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Luckily and they
" Luckily, many directors recognized the necessity ( and likely the commercial success they would reap ) of supporting the battle against fascism as public opinion lay with the war effort.
Luckily they made it to a relative's house, where they were given money for gas and a meal.
Luckily it turned out that these two were only pretending to be evil so they could free Kami and Mr. Popo.
Luckily, Mr Dinwiddy is able to provide a solution, and they now live in a geothermally-heated cave under the ground.
Luckily, they survive and arrive on time to meet their kin.
Luckily, they are also usually too astringent to be palatable when raw.
Luckily they were able to borrow the equipment of their tourmates Greenlight the Bombers and continue.
Luckily they were huge fans of the band and so appeared without any fees.
Luckily because the Joseon Court was constantly divided between the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western faction members ,-- the eccentric geographical naming derived from the location of each leader's house in Seoul — which they themselves were divided into subsections, resulted in a weird divided system of where corruption was very difficult.
Luckily they manage to recusitate her, but she, too, begins experiencing haunting flashbacks: in her case, memories of her father committing suicide when she was a young girl.
Luckily, a strange acoustic phenomenon allows him to communicate with them from some miles away, and they are soon reunited.
Luckily, his class of Nazi youths turn out to be sympathetic Austrians and they help him obtain the secret he seeks.
Luckily, they had found some wasabi while they were in the Grotto, and saved her just in time. After saving Sunny Fiona goes on Olaf's side to find her father. The Baudelaires get a telegram to meet Quigley at Briny Beach, so they go.
Luckily for the Australians, Lord Harris had a personal rapport with their captain Murdoch and leading player Spofforth, especially as they shared his antipathy towards throwing.
Luckily the BBC's newly founded BBC Radio 1 were looking to avoid any records being played by the pirate radio stations and they looked back at some recent releases that the pirate stations had missed.
Luckily, after pumping in emergency fuel, they determined it was enough to reach Europe.
Together, they get all but one ingredient for the cure, a flower found only in an area that Markham's men had bulldozed over ; Luckily, Abby had picked one of the flowers and preserved it by pressing it.
Luckily, although the Leonardo and other pictures were roughly handled, they were not damaged.
Luckily, Krusty's trained chimp Mr. Teeny sees the life-threatening explosives, which he throws into the network executives ' office, killing all the executives, though they would later reanimate themselves like the T-1000 from Terminator 2.
Luckily they were not executed, but unbeknownst to them a nuclear bomb was set as a trap to destroy the coming AEUG forces attacking Jaburo.
Luckily, they are saved by the six beings who later introduced themselves as Rahaga, led by Norik ( French Tickner ).

Luckily and then
Luckily, the radio station's legal eagles resolved the issue regarding the fine and all of the money collected was then donated to a local charity.

Luckily and happened
Luckily, to date no crashes have happened because of jet aircraft flying into volcanic ash.
Luckily, detective A. C. Mallet, who'd been investigating Edmund happened by and rescued her.

Luckily and upon
Luckily I was upon such frank terms with the Nawab Vizier, as that I could explain to him fairly my circumstances.
Luckily they came upon " rubber men " or " seringueiros ", impoverished rubber-tappers who earned a marginal living from the forest trees driven by the new demand for rubber tires in the United States.

Luckily and hidden
Luckily, the building is hidden in summer by mature trees.

Luckily and which
Luckily, there is a rule which does say where to move the smallest disk to.
" Luckily Twm, in terror, happens to shout a word which makes the horse gallop on again, and he is conveyed to safety.
Luckily for Lantz Woody Woodpecker's survival was lengthened when he started appearing in The Woody Woodpecker Show from 1957 to 1958, from which it entered syndication until 1966.
Luckily, the situation can be remedied by using the waveform control test bit, which in that condition injects one 1-bit into the XOR shift register.
Luckily for Tunku, all vehicles in the convoy had been directed to space out at two-minute intervals to avoid attracting the attention of Japanese war planes, armed with machine guns, which were patrolling the sky over North Kedah.
Luckily, the " opportunity " Major Stockloser alluded to came about in the form of two civilian boats which were discovered by Major Mackenzie, Officer Commanding " D " Company.
Luckily, no persons were harmed, scientists having very carefully monitored the volcano Grímsvötn on Vatnajökull which caused the glacier run by its eruption.
Luckily, a good hash function promises us that on most reasonable inputs, this won't happen too often, which keeps the average search time good.
Luckily, the wonder drugs which cure TB had only recently been discovered.
Luckily, Glinda is also keeping a watchful eye on things, and she conjures a golden hatchet, which she zaps to Pumpkinhead.
Luckily, during his participation with Company B, Ames gained experience in surgery which helped advance his talent and studies.
Luckily there was no loss of life on the steep and wooded campus which has numerous oaks and eucalyptus trees and semi-arid vegetation.
Luckily Neoldian had also engraved " Batteries Not Included " on the falchion, which fortunately for Errata, caused an argument between Patina, who thought the sword was a subtly observed metaphor for the hopelessness of existence, and Cephut, who thought it was a big knife.
Luckily, the firemen arrived and called Dylan, who completed the C-Section, and Lu gave birth to their daughter, who was named Milagro ( which means " miracle " in Spanish ).
Luckily, Sukhov finds a case of dynamite on which some old men from the village have been resting.
Luckily, Severian survives the duel on the Sanguinary Fields ( the portion of Nessus set aside for duels ), even after being struck by a poisoned leaf of an avern ( a plant whose viciously sharp, envenomed leaves were used as dueling weapons ) because he is carrying " The Claw of the Conciliator ", which has the ability ( among others ) to revive the dead by folding time back to when the dead person or thing was still alive.
Luckily, another trainee group which had got lost, found Elisabeth and rescued her.
Luckily Gardner returned to their side once he had acquired the yellow power ring which once belonged to Sinestro.
Luckily he was able to continue the race, which was not the case for A1 Team India's Karun Chandhok and A1 Team Indonesia's Ananda Mikola, who both did not complete lap 1.

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