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Low and meant
Low non-military demand and government subsidies meant that the company specialized more and more in weapons: by the late 1880s the manufacture of armaments represented around 50 % of Krupp's total output.
Likewise, Bavarian repudiation of its French ties meant France was freed of its German involvement, and could now concentrate on its own military efforts in Italy and the Low Countries.
Finally, in 1850, in an article published in the Edinburgh Review in defence of the Gorham judgment he asserted two principles which he maintained to the end of his life — first, " that the so-called supremacy of the Crown in religious matters was in reality nothing else than the supremacy of law, and, secondly, that the Church of England, by the very condition of its being, was not High or Low, but Broad, and had always included and been meant to include, opposite and contradictory opinions on points even more important than those at present under discussion.
While the Low Countries formed part of the Spanish Crown from the 16th century, Philip's II's interest in earlier Flemish Primitive paintings meant that the monarch acquired various masterpieces by its most important artists, from Rogier van der Weyden to Bosch, as well as works by later artists such as Patinir.
* 2003 — Low profit meant ANT1 profits listed as ANTV on the New York Stock Exchange was no longer seen on ANT1 satellite.
" Private Mass " ( in Latin, Missa privata or secreta, familiaris, peculiaris ), which is now understood as Mass celebrated without a congregation, formerly meant Low Mass.
After the great division of the Low Countries into the Dutch Republic and the Spanish Netherlands formalised in the Peace of Westphalia ( 1648 ), " Dutch literature " almost exclusively meant " Republican literature ", as the Dutch language fell into disfavour with the southern rulers.
Low team-morale meant the next two T20 matches were won comfortably by England.
" Dip It Low " was also meant to show that she was not the same eighteen year old girl in the " AM to PM " video.
The object type " Low Complexity " is the default and also happens to be used in videos meant to be playable for portable players ( like Apple's iPod ) and used by video-hosting sites ( like Youtube ).
Low earnings, it is argued, meant that women had to resort to prostitution to be able to provide for themselves and their families, particularly in households where the main breadwinner was no longer around.

Low and Britain
Barge and canal systems were nonetheless of great, perhaps even primary, economic importance until after World War I in Europe, particularly in the more developed nations of the Low Countries, France, Germany, Poland, and especially Great Britain which more or less made the system characteristically its own.
But despite the progress, it continued to lag in the political and mercantile developments then transforming other parts of Europe, most notably in Great Britain, the Low Countries, and France.
Low roads connect Neolithic ceremonial sites throughout Britain.
When Charles's illegitimate son Monmouth assembled an invasion force at Amsterdam, and sailed for Britain, William informed James of Monmouth's departure, and ordered English regiments in the Low Countries to return to Britain.
On 16 July 1940, following Germany's swift and successful occupation of France and the Low Countries and growing impatient with Britain's outright rejection towards his recent peace overtures, Hitler issued Führer Directive No. 16, setting in motion preparations for a landing in Britain.
Low roads connect Neolithic ceremonial sites throughout Britain.
* The prosperity of Roman Britain declines during this period as the Germanic tribes of the Franks and Saxons, whose homelands are in Friesland and the Low Countries, make raids around the southeast coast.
Low roads connect Neolithic ceremonial sites throughout Britain.
( of 2 ) The Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain Sampson, Low, Marston and Company
The Flemish presence, reputed to result from floods in the Low Countries, was more likely to have consisted initially of Flemish mercenaries originally in the invading army of William the Conqueror, who in reward for their part in William's victory were granted lands in parts of Northern Britain, and in Wales in the Gower, and Geraldus Cambrensis recorded their presence in the Hundred of Roose in Pembrokeshire.
In part, the risible results of the Allied campaign in the Low Countries had led to the fall of the Carteret government in Britain, leading to a new administration led by Henry Pelham and his brother, the Duke of Newcastle.
In the Battle of Fleurus on 26 June 1794, the army of the First French Republic under General Jean-Baptiste Jourdan faced the Coalition Army ( Great Britain, Hanover, Dutch Republic, and Habsburg Monarchy ) commanded by Prince Josias of Coburg in the most decisive battle of the Flanders Campaign in the Low Countries during the French Revolutionary Wars.
* Maxwell, ( Sir ) Herbert: The life of Wellington: The restoration of the martial power of Great Britain, Volumen 1, S. Low, Marston, 1900
After the war, Low is said to have found his name in the The Black Book, the list of those the Nazis planned to arrest in the aftermath of an invasion of Great Britain.
As a migrant it leaves its breeding areas and winters on sheltered coasts or inland lakes of the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, northern Germany and the Low Countries, with small number reaching Great Britain ( for example, at Dungeness ), mostly at regular sites.
It is possible that during his time at Breda, he played a role in the 1747 Dutch Revolution which brought The Prince of Orange wider powers, something supported by Britain as they hoped the Prince would improve the Dutch Republic's military performance in the ongoing war in the Low Countries.
Its remains have been found in what is now Portugal, Spain, France ( excluding the central massif ), Great Britain and Ireland, the Low Countries, and Germany between the Elbe and Rhine, with an extension along the upper Danube into the Vienna basin ( Austria ), Hungary and Czech Republic, with Mediterranean outposts on Sardinia and Sicily ; there is less certain evidence for direct penetration in the east.
Britain would give back Louisbourg to France in exchange for the return of Madras and a full French withdrawal from the Low Countries.
Although it also breeds from Britain east through the Low Countries to Poland, Germany and Denmark, there are fewer than 2, 000 pairs in these more southerly areas.
The Second Industrial Revolution saw rapid industrial development in Western Europe ( Britain, Germany, France, the Low Countries ) as well as the United States and Japan.
During the winter of 1938 – 1939, Goerdeler sent reports to the British stating that Hitler was pressuring Italy into attacking France, was planning to launch a surprise air offensive against Britain, intended to achieve a " knock-out blow " by razing British cities to the ground sometime in the second half of February 1939, and was considering an invasion of Switzerland and the Low Countries as a prelude to attacking France and Britain.
The regiment was soon back in the Low Countries though, and in 1747 took part in the Battle of Lauffeld which ended in a defeat for Britain and her Allies who had been outnumbered by the French.

