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Low and had
Bad relations between England and Flanders brought hard times to the shepherds scattered over the dales and downs as well as to the crowded Flemish cities, and while the English, so far, had done no more than grumble, Othon had seen what the discontent might lead to, for before he left the Low Countries the citizens of Ghent had risen in protest against the expense of supporting Edward and his troops, and the regular soldiers had found it unexpectedly difficult to put down the nasty little riot that ensued.
Montgomery's training paid off when the Germans began their invasion of the Low Countries on 10 May 1940 and the 3rd Division advanced to the River Dijle and then withdrew to Dunkirk with great professionalism, entering the Dunkirk perimeter in a famous night-time march which placed his forces on the left flank which had been left exposed by the Belgian surrender.
Marlborough could not attack Dillingen because of a lack of siege guns – he was unable to bring any from the Low Countries, and Baden had failed to supply any despite assurances to the contrary.
Two paintings ( both dated 1565 ) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder depict Dutch peasants curling — Scotland and the Low Countries had strong trading and cultural links during this period, which is also evident in the history of golf.
The French Revolutionary Wars started in 1792 and ultimately featured spectacular French victories that facilitated the conquest of the Italian Peninsula, the Low Countries and most territories west of the Rhine – achievements that had eluded previous French governments for centuries.
Over four centuries of Roman rule had profound demographic effects, resulting eventually in the establishment of three primary Germanic peoples in the area: Frisians, Low Saxons and the Franks.
The Bourbons of France held a strong claim to Luxembourg, the Emperor of Austria on the other hand had controlled the duchy until the revolutionary forces had joined it to the French republic ( he reportedly was not enthusiastic about regaining Luxembourg and the Low Countries, being more interested in the Balkans ).
He had no amorous feelings toward Mary and sought the marriage for its political and strategic gains ; Philip's aide Ruy Gómez de Silva wrote to a correspondent in Brussels, " the marriage was concluded for no fleshly consideration, but in order to remedy the disorders of this kingdom and to preserve the Low Countries.
It was not until John, who had been disappointed in his hope for an easy victory after being driven from Roche-au-Moine and had retreated to his transports that the Imperial Army, with Otto at its head, assembled in the Low Countries.
Ethnic minorities declined since the beginning of the Modern Age, like the Polabs, Sorbs and even the once important Low Germans had to assimilate themselves.
Now that France had been expelled from Germany, the Low Countries and Italy, Spain became the centre of activity in the next few years.
Grandiose imperial desires to turn back the French expansion to the Rhine which had occurred since the middle decades of the seventeenth century were not realized, nor was the French border pushed back in the Low Countries.
* February 10 – Mary of Burgundy, the daughter of Charles the Bold, is forced by her disgruntled subjects to sign the Great Privilege, by which the Flemish cities recover all the local and communal rights which had been abolished by the arbitrary decrees of the dukes of Burgundy, in their efforts to create in the Low Countries a centralized state.
Maximilian's wife had inherited the vast Burgundian domains in France and the Low Countries upon her father's death in the Battle of Nancy on 5 January 1477.
A few towns in the Low Countries dated back to Roman times, but most had been founded from the 9th century onward.
After the Burgundian regime in the Low Countries ( 1363 – 1477 ), the Southern Netherlands ( whose area roughly encompassed that of present-day Belgium and Luxembourg ) as well as the northern provinces ( whose area roughly corresponded to that of the present-day Kingdom of the Netherlands ) had dynastic links with the Austrian Habsburgs and then with Spain and the Austrian Habsburgs together.
Alfred Edwards, editor of Le Matin, who had taken particular interest in the incident, took Ravel on a seven-week canal trip on his yacht Aimée through the Low Countries in June and July 1905, the first time Ravel traveled abroad.
He too was an experienced commander and like Richard, had accompanied Edward into exile in the Low Countries and had led a battle at Barnet.
Most of the Low Countries had come under the rule of the House of Burgundy and subsequently the House of Habsburg.

