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Low and income
Low per capita income has been proposed as a cause for grievance, prompting armed rebellion.
Low income people generally spend a similar amount on food, while high income people may spend a very large amount or as little as low income people spend.
Low taxes have drawn many foreign companies to Monaco and account for around 75 % of the $ 6. 581 billion annual GDP income in ( 2011 ).
* Low income countries had GNI per capita of US $ 1, 005 or less.
Low income families tend to fill the void left by whites, and the process starts over again when minority members of the community once again seek a better neighborhood to live in.
Low income housing of the St. James Town neighborhood in Toronto, Canada.
In addition, some critics have argued that ecological modernization does not redress gross injustices that are produced within the capitalist system, such as environmental racism-where people of color and low income earners bear a disproportionate burden of environmental harm such as pollution, and lack access to environmental benefits such as parks, and social justice issues such as eliminating unemployment ( Bullard, 1993 ; Gleeson and Low, 1999 ; Harvey, 1996 )-environmental racism is also referred to as issues of the asymmetric distribution of environmental resources and services ( Everett & Neu, 2000 ).
* Low income urban dwellers spend between 40 % and 60 % of their income on food each year.
* Waste sites — Low income and minority populations are more likely than other groups to live near landfills, incinerators, and hazardous waste treatment facilities.
Low LTV ratios ( below 80 %) carry with them lower rates for lower-risk borrowers and allow lenders to consider higher-risk borrowers, such as those with low credit scores, previous late payments in their mortgage history, high debt-to-income ratios, high loan amounts or cash-out requirements, insufficient reserves and / or no income documentation.
* Low and moderate income ( borrower-type in loan-underwriting )
" Low income " is defined as a family income of less than £ 15, 200 ( presumably in the 2004 / 5 tax year ).
Low income is a consequence of the social bias women face in trying to obtain formal employment, which in turn deepens the cycle of poverty.
Low income Latin American women, while culturally belonging to the same Western civilization, often do not have the opportunity to continue their studies up to higher education due to poverty and unemployment.

Low and tenants
Low land prices in other colonies made attracting tenants difficult, but an offer of six years free rent to dissatisfied residents of Lunenburg was a success.

Low and can
The percentage of Low Saxon and High German loanwords can be estimated at 22 – 25 percent, with Low Saxon making up about 15 percent.
Low quality of available factory ammunition even without scarcity of such ammunition can also lead to fabrication of handloaded ammunition.
This can be indicated by verbal statements at the beginning of a composition, for example, " Tune Low C to C flat ", or " If necessary, tune high G to G sharp ".
Low dose applications such as disinfestation of fruit range between US $ 0. 01 / lbs and US $ 0. 08 / lbs while higher dose applications can cost as much as US $ 0. 20 / lbs.
This can be further divided into categories depending on the details of the technique, for example, LPCVD ( Low Pressure chemical vapor deposition ) and PECVD ( Plasma Enhanced chemical vapor deposition ).
; Low throughput: Due to varying load from other users sharing the same network resources, the bit rate ( the maximum throughput ) that can be provided to a certain data stream may be too low for realtime multimedia services if all data streams get the same scheduling priority.
To launch a space vehicle with humans on board, a mass driver's track would need to be several hundreds of kilometers long if providing almost all the velocity to Low Earth Orbit, though lesser length can provide major launch assist.
Low frequency induction is an unwanted form of inductive coupling, which can occur when a metallic pipeline is installed parallel to a high-voltage power line.
Low frequencies are not easily localized in small rooms, hence many stereo and multichannel audio systems feature only one subwoofer channel and a single subwoofer can be placed off-center without affecting the perceived sound stage, since the sound produced is difficult to localize.
Low birthweight is a risk factor for CP — and premature infants usually have low birth weights, less than 2. 0 kg, but full-term infants can also have low birth weights.
The further history of the Low Countries can be seen as a continual struggle between these two powers.
Low visibility underwater and distortion of image due to refraction mean that perspective photographs can be difficult to obtain.
Low range can be selected with the centre differential locked or unlocked.
Changing geomagnetic conditions can induce changes in atmospheric density causing the rapid degradation of spacecraft altitude in Low Earth orbit.
Low shear wet granulation processes use very simple mixing equipment, and can take a considerable time to achieve a uniformly mixed state.
SSSI notification can cover any " land " within the area of the conservation body, including dry land, land covered by freshwater, and land covered by the sea at high tide — but not the sea below Mean Low Water.
These can still be seen, for example, in North Germany, where the Low Saxon house occurs.
Low tide can expose them, making them easy to collect.
While forests managed for wood production commonly yield between 1 and 3 cubic meters per hectare per year, plantations of fast-growing species commonly yield between 20 and 30 cubic meters or more per hectare annually ; a Grand Fir plantation at Craigvinean in Scotland has a growth rate of 34 cubic meters per hectare per year ( Aldhous & Low 1974 ), and Monterey Pine plantations in southern Australia can yield up to 40 cubic meters per hectare per year ( Everard & Fourt 1974 ).
Low solidity rotors are best used if they are intended to drive a electricity generator ; which in turn can drive the pump.
Low self-esteem can result from various factors, including a physical appearance or weight, socioeconomic status, or peer pressure or bullying.
The largest housing areas can be found in the areas occupying Riley, Low Town, Brickfields and Turnshaws.
Another is Scalable Low Voltage Signaling for 400 mV ( SLVS-400 ) specified in JEDEC JESD8-13 October 2001 where the power supply can be as low as 800 mV and common mode voltage is about 400 mV.
Low thrust engines can perform an approximation of a Hohmann transfer orbit, by creating a gradual enlargement of the initial circular orbit through carefully timed engine firings.

