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Low and quality
Low chroma resolution of DV ( compared to higher-end digital video formats ) is a reason this format is sometimes avoided in chroma keying applications, though advances in chroma keying techniques and software made producing quality keys from DV material possible.
Low fidelity is often associated with cassette tape, although in reality many people simply do not notice the difference between this and CD quality, particularly with the advent of low-quality ( lower quality than cassette ) mp3 files.
Low quality housing and the poor water supply near the dockyard led to a lack of workers and caused construction delays, and the first dry-dock was not completed until 1708.
Low quality snorkelling masks may have a low-quality plastic or glass faceplate, and are not recommended for anything but rare, casual use.
Low Flow policy pertains to states and tribes water quality standards that identify procedures applied to determining critical low flow conditions.
Low quality of Canadian iron ore and the necessity to import ore and coal from the United States, as well as absentee owners more interested in annual dividends than building a viable industrial complex, held back Algoma during the 1920s.
Low velocity, low frequency and high amplitude Rayleigh waves are frequently present on a seismic record and can obscure signal, degrading overall data quality.
Low card can be called when the bid is taken, in this scenario the Rook becomes the 10. 5 of trump, fives are the best, and ones are the worst with quality of card descending as the number gets higher.
When LAUNCHcast plus was implemented in 2003, music was available for streaming for free at " Low " or " Medium " quality ; although in 2007, these were combined into " Standard ".
Low quality, short sample.
Low quality, short sample.
* Low quality plastics
Low sales are attributed not to the car ’ s overall quality or performance, but to lack of advertising and the debatable prestige of the Infiniti name.
Low quality mortgage-backed securities backed by subprime mortgages played a major role in the 2007 – 2012 global financial crisis.
" " Low " is not an indication of quality but of the relative level of " fantasy " contained within a particular work of fiction.
* Low quality black tea, marketed as higher quality tea
International traders in London, including those from France, Germany and the Low Countries, the Baltic, Hungary, the Mediterranean and the United States, founded the London Corn Trade Association in 1878 in order to standardize shipping documents for exporting nations and to clarify procedures and disputes relating to the quality of imported grain.
* Low quality screenshot ;
* Low quality screenshot ;
* Low quality screenshot ;
* Low quality screenshot ;
* Low quality screenshot ;

Low and available
Batteries are typically connected to the bus via a battery charge regulator, and the batteries are used to provide electrical power during periods when primary power is not available, for example when a Low Earth Orbit ( LEO ) spacecraft is eclipsed by the Earth.
Low or moderate inflation may be attributed to fluctuations in real demand for goods and services, or changes in available supplies such as during scarcities, as well as to growth in the money supply.
Currently, many fans of the Low End Theory Podcast are frustrated due to the lack of music available.
When the output regulated voltage must be higher than the available input voltage, no linear regulator will work, ( not even a Low dropout regulator ).
Ritz Crackers in Canada are available in varieties such as Original, Low Salt, Reduced Fat, 100 % Whole Grain, and Cheddar.
Ritz Crackers are available in Australia in a number of varieties including Original and Low Fat.
( Movie and DVD soundtracks can be mixed down to four or more tracks, as needed, the most common being five tracks, with an additional Low Frequency Effects track, hence the " 5. 1 " surround sound most commonly available on DVDs.
The more immediate culinary ancestor of scrapple was the Low German dish called panhas, which was adapted to make use of locally available ingredients, and it is still called " Pannhaas ," " panhoss ," or " pannhas " in parts of Pennsylvania.
Within the official terminology defined in the charter, this status would not be available to a dialect of an official language ( as per article 1 ( a )), and hence not to Low German in Germany if it were considered a dialect of German.
Translations are available in Cornish, Esperanto, French, German, Hawaiian, Irish, Italian, Jèrriais, Latin, Lingua Franca Nova, Low German, Manx, Mennonite Low German, Borain Picard, Scots, Swedish, Ulster Scots and Welsh and several others translations are being prepared.
Low power station licenses are available to noncommercial educational entities and public safety / travellers information entities, but not individuals or commercial operations.
Nix released a solo recording entitled Low Barometer ( Tompkins Square Records ) which will became available online in September 2006.
The amount of bandwidth available on these systems is substantially higher than that of the Low Earth Orbit ( LEO ) systems ; all three active systems provide portable satellite Internet using laptop-sized terminals with speeds ranging from 60 to 512 kbit per second ( kbps ).
Low speed packet data as well as circuit data modes are available, along with some form of encryption.
Low range gears slow down the vehicle and increase the torque available at the axles.
Class C ( or Low ) is best effort traffic, utilizing whatever bandwidth is available.
' Low alloy ' blades are still the only type available for the Junior hacksaw, which limits the usefulness of this otherwise popular saw.
Low cost generation capacity ( baseload ) such as nuclear can take many hours to start, meaning a surplus in times of low demand, whereas high cost but flexible generating capacity ( such as gas turbines ) must be kept available to respond at a moment's notice ( spinning reserve ) to peak demand, perhaps being used for a few minutes per day, which is very expensive.
Full-time 4WD with lockable inter-axle differential version were available, but without Low speed in transfer case.
They are available in several varieties, including 100 Calorie Bars, Low Fat Bars, No Sugar Added Bars, and Sugar Free Bars.
Fudgsicles are available in 100 Calorie Bars, Low Fat Bars, No Sugar Added Bars, and Sugar Free Bars.
Low cost HMD devices are available for use with 3D games and entertainment applications.

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