Low and driven
He sailed through as a soldier of fortune to the Low Countries in 1572, and was driven by stress of weather to Brielle, which luckily for him had just fallen into the hands of the Dutch.
Like Toyooka in Hyōgo Prefecture, Maizuru has a climate resembling the Hokuriku region rather than the rest of Kansai, though it is less wet than other Hokuriku towns during the late autumn and winter because its location on a deep inlet means the northerly winds driven by the Siberian High and Aleutian Low do not produce as much rain and / or snow.
Unlike Osaka or Kobe which rarely see significant snowfall during the winter, Toyooka, exposed to the northerly winter winds driven by the Siberian High and Aleutian Low, receives of snowfall per year, though melt rates are high even during the winter and the maximum cover on the ground is typically only and has never exceeded.
" Clinical psychologist Marilyn Sorenson, in her book Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem, maintains that people with low self-esteem often find themselves driven to overachieve to build self-worth.
All Valve 100w EL34 based head, released in January 2012, made in China, two channel ( Clean / Dirty ), two way equalizer ( High / Low ) and volume control in the clean channel, volume, shape and gain control in the dirty channel, tube driven effects loop, power switching 1.
Architecture is rendered with great care and detail, and the settings of parterres and radiating avenues driven through woods or planted across fields, garden paths gates and toolsheds are illustrated with meticulous detail, and amusingly staffed with figures and horses, coaches pulling into forecourts, water-craft on rivers, filled with the delight native to the Low Countries ' traditions.
Almost completely electronic, the album incorporates driving synth-rock (" Kiss + Swallow ", " Your Joy Is My Low "), lush, atmospheric, melody driven ballads (" Mercy ", " I Like Pretending ", " Simple Girl ") and groove-based, erotic electro (" Sailor ", " Naked But Safe ", " You Stick It In Me ").

Low and wholesale
The Dennis Dart SLF ( Super Low Floor ) marked the wholesale introduction of single-deck low floor buses in the United Kingdom in 1995, after many small scale demonstrator usages.
Although the intrinsic value of the metal has unfortunately contributed to the wholesale spoliation of these interesting monuments, they are still found in remarkable profusion in England, and they were at one time equally common in France, Germany and the Low Countries.

Low and market
Low ( as opposed to zero or negative ) inflation reduces the severity of economic recessions by enabling the labor market to adjust more quickly in a downturn, and reduces the risk that a liquidity trap prevents monetary policy from stabilizing the economy.
The free trade spirit of the time received a strong augmentation through the development of a modern, effective stock market in the Low Countries.
* Lesger, Clé, The rise of the Amsterdam market and information exchange: merchants, commercial expansion and change in the spatial economy of the Low Countries, c. 1550-1630, Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2006, ISBN 0-7546-5220-3, ISBN 978-0-7546-5220-5
The Bourse opened in 1309 ( most likely the first stock exchange in the world ) and developed into the most sophisticated money market of the Low Countries in the 14th century.
In 1544 he married Anne Fernley, the widow of William Read, a London merchant, but he still continued to reside principally in the Low Countries, having his headquarters at Antwerp in present-day Belgium, where he played the market skillfully.
Low prices are charged to maximize revenue through gain in market share by undercutting competitors.
A 1991 built Morrisons ( originally Safeway ) exists on the eastern edge of the town centre and the original Safeway on Kirk Road ( previously a William Low supermarket ), about from the new store, was a small market style mall and hosted various stalls and a café, however this mall closed on March 2009 and has been converted back to its supermarket form into B & M Bargains discount store.
The original BA-1 launch vehicle design was intended to service the LEO ( Low Earth Orbit ) satellite constellation launch market, but was replaced by the much larger BA-2 design when it was decided to concentrate on the more stable Geostationary satellite launch market as the LEO constellations became financially unsound.
The original centre lay in Low Bentham, but a market was granted to High Bentham in the 14th century, and it became a centre for weaving from the 18th century, particularly after weavers in the town discovered how to weave hosepipes from flax.
John Apthorp explains that he could not see the idea going ahead as Wm Low were losing market share and the store portfolio did not lend itself well to the possibility of conversions to freezer centre formats.
Wm Low was one of the market leaders in Scotland in terms of market share, which was 7. 4 % in 1981, rising to 10. 4 % in 1984 and then 12. 7 % in 1986.
The Scottish market leader at the time, The Argyll Group-Safeway-announced in July 1994 that it would not be making a bid for Wm Low.
The purchase of Wm Low doubled Tesco's Scottish market share from 7. 6 % to 15. 3 % in 1995.
Wm Low Dundee Lochee Site remains on the market since the store was closed and business relocated to Dundee South Road.
The Waring rises in the parish of Belchford and runs through Belchford village, passing between the villages of Fulletby, West Ashby and Low Toynton before arriving at Horncastle, where it divides Horncastle market place from the part of the town known as Cagthorpe.
It introduced Dry Low Emission ( DLE ) combustion technology in the mid 1990s becoming market leaders.
Low prices and wide options are important because in the highly competitive Brazilian food market one can find, in addition to traditional restaurants and fast food chains, snack bars serving meaty eats, churrascarias, street vendors selling snacks or hot-dogs, and, most of all, the ubiquitous self-service restaurants where one serves oneself freely from dozens of options and pays after the weight of the plate ( the latter type is especially popular and low-priced, usually with clean and nutritious food ).
In 1997, Gillig entered the low-floor bus market with the Advantage ( originally called " H2000LF ", and is currently called the " Low Floor ").

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