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Low and patient
# Low oxygen alarm-Almost all circuits have a backup alarm in case the oxygen delivery to the patient becomes compromised.
McCulloch drew controversy with his Cancer Boy character, introduced on the series ' final episode, in which he plays a dying young cancer patient using wheelchair who relates otherwise depressing news in a monosyllabic tone and with a cheerful smile, and even releases a hit single entitled " Whistle When You're Low.

Low and expectations
He then confounded the expectations of both his record label and his American audiences by recording the minimalist album Low ( 1977 )— the first of three collaborations with Brian Eno over the next two years.
Ireland is overrun by the British, while the Anglo-French thrust through the Low Countries succeeds beyond all expectations.

Low and regarding
Gomez and other members of the Workers ' Party, including Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim, were questioned regarding the issue.

Low and psychological
Low CD4 T-cell counts are associated with a variety of conditions, including many viral infections, bacterial infections, parasitic infections, sepsis, tuberculosis, coccidioidomycosis, burns, trauma, intravenous injections of foreign proteins, malnutrition, over-exercising, pregnancy, normal daily variation, psychological stress, and social isolation.

Low and treatment
Several contemporaries blamed Low for the shabby treatment Saturn V creator Wernher von Braun received in the early 1970s while at NASA Headquarters.
Low carbon steel contains approximately 0. 05 – 0. 15 % carbon and mild steel contains 0. 16 – 0. 29 % carbon ; making it malleable and ductile, but it cannot be hardened by heat treatment.
* Waste sites — Low income and minority populations are more likely than other groups to live near landfills, incinerators, and hazardous waste treatment facilities.
Low dosages of benzodiazepines, tricyclic antidepressants or anticonvulsants may prove to be an effective treatment.
Low levels of CD25, a part of the receptor for a key immunoregulating hormone, may explain why HCL-V cases are generally much more resistant to treatment by immune system hormones.
In April 2005, after experiencing months of fatigue, mood changes, and poor play, Micheel began treatment for low testosterone (" Low T ", or hypogonadism ).
He was also the author of a Handbuch der deutschen Literaturgeschichte ( 1847 ), which includes the treatment of the Anglo-Saxon, the Old Scandinavian, and the Low German branches ; and he popularized a great deal of literary information in his Herbstabende und Winternächte: Gespräche über Dichtungen und Dichter ( 1865 – 1867 ).

Low and may
* Low molecular weight gases ( Hydrogen & helium ) may be difficult to remove from the analysis chamber, and may be adsorbed and emitted from the specimen, even though not present in the original specimen.
The term " Low Fantasy " is used to represent other types of fantasy, however, so while comic fantasies may also correctly be classified as low fantasy, many examples of low fantasy are not comic in nature.
Low income people generally spend a similar amount on food, while high income people may spend a very large amount or as little as low income people spend.
Low percentage gels are very weak and may break when you try to lift them.
Low sea levels may have also exacerbated temperature extremes.
: ' oxen's head ', with osse being a synonym for steer and bull in Middle Low German ), with an attached hide, and a crown above, may have originated from this period.
A player's " string " of polo ponies may number 2 or 3 in Low Goal matches ( with ponies being rested for at least a chukker before reuse ), 4 or more for Medium Goal matches ( at least one per chukker ), and even more for the highest levels of competition.
; Low throughput: Due to varying load from other users sharing the same network resources, the bit rate ( the maximum throughput ) that can be provided to a certain data stream may be too low for realtime multimedia services if all data streams get the same scheduling priority.
Governor Frederick Low favored the establishment of a state university based upon the University of Michigan plan, and thus in one sense may be regarded as the founder of the University of California.
Low or moderate inflation may be attributed to fluctuations in real demand for goods and services, or changes in available supplies such as during scarcities, as well as to growth in the money supply.
This may have merged later with the belief that butterflies ate milk and butter ( compare Middle High German molkendiep-literally “ milk-thief ”; Modern German Molkendieb and Low German Botterlicker-literally “ butter-licker ”), or that they excreted a butter-like substance ( compare Middle Dutch boterschijte-literally “ butter-shitter ”, also Middle Dutch botervliege, Dutch botervlieg, German butterfliege ).
Low temperatures may have been exaggerated during the early stages of continental rifting.
Low investment has been a long term problem in Fiji and property rights are sometimes thought to be part of this problem because, by law, five sixths of the land is owned communally by indigenous Fijians and may only be leased, not purchased outright.
Low levels of myo-inositol may be involved in diabetic neuropathy.
Low densities may cause an extinction vortex and lead to further reduced fertility.
Low densities may be associated with specialized mate location adaptations such as specialized pollinators, as found in the orchid family ( Orchidaceae ).
This sense may have derived from the 16th-century tip meaning " to strike or hit smartly but lightly " ( which may have derived from the Low German tippen, " to tap "), but this derivation is " very uncertain ".< ref name =" oed2 ">" tip, v .< sup > 4 </ sup >" Oxford English Dictionary.
Low levels of constituents such as PCBs, dioxin, and brominated flame retardants, may remain in treated sludge.
* LFO-A Low Frequency Oscillator may or may not be voltage-controlled.
Low blood pressure or syncope may ensue.
# Rivers, canals and low land reservoirs: Low land surface waters will have a significant bacterial load and may also contain algae, suspended solids and a variety of dissolved constituents.

