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Lumberton and was
The town was incorporated in 1788, and John Willis proposed the name " Lumberton ", after the important lumber and naval stores industry.
Lumberton was located at a section known throughout that century as " Drowning Creek ," a term still used for the headwater portions of the river.
The first Robeson County courthouse was erected on land which formed a part of the " Red Bluff Plantation ", owned by Lumberton founder John Willis.
In March 2007, Lumberton was identified as having the most active community of EBay buyers and sellers on a per-capita basis in the United States.
Founded in 1787 by John Willis, an officer in the American Revolution, Lumberton was originally a shipping point for lumber used by the Navy, which was sent downriver to Georgetown, South Carolina.
The City of Lumberton was created by an Act of the North Carolina General Assembly in 1787 and was named the county seat of Robeson County.
Lumberton was incorporated in 1859.
The county was named after Colonel Robeson and the land for the county seat was donated by General Willis, who is also credited with naming the county seat Lumberton.
David Lynch's film Blue Velvet ( 1986 ) was set in Lumberton, though it was filmed about southeast in Wilmington.
This situation raised some problems during filming, so Lynch filmed a small sequence in Lumberton and was subsequently allowed to use the name.
The livery was built at the 16 mile post on the Fayetteville to Lumberton stage coach road.
Hainesport Township was incorporated as a township by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 12, 1924, from portions of Lumberton Township.
Part of Medford Township was taken on February 19, 1852, to form Shamong Township, on March 14, 1860, portions were taken to form Lumberton Township.
Shakur was born in Lumberton, North Carolina on January 22, 1947.
Foster was born in Lumberton, North Carolina, but raised in Augusta, Georgia and Troy, Michigan.
For long time viewers, this was controversial as this station had been on cable systems in Laurinburg and Lumberton for decades.
The Lumberton Independent School District was created in 1967 based on the old Chance-Loeb school district that had previously been the school for children in the area.
For the 2004-2005 School year, Lumberton HS was rated " Academically Acceptable " by the Texas Education Agency, In the previous four years, however, the school had earned Exception Rankings.
After an intensive manhunt, Lumberton police were informed by David Alfred ’ s father, a local Baptist minister, that Parker was the perpetrator.
Parker was arrested at approximately 10 a. m. on February 24 at his Lumberton home by Lumberton City Marshal Ham Slade.

Lumberton and township
Lumberton township is located at ( 39. 958855 ,- 74. 802478 ).
Portions of the township were taken to form Little Egg Harbor Township ( February 13, 1740, now part of Ocean County ), Washington Township ( November 19, 1802 ), Pemberton borough ( December 15, 1826 ), Coaxen Township ( March 10, 1845, now known as Southampton Township ), Pemberton Township ( March 10, 1846 ), Westampton Township ( March 6, 1850 ) and Lumberton Township ( March 14, 1860 ).
Portions of the township were taken to form Pemberton Township ( March 10, 1846 ), Shamong Township ( February 19, 1852 ), Lumberton Township ( March 14, 1860 ), Woodland Township ( March 7, 1866 ) and Tabernacle Township ( March 22, 1901 ).
Portions of the township were taken to form Shamong Township ( February 19, 1852 ), Lumberton Township ( March 14, 1860 ) and Medford Lakes ( May 17, 1939 ).

Lumberton and by
Washington Chaffin, a Methodist minister in Lumberton speculated in his diary about how the county might be treated by Sherman and his Yankees.
The City of Lumberton is served by the Lumberton Public School District.
Most of these towns developed in the late 19th century in support of the lumber industry, as evidenced by names like Lumberton.
It is operated by the Lumberton Independent School District.

Lumberton and New
Lumberton Township is a Township in Burlington County, New Jersey, United States.
Lumberton Township is in the 3th Congressional district and is part of New Jersey's 8th state legislative district.
Lumberton Middle School with 584 students in grades 6-8, a New Jersey Star School.
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According to reports published in the New Orleans Times Picayune and the Jackson Clarion Ledger, Parker and four friends, Norman Malachy, David Alfred, Curt Underwood and Tommy Grant were returning to Lumberton from Poplarville.
Little moved to Mount Holly Township, New Jersey in 1956 with her husband Robert K. Little, an inventor and President and CEO of RKL Controls, Inc., of Lumberton, NJ.
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Lumberton and Jersey
With an average increase of 80-100 students per year, Lumberton has been one of the most rapidly growing school districts in South Jersey for the past ten years.
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