Low and be
It might be that Low has seen too many stupidities and that they do not outrage him now.
An alien, coming into a colony also became, temporarily a subject of the Crown, and acquired rights both within and beyond the colony, and these latter rights could not be affected by the laws of that colony ( Routledge v Low ( 1868 ) LR 3 HL 100 ; 37 LJ Ch 454 ; 18 LT 874 ; 16 WR 1081, HL ; Reid v Maxwell ( 1886 ) 2 TLR 790 ; Falcon v Famous Players Film Co 2 KB 474 ).
* Low molecular weight gases ( Hydrogen & helium ) may be difficult to remove from the analysis chamber, and may be adsorbed and emitted from the specimen, even though not present in the original specimen.
Again an Expeditionary Force was sent to France, only to be hastily evacuated as the German forces swept through the Low Countries and across France in 1940.
Low humidity, low fuel moisture, and high winds appear to be the primary factors in determining when, where, and how large a chaparral fire burns.
The term " Low Fantasy " is used to represent other types of fantasy, however, so while comic fantasies may also correctly be classified as low fantasy, many examples of low fantasy are not comic in nature.
Often logic " 0 " will be a lower voltage and referred to as " Low " while logic " 1 " is referred to as " High ".
During this time Very Low Frequency ( 3 – 30 kHz ) signals will be reflected by the D layer instead of the E layer, where the increased atmospheric density will usually increase the absorption of the wave and thus dampen it.
The Low Pay Commission found that, rather than make employees redundant, employers have reduced their rate of hiring, reduced staff hours, increased prices, and have found ways to cause current workers to be more productive ( especially service companies ).
This could be because these languages have been mutually affected by each other, as well as having a similar development influenced by Middle Low German.
Governor Frederick Low favored the establishment of a state university based upon the University of Michigan plan, and thus in one sense may be regarded as the founder of the University of California.
The 40 megajoules per kilogram or less kinetic energy of projectiles launched at up to 9000 m / s velocity ( if including extra for drag losses ) towards Low Earth Orbit is a few kilowatt-hours per kilogram if efficiencies are relatively high, which accordingly has been hypothesized to be under $ 1 of electrical energy cost per kilogram shipped to LEO, though total costs would be far more than electricity alone.
Low saturation will also be caused by adding a certain quantity of the third primary color ( green for light or yellow for pigment ).
Low or moderate inflation may be attributed to fluctuations in real demand for goods and services, or changes in available supplies such as during scarcities, as well as to growth in the money supply.
Low explosives must, therefore, be used in large quantities or confined in a container with a high burst pressure to be used as an effective bomb.

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