Low and explain
Low profit margins in themselves don't explain the deterioration of revenues.
* The Low Range Theory could be used to explain a specific aspect of a specific culture, such as the archaeology of Mesoamerican agriculture.
The second part of the name is a lot harder to explain in English, as it originates from Low German ( Bergisches Platt ).

Low and particularly
Barge and canal systems were nonetheless of great, perhaps even primary, economic importance until after World War I in Europe, particularly in the more developed nations of the Low Countries, France, Germany, Poland, and especially Great Britain which more or less made the system characteristically its own.
Enthusiasts within the British armed forces were inspired in the creation of airborne forces ( including the Parachute Regiment, Air Landing Regiments, and the Glider Pilot Regiment ) by the example of the German Luftwaffe's Fallschirmjäger, which had a major role in the invasions of Norway, and the Low Countries, particularly the attack on Fort Eben-Emael in Belgium, and a pivotal, but costly role in the invasion of Crete.
Low fidelity is often associated with cassette tape, although in reality many people simply do not notice the difference between this and CD quality, particularly with the advent of low-quality ( lower quality than cassette ) mp3 files.
The language ( or groups of dialects of Low German ) is spoken by over 300, 000 Mennonites ( Russian Mennonites ), most notably in the Latin American countries of Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Honduras, Belize, and Argentina, as well as in the United States and Canada ( particularly Manitoba and Saskatchewan ).
Low humidity in Al Ain, particularly during the summers, makes it a popular destination for many people at that time of year.
* Dietary factors ( Low levels of certain vitamins and minerals, particularly magnesium, manganese, and vitamin E ) and also Vitamin D
The German and Low Countries movement, the Brothers of the Cross, is particularly well documented-they wore white robes and marched across Germany in 33. 5 day campaigns ( each day referred to a year of Jesus's earthly life ) of penance, only stopping in any one place for no more than a day.
In 1815 an article was published in the Champion for 10 to 24 September entitled The Present Low State of the Arts in England and more particularly of Architecture.
Low cortisol levels are associated with parental, particularly maternal, PTSD.
However opponents point all the achievements where over 10 years, at time of Strong Global economic growth, Low oil prices and relative to other countries the achievements where average, particularly since a massive Balance of Payments crises began in 2008.
Brian Sykes commented on the " Flemish " explanation that the levels of blood group A in the Low Countries are not particularly high, but that it is not possible to decide from blood sampling whether the high levels in ' Little England ' were caused by rampaging Vikings or by a few cartloads of Belgians.
In 1781 he received a commission in the Hanoverian guards, and as a captain took part in the campaigns of 1793-1795 in the Low Countries, distinguishing himself particularly on the Lys in command of light infantry.
* Low relative humidity of inhaled air ( particularly during cold winter seasons )
Ars nova refers to a musical style which flourished in France and the Burgundian Low Countries in the Late Middle Ages: more particularly, in the period between the preparation of the Roman de Fauvel ( 1310 – 1314 ) and the death of the composer Guillaume de Machaut in 1377 ( whose poems were a large inspiration for Johannes Ciconia ).
*" Low status women ( e. g., orphans ) may have been particularly vulnerable to being raped because males need not have feared reprisals from the woman's family.
Low upper-level wind shear and well-defined outflow contributed to further intensification, and the depression strengthened into Tropical Storm Charley on August 10, despite being located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, which is an area not particularly suited to tropical cyclogenesis.
He overlooked, as all German politicians have overlooked for many years past, that this country is bound to react, not only against danger from any purely naval rival, but also against dominance of Europe by any aggressive military power, particularly if in a position to threaten the Low Countries and the Channel ports.
Low current wiring is particularly susceptible to ground loops.
The original centre lay in Low Bentham, but a market was granted to High Bentham in the 14th century, and it became a centre for weaving from the 18th century, particularly after weavers in the town discovered how to weave hosepipes from flax.
The stimulus for industry at Blaydon and Blaydon burn, as elsewhere in the region, was the growth in coal mining and the coal trade, particularly from the early 18th century, when the Hazard and Speculation pits were established at Low Shibdon linked to the Tyne by wagonways.
The fantasy writer and paleontologist Caitlín R. Kiernan has used Red Mountain, particularly the area west of U. S. Route 31 and the Red Mountain cut, as the setting for four of her novels – Silk ( 1998 ), Threshold ( 2001 ), Low Red Moon ( 2003 ), and, to a much lesser extent, Murder of Angels ( 2004 ).
As such, The Idiot has been claimed as heralding the unofficial beginning of Bowie's ' Berlin ' period, being compared particularly to Low and " Heroes " in its electronic effects, treated instrument sounds, and introspective atmosphere.
Leonard was venerated in Scotland, the Low Countries, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, particularly in Bavaria, and also in Bohemia, Poland, and elsewhere.
Whyte, who owned 80 percent of the commercial property in the Pines, instituted the community ’ s central social activity schedule of “ Low Tea ” ( drinks — particularly the " Blue Whale " cocktail of Curaçao liqueur and vodka that turned patrons ' tongues blue — at the Blue Whale from 5 PM to 8 PM ) followed by “ High Tea ( drinks at the Pavilion from 8 to 10 PM ) followed by an evening of dancing at the Pavilion ( all of which were Whyte establishments ).

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