loriga, is a Spanish author, screenwriter, and director ( born Madrid, 1967 ).

was and municipal
To determine the practice and attitude of municipal governments concerning tangible movable property, a questionnaire was sent to all local government assessors or boards of assessors in Rhode Island.
The change was not quite so dramatic as it sounds because in fact common norms continued to be invoked by municipal courts and were only gradually changed by legislation, and then largely in marginal situations.
The large municipal hall was ablaze with color, which shown out from the bright array of chic ballgowns worn by those participating in the `` maskers' dances ''.
He was taken to University Hospital in a municipal ambulance.
It is unlikely that the term " democracy " was coined by its detractors who rejected the possibility of a valid " demarchy ", as the word " demarchy " already existed and had the meaning of mayor or municipal.
In Quebec City, municipal officials built a 3 metre ( 10 ft ) high wall around the portion of the city where the Summit of the Americas was being held, which only residents, delegates to the summit, and certain accredited journalists were allowed to pass through.
The municipality Abdera was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 3 former municipalities, that became municipal units:
Much of this demolition was initiated by municipal architecture programs to build new residential or business quarters and main roads.
Until 1974, this was a status that denoted towns with a certain type of local government ( a municipal corporation ).
However, no borough was actually created under law until 2005 – 2006, when Neve Monosson and Maccabim-Re ' ut, both communal settlements ( Heb: yishuv kehilati ) founded in 1953 and 1984, respectively, were declared to be autonomous municipal boroughs ( Heb: vaad rova ironi ), within their mergers with the towns of Yehud and Modi ' in.
The total Swiss population change in 2008 ( from all sources, including moves across municipal borders ) was an increase of 278 and the non-Swiss population increased by 1138 people.
The direct result of the battle of Schwetz / Świecino was that the city of Danzig and Pomerania were freed from Teutonic Order danger so that the royal and municipal armed forces could be used elsewhere in the war, mainly to protect the Vistula waterway and to capture the Teutonic held strongholds.
In 1969, Ormsby County was officially dissolved and Carson City took over all municipal services with an independent city status.
The municipality Delphi was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 8 former municipalities, that became municipal units:
It remained a municipal borough until 1974, when it was merged into the South Hams district, and became a successor parish of Dartmouth with a town council.
Stidham, who was later elected to a municipal judgeship, has written a detailed critique of what he asserts are major police errors and misconceptions during their investigation.
Hayek was born in Vienna ( then the capital of Austria-Hungary ), and was the son of August von Hayek, a doctor in the municipal health service.
Losing Tammany's support was balanced, however, by gaining the support of Theodore Roosevelt and other reform-minded Republicans who helped Cleveland to pass several laws reforming municipal governments.
The total Swiss population change in 2008 ( from all sources, including moves across municipal borders ) was an increase of 135 and the non-Swiss population increased by 3181 people.
In 1933 a plan of development providing for a population of 250, 000 was worked out by a special commission appointed by a government committee, in collaboration with the municipal authorities.
Finally, there was a desire to see local administration performed by elected officials, as in the reformed municipal boroughs.
During these first few years Hellas was one of three or four area teams playing mainly at a municipal level while fighting against city rivals Bentegodi to become the city's premier football outfit.
Indeed, in the 5th century the portrait of the reigning emperor was still honoured this way in the courts of justice and municipal buildings of the empire and in 425 the Arian Philostorgius charged the orthodox in Constantinople with idolatry because they still honored the image of the emperor Constantine the Great, the founder of the city, in this way.
When he was two years old, his father was killed in a railway accident, and his name was changed to Karl Friedrich Benz in remembrance of his father .< ref > Karl Benz family gravestone Karl is the spelling of his first name on all of his official personal and municipal documents throughout his life, such as birth, school, honorary doctorate, the Baden State Metal certificate, and on his family grave marker as displayed to the right.

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