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Low and temperatures
* In November 2000, nuclear spin temperatures below 100 pK were reported for an experiment at the Helsinki University of Technology's Low Temperature Lab.
Low sea-levels meant that Britain was still attached to the continent for much of this earliest period of history, and varying temperatures over tens of thousands of years meant that it was not always inhabited at all.
Low temperatures and humidity make for what those living in this part of the country call, optimistically, an " invigorating climate ".
Show Low has reached below-freezing temperatures every month at least once in its history except July and August, where temperatures have only reached 38 ° F ( 3 ° C ) and 37 ° F ( 3 ° C ) respectively.
Low temperatures range between in January to in May and June.
Low temperatures, high winds, and deep snow caused Hartford City to look like a ghost town, as schools and businesses closed.
Low temperatures of 32 ° F ( 0 ° C ) or lower occur on an average of 217. 5 days annually.
Low river flows in the Klamath and Trinity rivers and high temperatures led to a mass die-off of at least 33, 000 salmon in 2002.
Low temperatures and high pulling speeds correspond to higher breaking forces.
The Society for Low Temperature Biology was founded in 1964 and became a Registered Charity in 2003 with the purpose of promoting research into the effects of low temperatures on all types of organisms and their constituent cells, tissues and organs.
* Low temperatures, even snow during the summer ( snow reportedly fell in August in China, which postponed the harvest there )
Low temperatures can cause the liquid metal to freeze, which inhibits its ability to move or shapeshift.
The product describes the expected sky condition ( along with the chance of precipitation and precipitation type if liquid and / or frozen precipitation is forecast ), the temperature range for the county zone ( typically written out as for example: " Lows in the lower 50s ", though sometimes if temperatures in the county zone are forecast to be around a specific temperature it may be written as " Low around 55 ") and the forecast winds ; the wind forecast only appears within the first 72 hours of the seven-day period in the product.
Low temperatures range between 18 ° C ( 64 ° F ) in January to 23 ° C ( 73 ° F ) in May and June.
Low workability at low temperatures, preforms prepared by rapid solidification.
Low precipitation and a high rate of evaporation in summer months due to high summer temperatures are among the factors making much of this province one of the driest regions in Iran.
Low temperatures during winter nights can be exceedingly cold, with many night temperatures dropping below zero in the winter.
Low water temperatures make it necessary for divers to wear diving suits and can cause problems such as freezing of diving regulators.
Low temperatures during the summer further south, are cooler, especially at communities that are not located next to lakes.
Low temperatures suppress bacterial activity, which is one of the major factors behind the longevity of the wooden structures of Kizhi.
Low temperatures may be maintained within a cryostat by using various refrigeration methods, most commonly using cryogenic fluid bath such as liquid helium.
#:« The 1955 Leiden scale < sup > 13 </ sup > was used to convert helium vapor pressures into temperatures [...] ( 13 ) H. van Dijk and M. Durieux, in Progress in Low Temperature Physics II, edited by C. J. Gorter ( North-Holland Publishing Company, Amsterdam, 1957 ), p. 461.

Low and may
* Low molecular weight gases ( Hydrogen & helium ) may be difficult to remove from the analysis chamber, and may be adsorbed and emitted from the specimen, even though not present in the original specimen.
The term " Low Fantasy " is used to represent other types of fantasy, however, so while comic fantasies may also correctly be classified as low fantasy, many examples of low fantasy are not comic in nature.
Low income people generally spend a similar amount on food, while high income people may spend a very large amount or as little as low income people spend.
Low percentage gels are very weak and may break when you try to lift them.
Low sea levels may have also exacerbated temperature extremes.
: ' oxen's head ', with osse being a synonym for steer and bull in Middle Low German ), with an attached hide, and a crown above, may have originated from this period.
A player's " string " of polo ponies may number 2 or 3 in Low Goal matches ( with ponies being rested for at least a chukker before reuse ), 4 or more for Medium Goal matches ( at least one per chukker ), and even more for the highest levels of competition.
; Low throughput: Due to varying load from other users sharing the same network resources, the bit rate ( the maximum throughput ) that can be provided to a certain data stream may be too low for realtime multimedia services if all data streams get the same scheduling priority.
Governor Frederick Low favored the establishment of a state university based upon the University of Michigan plan, and thus in one sense may be regarded as the founder of the University of California.
Low or moderate inflation may be attributed to fluctuations in real demand for goods and services, or changes in available supplies such as during scarcities, as well as to growth in the money supply.
This may have merged later with the belief that butterflies ate milk and butter ( compare Middle High German molkendiep-literally “ milk-thief ”; Modern German Molkendieb and Low German Botterlicker-literally “ butter-licker ”), or that they excreted a butter-like substance ( compare Middle Dutch boterschijte-literally “ butter-shitter ”, also Middle Dutch botervliege, Dutch botervlieg, German butterfliege ).
Low investment has been a long term problem in Fiji and property rights are sometimes thought to be part of this problem because, by law, five sixths of the land is owned communally by indigenous Fijians and may only be leased, not purchased outright.
Low levels of myo-inositol may be involved in diabetic neuropathy.
Low densities may cause an extinction vortex and lead to further reduced fertility.
Low densities may be associated with specialized mate location adaptations such as specialized pollinators, as found in the orchid family ( Orchidaceae ).
Low patient and provider expectations regarding psychological treatment may explain particularly low placebo responses to psychiatric treatments.
This sense may have derived from the 16th-century tip meaning " to strike or hit smartly but lightly " ( which may have derived from the Low German tippen, " to tap "), but this derivation is " very uncertain ".< ref name =" oed2 ">" tip, v .< sup > 4 </ sup >" Oxford English Dictionary.
Low levels of constituents such as PCBs, dioxin, and brominated flame retardants, may remain in treated sludge.
* LFO-A Low Frequency Oscillator may or may not be voltage-controlled.
Low blood pressure or syncope may ensue.
# Rivers, canals and low land reservoirs: Low land surface waters will have a significant bacterial load and may also contain algae, suspended solids and a variety of dissolved constituents.

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