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Lovelace and was
In 1843, the description was translated into English and extensively annotated by Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace, who had become interested in the engine ten years earlier.
However, the possibility of actually constructing a conscious machine was probably first discussed by Ada Lovelace, in a set of notes written in 1842 about the Analytical Engine invented by Charles Babbage, a precursor ( never built ) to modern electronic computers.
In 2001 he was awarded a British Computer Society's Lovelace Medal, and in 2005 he was made a Fellow of the Computer History Museum and honored with the Norbert Wiener Award, which is given annually by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.
In 2000 he was awarded the Lovelace Medal from the British Computer Society.
British countess and mathematician Ada Lovelace is popularly credited as history's first programmer, as she was the first to express an algorithm intended for implementation on a computer, Charles Babbage's analytical engine, in October 1842, intended for the calculation of Bernoulli numbers.
Richard Lovelace ( 1618 – 1657 ) was an English poet in the seventeenth century.
Richard Lovelace was born in 1618.
He was the oldest son of Sir William Lovelace and Anne Barne Lovelace and had four brothers and three sisters.
His father was from an old distinguished military and legal family and the Lovelace family owned a considerable amount of property in Kent.
His father, Sir William Lovelace, knt., was a member of the Virginia Company and an incorporator in the second Virginia Company in 1609.
Richard's father was the son of Sir William Lovelace and Elizabeth Aucher who was the daughter of Mabel Wroths and Edward Aucher, Esq.
His brother, Francis Lovelace ( 1621 – 1675 ), was the second governor of the New York colony appointed by the Duke of York, later King James II of England.
In 1629, when Lovelace was eleven, he went to Sutton ’ s Foundation at Charterhouse School, then located in London.
On 5 May 1631, Lovelace was sworn in as a " Gentleman Wayter Extraordinary " to the King.
Richard Lovelace attended Oxford University and he was praised by one of his contemporaries, Anthony Wood.
Lovelace ’ s poetry was often influenced by his experiences with politics and association with important figures of his time.
When he was released in April 1649, the king had been executed and Lovelace ’ s cause seemed lost.
Richard Lovelace first started writing while he was a student at Oxford and wrote almost 200 poems from that time until his death.
In 1660, after Lovelace died, " Lucasta: Postume Poems " was published ; it contains ' A Mock-Song ,' which has a much darker tone than his previous works.
Others wanted Lovelace to be reformed and for him and Clarissa to marry, but Richardson would not allow a " reformed rake " to be her husband, and was unwilling to change the ending.
In Grandison, Richardson was unwilling to risk having a negative response to any " rakish " characteristics that Lovelace embodied and denigrated the immoral characters " to show those mischievous young admirers of Lovelace once and for all that the rake should be avoided ".

Lovelace and machine
She appears alongside Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper as a female " role-model " in " the battle of wits between man and machine " ( Chapter 36: Chamber of Horrors ).
During a nine-month period in 1842-1843, Ada Lovelace translated the memoir of Italian mathematician Luigi Menabrea about Charles Babbage's newest proposed machine, the Analytical Engine.

Lovelace and such
However, some did question the propriety of having Lovelace, the villain of the novel, act in such an immoral fashion.
Current trends in Transnational studies also reflect the growing importance of post-colonial literary figures such as Giannina Braschi, JM Coetzee, Maryse Condé, Earl Lovelace, VS Naipaul, Michael Ondaatje, Wole Soyinka.
In recent years, Armitage has also performed a great deal of voice work, such as reading poetry for various radio programmes and starring as Robert Lovelace in BBC Radio 4's production of Clarissa: A History of a Young Lady in April 2010.
The Vocal Descant Edition for Worship, Third Edition ( GIA Publications, 1994 ) offers 254 descants by such composers as Donald Busarow, John Ferguson, Richard Hillert, Robert Hobby, Hal Hopson, David Hurd, Austin Lovelace, Ronald Nelson, Sam Batt Owens, Robert Powell, Richard Proulx, William P. Rowan, Carl Schalk, Randall Sensmeier, Scott Withrow, and Michael Young.

Lovelace and Analytical
It features a pocket universe where Ada Lovelace and Babbage have built the Analytical Engine and use it to fight crime at Queen Victoria's request.
Ada Lovelace reported in her notes on the Analytical Engine: " Mr. Babbage believes he can, by his engine, form the product of two numbers, each containing twenty figures, in three minutes ".
Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron's daughter, translated and added notes to the " Sketch of the Analytical Engine " by Federico Luigi, Conte Menabrea.
This is largely because, according to Ada Lovelace, machines are incapable of independent learning. The Analytical Engine has no pretensions whatever to originate anything.

Lovelace and Engine
After several vignettes that elaborate on the alternate historical origins of the world of The Difference Engine, Ada Lovelace delivers her lecture on Gödel's Theorem, as its counterpart is known in our world.

Lovelace and could
Lovelace did everything he could to remain in the king ’ s favor despite his inability to participate in the war.
Unfortunately without these letters it seemed Cooper's rights were relegated to the Lovelace novelization that he had copyrighted ( He was able to make a deal for a Bantam Books paperback reprint and a Gold Key comic adaptation of the novel, but that was all he could do ).

Lovelace and think
This section was initially treated very strictly by trial judges, but this attitude was reversed after the 1976 trial of the book Inside Linda Lovelace, where the jury found the publishers not guilty despite the judge saying that " if this isn't obscene, members of the jury, you may think that nothing is obscene ".

Lovelace and way
The novel has attracted the attention of scholars, including Jay Clayton, who explores the book's attitude toward hacking, as well as its treatment of Babbage and Ada Lovelace ; Herbert Sussman, who demonstrates how the book rewrites Benjamin Disraeli's novel Sybil ; and Brian McHale, who relates it to the postmodern interest in finding a " new way of ' doing ' history in fiction.
Belford is amazed at the way Clarissa handles her approaching death and laments what Lovelace has done.

Lovelace and .
Robert Lovelace and Cedric Burgher Jr. seated guests.
* A similar setting is used by Sydney Padua in the webcomic The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage.
The comic is based on thorough research on the biographies and correspondence between Babbage and Lovelace, which is then twisted for humorous effect.
Ada Lovelace created the first algorithm designed for processing by a computer and is usually recognized as history's first computer programmer.
* Richard F. Lovelace, The American Pietism of Cotton Mather: Origins of American Evangelicalism, ( Grand Rapids, Mich .: American University Press, 1979 ), ISBN 0-8028-1750-5
* 1949 – Linda Lovelace, American pornographic actress ( d. 2002 )
Anne Barne Lovelace married as her second husband, on 20 January 1630, at Greenwich, England, the Very Rev.

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