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Low and oxygen
Low partial pressure of atmospheric oxygen such as found at high altitude or by reduced replacement of oxygen in the breathing mix.
*** Low partial pressure of oxygen in the lungs when switching from inhaled anesthesia to atmospheric air, due to the Fink effect, or diffusion hypoxia.
Low oxygen levels lead to hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction, the tightening of small blood vessels in the lung to create an optimal distribution of blood through the lung.
# Low oxygen alarm-Almost all circuits have a backup alarm in case the oxygen delivery to the patient becomes compromised.
Low oxygen levels recorded along the Gulf Coast of North America have led to reproductive problems in fish involving decreased size of reproductive organs, low egg counts and lack of spawning.
Low pH in the blood sends a signal to the brain that it needs oxygen before it actually needs oxygen.
Low oxygen conditions are at their worst in the late summer, after several months of limited flushing and maximum plankton production near the surface.
Low valent volatile sulfur compounds are also found in areas where oxygen levels in the air are low, posing a risk of suffocation.
Low Dissolved oxygen are directly related to the amount of phosphorus Lake Whatcom receives.

Low and saturation
Low saturation will also be caused by adding a certain quantity of the third primary color ( green for light or yellow for pigment ).

Low and disturbed
An Infanta of Castile, Archduchess of Austria and Princess of Burgundy, Catherine was the posthumous daughter of Philip of Hapsburg by Joanna of Castile She was born in Torquemada and remained with her disturbed mother until the arrival in Spain from Flanders of her eldest siblings, Eleanor of Austria and the future Emperor Charles V. All of her five older siblings except Ferdinand ( the future Emperor Ferdinand I, were born in the Low Countries and had been put into the care of their aunt Margaret of Austria, but Joanna kept hold of her young daughter Catherine.

Low and blood
* Low blood pressure
* Hypotension – Low blood pressure or a sudden drop in blood pressure.
* Low – A term referring to the state of having low blood sugar.
Low blood glucose ( below 60 mg / dl ) also stimulates secretion of growth hormone, and growth hormone, it is presumed, helps to strengthen the immune system.
Low insulin levels and / or insulin resistance prevent the body from converting glucose into glycogen ( a starch-like source of energy stored mostly in the liver ), which in turn makes it difficult or impossible to remove excess glucose from the blood.
Low blood pressure ( hypotension ) is the rule and rapidly leads to septic shock.
Low blood pressure or syncope may ensue.
Low neutrophil counts are detected on a full blood count.
* Low blood sugar ( hypoglycemia ) due to the placenta's draining energy from the mother, though studies have not confirmed this.
** Low blood pressure
Low renal blood flow activates the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system ( RAAS ), causing fluid retention and mild hypertension.
* Low blood sugar level
* Low blood pressure that falls further when standing ( orthostatic hypotension )
* Low blood pressure
* Low blood pressure
Low blood pressure is sometimes associated with certain symptoms, many of which are related to causes rather than effects of hypotension:
Low blood pressure can be caused by low blood volume, hormonal changes, widening of blood vessels, medicine side effects, anemia, heart problems or endocrine problems.
The manipulated variable was the game's blood setting: Maximum, Medium, Low, or Off.
The Maximum and Medium blood levels were found to increase hostility and arousal more than Low or Off.

Low and gas
Low energy particles have a greater interaction with the fill gas, but have a lower dose effect than those with high energy, and therefore a correction must be applied to give a true relation to radiation energy.
Low pollution is a crucial advantage of combined cycle plants that burn natural gas.
* Low pressure safety valve ( LPSV ): an automatic system that relieves static pressure on a gas.
* Low and vacuum pressure safety valve ( LVPSV ): an automatic system that relieves static pressure on a gas.
* Low Temperature Difference engine, a heat engine that operates by cyclic compression and expansion of air or other gas, see Stirling engine
In line with the President's global advocacy, Guyana ’ s Low Carbon Development Strategy sets out a national scale, replicable model to protect Guyana ’ s 18 million hectare forest, to address the 17 % of global greenhouse gas emissions that result from deforestation and forest degradation, and re-orient the Guyanese economy onto a long-term “ low deforestation, low carbon, climate resilient trajectory ”.
Low temperature gas sterilizers function by exposing the articles to be sterilized to high concentrations ( typically 5-10 % v / v ) of very reactive gases ( alkylating agents such as ethylene oxide, and oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide and ozone ).
Low levels of H I gas prevents using the Tully-Fisher relation to estimate the distance to Messier 90.
* Low and vacuum pressure safety valve ( LVPSV ): An automatic system that relieves by the static pressure of a gas.
Low cost generation capacity ( baseload ) such as nuclear can take many hours to start, meaning a surplus in times of low demand, whereas high cost but flexible generating capacity ( such as gas turbines ) must be kept available to respond at a moment's notice ( spinning reserve ) to peak demand, perhaps being used for a few minutes per day, which is very expensive.
Once the District Low Pressure Switch falls, and the booster fans come on, the gas in these holders can be at homes, being used, in a very short space of time.
Low current can also be used ; welding two razor blades together at 5 amps with gas tungsten arc welding is a good example.
On 6 June 1993 the IRA attacked a gas holder in the nearby area of Low Team.
Low pressure valves provide quieter operation and increased gas efficiency when tuned properly.

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