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Low and per
Low male-to-female ratios are usually the result of a war, but these figures were lower than the sex ratio of 88. 3 males per 100 females recorded for 1953, the last year of the Korean War.
A player's " string " of polo ponies may number 2 or 3 in Low Goal matches ( with ponies being rested for at least a chukker before reuse ), 4 or more for Medium Goal matches ( at least one per chukker ), and even more for the highest levels of competition.
The 40 megajoules per kilogram or less kinetic energy of projectiles launched at up to 9000 m / s velocity ( if including extra for drag losses ) towards Low Earth Orbit is a few kilowatt-hours per kilogram if efficiencies are relatively high, which accordingly has been hypothesized to be under $ 1 of electrical energy cost per kilogram shipped to LEO, though total costs would be far more than electricity alone.
Show Low averages about of rain per year.
* Low income countries had GNI per capita of US $ 1, 005 or less.
While forests managed for wood production commonly yield between 1 and 3 cubic meters per hectare per year, plantations of fast-growing species commonly yield between 20 and 30 cubic meters or more per hectare annually ; a Grand Fir plantation at Craigvinean in Scotland has a growth rate of 34 cubic meters per hectare per year ( Aldhous & Low 1974 ), and Monterey Pine plantations in southern Australia can yield up to 40 cubic meters per hectare per year ( Everard & Fourt 1974 ).
Low intensity pulsed ultrasound, applied twenty minutes per day, increases the rate of bone healing.
Low volume Class 2 manufacturers ( those with sales under $ 500, 000. 00 ) pay the $ 500. 00 per year SOT tax, while high sales volume Class 2 ’ s pay the full $ 1, 000. 00 SOT “ ticket ” price.
Unlike Osaka or Kobe which rarely see significant snowfall during the winter, Toyooka, exposed to the northerly winter winds driven by the Siberian High and Aleutian Low, receives of snowfall per year, though melt rates are high even during the winter and the maximum cover on the ground is typically only and has never exceeded.
In short, while it may have lagged slightly behind the Low Countries, and possibly Switzerland, in per capita wealth, the sheer size of the French economy made it the premier economic power of continental Europe.
:* Low cost to objective size ratio: From a cost perspective, a user typically gets more objective diameter per unit of cost with the Dobsonian design.
Low flow shower heads, less than or equal 7. 6 liters per minute ( 2. 0 gallon per minute ), can use water more efficiently by aerating the water stream, altering nozzles through advanced flow principles or by high speed oscillation of the spray stream.
Within the official terminology defined in the charter, this status would not be available to a dialect of an official language ( as per article 1 ( a )), and hence not to Low German in Germany if it were considered a dialect of German.
According to The Publican, " Low price RYO has seen an astonishing rise of 175 per cent in as cigarette smokers look for cheaper alternatives and to control the size of their smoke ".
The amount of bandwidth available on these systems is substantially higher than that of the Low Earth Orbit ( LEO ) systems ; all three active systems provide portable satellite Internet using laptop-sized terminals with speeds ranging from 60 to 512 kbit per second ( kbps ).

Low and income
Low income people generally spend a similar amount on food, while high income people may spend a very large amount or as little as low income people spend.
Low taxes have drawn many foreign companies to Monaco and account for around 75 % of the $ 6. 581 billion annual GDP income in ( 2011 ).
Low income families tend to fill the void left by whites, and the process starts over again when minority members of the community once again seek a better neighborhood to live in.
Low income housing of the St. James Town neighborhood in Toronto, Canada.
In addition, some critics have argued that ecological modernization does not redress gross injustices that are produced within the capitalist system, such as environmental racism-where people of color and low income earners bear a disproportionate burden of environmental harm such as pollution, and lack access to environmental benefits such as parks, and social justice issues such as eliminating unemployment ( Bullard, 1993 ; Gleeson and Low, 1999 ; Harvey, 1996 )-environmental racism is also referred to as issues of the asymmetric distribution of environmental resources and services ( Everett & Neu, 2000 ).
* Low income urban dwellers spend between 40 % and 60 % of their income on food each year.
Low income tenants can be charged a maximum rent of 30 % of the maximum eligible income, which is 60 % of the area's median income adjusted for household size as determined by HUD.
* Waste sites — Low income and minority populations are more likely than other groups to live near landfills, incinerators, and hazardous waste treatment facilities.
Low LTV ratios ( below 80 %) carry with them lower rates for lower-risk borrowers and allow lenders to consider higher-risk borrowers, such as those with low credit scores, previous late payments in their mortgage history, high debt-to-income ratios, high loan amounts or cash-out requirements, insufficient reserves and / or no income documentation.
* Low and moderate income ( borrower-type in loan-underwriting )
" Low income " is defined as a family income of less than £ 15, 200 ( presumably in the 2004 / 5 tax year ).
Low income is a consequence of the social bias women face in trying to obtain formal employment, which in turn deepens the cycle of poverty.
Low income Latin American women, while culturally belonging to the same Western civilization, often do not have the opportunity to continue their studies up to higher education due to poverty and unemployment.