Low and was
But there was terror in the thirties when the Nazis were on the loose and in those days Low struck like lightning.
that was a nightmarish situation and Low was in his element.
Until he was four years old, van Vogt and his family spoke only a dialect of Low German in the home.
Low inflation was maintained around 2. 6 % annually.
Another famous abjuration was brought about by the Plakkaat van Verlatinghe of July 26, 1581, the formal Declaration of Independence of the Low Countries from the Spanish king, Philip II.
In the remainder of the war in the Low Countries he held high commands, and was present at the Battle of Fleurus.
Conversely the use of true brass seems to have declined in Western Europe during this period in favour of gunmetals and other mixed alloys but by the end of the first Millennium AD brass artefacts are found in Scandinavian graves in Scotland, brass was being used in the manufacture of coins in Northumbria and there is archaeological and historical evidence for the production of brass in Germany and The Low Countries areas rich in calamine ore which would remain important centres of brass making throughout the medieval period, especially Dinant – brass objects are still collectively known as dinanterie in French.
Marlborough could not attack Dillingen because of a lack of siege guns – he was unable to bring any from the Low Countries, and Baden had failed to supply any despite assurances to the contrary.
Again an Expeditionary Force was sent to France, only to be hastily evacuated as the German forces swept through the Low Countries and across France in 1940.
A cultivar ' Walker's Low ' was named perennial of the year for 2007 by the Perennial Plant Association.
Eventually titled Temple of Low Men, their second album was released in July 1988 with strong promotion by Capitol Records.
Largely self-taught, he was greatly influenced by the realism and subject matter of the 17th-century Low Country masters.
Through marriage, the County of Flanders was joined with most of the rest of the Low Countries around 1400 AD, and it lost its independence.
In the Early modern period, the term Flanders was associated with the southern part of the Low Countries: the Southern Netherlands.
Low German was spoken throughout northern Germany and, though linguistically as separate from High German ( Hochdeutsch ) as from Dutch and English, is considered " German ", hence also its name.
Guy Fawkes ( 13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606 ), also known as Guido Fawkes, the name he adopted while fighting for the Spanish in the Low Countries, was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.
This was the first book of Masses by a native composer: in the Italian states of his day, most composers of sacred music were from the Low Countries, France, Portugal, or Spain.
His ministry expanded and he undertook tours of North America and the Low Countries, between which he was imprisoned for over a year.
Hanover was thus a gateway to the Rhine, Ruhr and Saar river valleys, their industrial areas which grew up to the southwest and the plains regions to the east and north, for overland traffic skirting the Harz between the Low Countries and Saxony or Thuringia.
In the Low Countries, an ottavino was commonly paired with an 8 ' virginals, encased in a small cubby under the soundboard of the larger instrument.
Low Arab Sunni turnout threatened the legitimacy of the election, which was as low as 2 % in Anbar province.
IJscolf, a game resembling Colf with the added element of an ice-covered surface, was popular in the Low Countries between the Middle Ages and the Dutch Golden Age.

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