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Low and saturation
Low oxygen saturation and disturbed arterial blood gas readings support the proposed diagnosis by suggesting a pulmonary shunt.

Low and will
Often logic " 0 " will be a lower voltage and referred to as " Low " while logic " 1 " is referred to as " High ".
During this time Very Low Frequency ( 3 – 30 kHz ) signals will be reflected by the D layer instead of the E layer, where the increased atmospheric density will usually increase the absorption of the wave and thus dampen it.
Low vitamin B < sub > 6 </ sub > status will result in decreased activity of these enzymes.
Abraham Low, a critic of psychoanalysis, stressed the importance of will, the ability to control thoughts and impulses, as fundamental for achieving mental health.
Most inhabitants of Ommen speak Dutch, but many will also speak Low Saxon or Plat — an ancient language related to Low German and Old English which is indigenous to the north-east of the Netherlands.
Because the two groups were so similar it is often very hard to determine whether a text is Old Dutch or Old East Low Franconian, and so most linguists will generally use Old Dutch synonymously with Old Low Franconian and most of the time do not differentiate.
Low line numbers will allow for a heavy layer of ink to be printed, whereas high line numbers will permit finer detail in printing.
The collection will not be relaunched in the UK in September 2009 Due To Low Trial Sales.
# Rivers, canals and low land reservoirs: Low land surface waters will have a significant bacterial load and may also contain algae, suspended solids and a variety of dissolved constituents.
Low humidity conditions or watering the plants with a water source which contains high levels of dissolved salts will result in the leaves yellowing and rapidly dying from the tips back to the rhizome.
When the output regulated voltage must be higher than the available input voltage, no linear regulator will work, ( not even a Low dropout regulator ).
Depending on how a culture relies on the three points to communicate their meaning, will place them in either High or Low context cultures.
Low depth gauges will also cause the saw to vibrate excessively.
If instead of AND gate, the NAND gate is connected the output will be " Low " ( 0 ) only when all its inputs are " High ".
For the next-generation F-22 and F-35, the U. S. will use Low Probability of Intercept ( LPI ) capacity.
It will be released on 29 October 2012, and includes covers of songs by The White Stripes, Ron Sexsmith, Randy Newman, Joni Mitchell, Sufjan Stevens, Low, Scritti Politti, two original songs, and contributions from Green Gartside and Ben Watt.
If a socket outlet unit contains additional control circuits or surge protection circuits they will fall within the scope of the Low Voltage Directive 2006 / 95 / EC and must be CE marked.
Advocates of the promotion of Low German have expressed considerable hope that this political development will at once lend legitimacy to their claim that Low German is a separate language and help mitigate the functional limits of the language that may still be cited as objective criteria for a mere dialect ( such as the virtually complete absence from legal and administrative contexts, schools, the media, etc.
( The Scone of Stone in the novel is kept under close guard in a dwarf mine in Überwald, and will form a vital part of the forthcoming coronation ceremony of the dwarfs ' new Low King.

Low and also
An alien, coming into a colony also became, temporarily a subject of the Crown, and acquired rights both within and beyond the colony, and these latter rights could not be affected by the laws of that colony ( Routledge v Low ( 1868 ) LR 3 HL 100 ; 37 LJ Ch 454 ; 18 LT 874 ; 16 WR 1081, HL ; Reid v Maxwell ( 1886 ) 2 TLR 790 ; Falcon v Famous Players Film Co 2 KB 474 ).
Low serves are also used frequently, either forehand or backhand.
In addition to his novels, Campbell also wrote a column for X Ray Magazine in 2001, an issue of the popular comic series The Hire, comic book adaptations of his Man With The Screaming Brain and most recently he wrote the introduction to Josh Becker's The Complete Guide To Low Budget Feature Film Making.
Two paintings ( both dated 1565 ) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder depict Dutch peasants curling — Scotland and the Low Countries had strong trading and cultural links during this period, which is also evident in the history of golf.
The term " Low Fantasy " is used to represent other types of fantasy, however, so while comic fantasies may also correctly be classified as low fantasy, many examples of low fantasy are not comic in nature.
Estonian has been influenced by Swedish, German ( initially Middle Low German, later also standard German ), and Russian, though it is not related to them genetically.
Low German was spoken throughout northern Germany and, though linguistically as separate from High German ( Hochdeutsch ) as from Dutch and English, is considered " German ", hence also its name.
Guy Fawkes ( 13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606 ), also known as Guido Fawkes, the name he adopted while fighting for the Spanish in the Low Countries, was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.
Low quality of available factory ammunition even without scarcity of such ammunition can also lead to fabrication of handloaded ammunition.
West Low German, also known as Low Saxon (, ), is a group of dialects spoken in the northwest of Germany and adjacent territories of The Netherlands and Denmark.
While Dutch is classified as a Low Franconian language, the Dutch Low Saxon varieties, which are also defined as Dutch dialects, form a dialect continuum with the Westphalian language.
Low sea levels may have also exacerbated temperature extremes.
* Up and Down also known as High and Low, lithograph ( 1947 )
* The Octave of Easter or Divine Mercy Sunday, also known as Low Sunday or Quasimodo Sunday – the Sunday after Easter.
Low transport costs, coupled with economies of scale also increased firm size by two-to fourfold during the second half of the nineteenth century.
Low level " baseline " release also occurs without electrical stimulation.
The language is called “ Old Prussian ” to avoid confusion with the German dialects Low Prussian and High Prussian, and the adjective “ Prussian ”, which is also often used to relate to the later German state.
The Pomeranian language also influenced the Low German dialects, which were used in Pomerania.
Low prey density was also a problem, forcing the wolves to leave the park boundaries in pursuit of food in lower elevations.
Thus, the issue of the inheritance of the Spanish kingdoms — which included not only Spain, but also dominions in Italy, the Low Countries, the Philippines and the Americas — became contentious.
England and France, exhausted by the conflict, signed the Treaty of The Hague ( 1698 ), also known as the First Partition Treaty, in which they agreed to recognize Joseph Ferdinand as heir to the Spanish throne but divided the Spanish territories in Italy and the Low Countries between the French and Austrian dynasties.
Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man have their own Medium and Low Secure units but use the mainland faculties for High Secure, which smaller Channel Islands also transfer their patients to as Out of Area Referrals under the Mental Health Act 1983.

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