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Lupino and she
Lupino interviewed the two prospectors that Billy Cook had held hostage, and got releases from them and from Cook as well, so that she could integrate parts of Cook's life into the script.
Director Sam Wood pushed hard to cast Lupino, saying that she " has a natural something that Cassie should have.
Todd had a wide circle of friends and associates as well as a busy social life ; police investigations revealed that she had spent the last night of her life at the Trocadero, a popular Hollywood restaurant, at a party hosted by entertainer Stanley Lupino and his actress daughter, Ida.
At the mere age, of seven, Lupino wrote the play Mademoiselle for a school production, which she also starred in.
Warner Bros. received a great amount of defiance from Lupino, who refused roles that she felt were “ beneath her dignity as an actress .” As a result, she spent a great deal of her time at Warner Bros. suspended.
She and her husband Collier Young formed an independent company, The Filmakers, and Lupino became a producer, director and screenwriter of low-budget, issue-oriented films. This company would go on to produce 12 feature films, six of which she directed or co-directed, five of which she wrote or co-wrote, three of which she acted in, and 1 of which she co-produced.
Lupino often joked that if she had been the " poor man's Bette Davis " as an actress, then she had become the " poor man's Don Siegel " as a director.
Because she was a female director, her studio emphasized her femininity, often at the urging of Lupino herself.
As one professor puts it “… Lupino ’ s cinematic tenure can be understood as a varied and complex attempt to control both image and image reception .” She even credited her refusal to renew her contract with Warner Bros. under the pretences of her domesticity, claiming “ I had decided that nothing lay ahead of me but the life of the neurotic star with no family and no home .” She wanted to seem unthreatening in a male dominated environment, which is made clear by a statement she made in which she says, “ That ’ s where being a man makes a great deal of difference.
Although directing became Lupino ’ s passion, the drive for money kept her on camera, so that she could acquire the appropriate funds to make her own productions.
He was discovered on the stage by Ida Lupino who signed him to a film, Never Fear, she was directing that led to a contract with Universal Pictures.
Shaw started ballet lessons at the age of two and by the age of three was attending the Lupino and Freelance Dance school, where she trained in all forms of dance.

Lupino and did
The movie was written by Robert L. Joseph, Lupino, and her husband Collier Young, based on a story by Out of the Past screenwriter Daniel Mainwaring, who was blacklisted at the time and did not receive screen credit.
Lupino stepped in to finish the film but did not take directorial credit out of respect of Clifton.
Not only did Lupino take control of production, direction and screenplay, but each of her movies addresses the brutal repercussions of sexuality, independence, and dependence.

Lupino and set
In addition to her critical but compassionate sensibility, Lupino had a great filmmaker's eye, using the starkly beautiful street scenes in Not Wanted and the gorgeous, ever-present loneliness of empty highways in The Hitch-Hiker to set her characters apart.
In 1961 Howard Duff, husband of Ida Lupino, assumed the Dante role in a short-lived NBC adventure series Dante, set at a San Francisco nightclub called " Dante's Inferno ".
It was not until the 1950s, beginning with the release of Caged ( 1950 ), starring Eleanor Parker and Agnes Moorehead, So Young, So Bad ( also 1950 ), and Women's Prison ( 1955 ) with Ida Lupino and Cleo Moore, that an entire film was set inside a women's correctional facility.

Lupino and out
In 1952, Lupino was invited to become the " fourth star " in Four Star Productions by Dick Powell, David Niven and Charles Boyer, after Joel McCrea and Rosalind Russell had dropped out of the company.
It starred Lupino Lane as Bill Snibson and it ran for 1, 646 performances despite being bombed out of two theatres.
He is kind to the mongrel dog ( Zero ) that travels with him, befriends a taxi dancer ( Ida Lupino ) who becomes his moll, goes out of his way to help a crippled girl ( Joan Leslie ).