Low and has
It might be that Low has seen too many stupidities and that they do not outrage him now.
Estonian has been influenced by Swedish, German ( initially Middle Low German, later also standard German ), and Russian, though it is not related to them genetically.
This is primarily because the Estonian language has borrowed nearly one third of its vocabulary from Germanic languages, mainly from Low Saxon ( Middle Low German ) during the period of German rule, and High German ( including standard German ).
The English term has cognates in the other Germanic languages: Old Saxon heƀan " sky, heaven ", Middle Low German heven " sky ", Old Icelandic himinn " sky, heaven ", Gothic himins ; and those with a variant final-l: Old Frisian himel, himul " sky, heaven ", Old Saxon / Old High German himil, Dutch hemel, and modern German Himmel.
Historically, the term “ priest ” has been more associated with the “ High Church ” or Anglo-Catholic wing, whereas the term “ minister ” has been more commonly used in “ Low Church ” or Evangelical circles.
Low German ( Nederdüütsch, Plattdüütsch ) is often identified with its Low Saxon dialect ( Nedersassisch, Low Saxon ) because it has a much stronger position than the other dialects.
The PLC has two digital inputs from float switches ( Low Level and High Level ).
Conversely, the southern part has tended to sink to compensate, causing flooding of the Low Countries and Denmark.
Low Level or Slant Top slot machines include a stool so the player has sitdown access.
The part of Arturo Ui has been played by a number of notable actors including Al Pacino, Darryl Low, Leonard Rossiter, Antony Sher, Nicol Williamson, Griff Rhys Jones and Peter Falk.
The ALARA ( As Low As Reasonably Achievable ) principle has been advocated for an ultrasound examination — that is, keeping the scanning time and power settings as low as possible but consistent with diagnostic imaging — and that by that principle non-medical uses, which by definition are not necessary, are actively discouraged.
During her career, Ono has collaborated with a diverse group of artists and musicians including John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann, Cornelius ( Keigo Oyamada, Naoki Shimizu and Yoko Araki ), Frank Zappa, Sean Lennon, Yuka Honda, Jim Keltner, Earl Slick, Peaches, John Cage, David Tudor, George Maciunas, Ornette Coleman, Charlotte Moorman, George Brecht, Jackson Mac Low, Jonas Mekas, Fred DeAsis, Yvonne Rainer, La Monte Young, Richard Maxfield, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Yo La Tengo, and Andy Warhol ( in 1987 Ono was one of the speakers at Warhol's funeral ).
Low has argued that within the context of general relativity, it is impossible to construct a warp drive in the absence of exotic matter.
Low grade institutional toilet paper is typically of the lowest grade of paper, has only one or two plies, is very coarse and sometimes contains small amounts of embedded unbleached / unpulped paper.
Quentin Skinner has argued that several critical modern innovations in contract theory are found in the writings from French Calvinists and Huguenots, whose work in turn was invoked by writers in the Low Countries who objected to their subjection to Spain and, later still, by Catholics in England.
Some people wish to evidence the historical links the region has with Belgium and the Netherlands prefer to call this region the French Low Countries, which also means French Netherlands in French ( French: Pays-Bas français ; Dutch: Franse Nederlanden or Franse Lage Landen ).
Low investment has been a long term problem in Fiji and property rights are sometimes thought to be part of this problem because, by law, five sixths of the land is owned communally by indigenous Fijians and may only be leased, not purchased outright.
In the Westphalian dialects of Low Saxon, in East Frisian Low Saxon and in the Saterland Frisian language, Saturday is called Satertag, also akin to Dutch Zaterdag, which has the same linguistic roots as the English word Saturday.

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