Lupino and director
* 1995 – Ida Lupino, English actress and director ( b. 1914 )
It was in this way that accomplished noir actress Ida Lupino established herself as the sole female director in Hollywood during the late 1940s and much of the 1950s.
* February 4 – Ida Lupino, English actress, screenwriter, director / producer ( d. 1995 )
* Collier Young, husband of director Ida Lupino and the co-writer of the screenplay, makes an uncredited appearance in the film as a Mexican peasant.
Critic John Krewson lauded the work of Ida Lupino, and wrote, " As a screenwriter and director, Lupino had an eye for the emotional truth hidden within the taboo or mundane, making a series of B-styled pictures which featured sympathetic, honest portrayals of such controversial subjects as unmarried mothers, bigamy, and rape ... in The Hitch-Hiker, arguably Lupino's best film and the only true noir directed by a woman, two utterly average middle-class American men are held at gunpoint and slowly psychologically broken by a serial killer.
Ida Lupino ( 4 February 1918 – 3 August 1995 ) was an English-born film actress and director, and a pioneer among women filmmakers.
As a girl, Ida Lupino was encouraged to enter show business by both her parents and her uncle, Lupino Lane, who was also in show business as an acrobatic film and stage comic and director.
Hayward married actress / director Ida Lupino November 17, 1938, in a quiet civil ceremony held in the Santa Barbara courthouse.
Duff appeared in a number of films with his first wife, actress / director Ida Lupino.
Young was married to actress and director Ida Lupino from 1948 to 1951, and to actress Joan Fontaine from 1952 to 1961 ; both marriages ended in divorce.
His film production credits included Outrage and The Hitch-Hiker, both with Lupino as director.
After his divorce from Lupino, he was executive director of her 1957-1958 CBS sitcom Mr. Adams and Eve, co-starring Lupino's then husband Howard Duff.

Lupino and was
Bogart worked well with Ida Lupino, and her relationship with him was a close one, provoking jealousy from Bogart's wife Mayo.
Junior Bonner was marked by sharp character development, colorful location detail and unusually tender scenes between Preston and Lupino as Bonner's estranged parents.
Director Ida Lupino was a noted actress who began directing when Elmer Clifton got sick and couldn't finish the film he was directing for Filmways, the company started by Lupino and her husband Collier Young to make low-budget issue-oriented movies.
Hold Back the Dawn was adapted as a radio play on the November 10, 1941 episode of Lux Radio Theater with Charles Boyer, Paulette Goddard and Susan Hayward, again on the February 8, 1943 episode of The Screen Guild Theater with Charles Boyer and Susan Hayward, the July 31, 1946 episode of Academy Award Theater starring Olivia de Havilland and Jean Pierre Aumont, the May 31, 1948 episode of Screen Guild Theater with Charles Boyer and Ida Lupino, the May 14, 1949 episode of Screen Director's Playhouse with Boyer and Vanessa Brown, the May 4, 1950 episode of Screen Guild Theater with de Havilland and Boyer and the June 15, 1952 Screen Guild Theater with Barbara Stanwyck and Jean Pierre Aumont.
Lupino also turned it down, despite Wallis ' emphatic arguments, saying that it was " beneath her as an artist.
Gerald Flood, stage, TV and film actor, lived in Farnham for most of his life ; Peter Lupino, a well-known West End actor of the 1930s and 40s, and member of the famous theatrical family, also lived for many years in Farnham, in Red Lion Lane and was a well-known local character in his retirement.
Escape Me Never was remade by Warner Brothers in 1947, starring Errol Flynn, Ida Lupino, Eleanor Parker and Gig Young.
In the 1950s Powell produced and directed several B-movies and was one of the founders of Four Star Television, along with Charles Boyer, David Niven and Ida Lupino.
Famous Herne Hill residents from history include John Ruskin and the Lupino family, and actor Roddy McDowall was born there.
Lupino was born in 1918 into an English family of performers.
Her father, Stanley Lupino, was a music hall comedian, and her mother, Connie Emerald ( 1892 – 1959 ), was an actress.
In an article for the Village Voice, Carrie Rickey wrote that Lupino was a model of modern feminist filmmaking, stating:

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