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Mabbot and with
Front cover of the Perfect Diurnall for January 16-23, 1654, with which Mabbot was associated.

Mabbot and who
Mabbot was the son of Edward Mabbot, a cobbler or cordwainer from Nottingham and had been appointed in 1643 as an assistant to John Rushworth who was clerk-assistant to the House of Commons and later Secretary to the Army.
It is possible Mabbot was an ally of the Levellers, an important faction in the Army who wanted to declare a Republic, abolish the House of Lords, and institute a government which was purely democratic over the whole sphere of public life.

Mabbot and had
As licenser, Mabbot had the power to withhold a license to publish from those newsbooks which displeased him ; however, he was progressively less successful.

Mabbot and Army
Both were dismissed in March 1647 but Mabbot was appointed as Rushworth's successor on September 30, 1647 after a request from Thomas Fairfax, Commander-in-Chief of the Parliamentary Army.

Mabbot and .
** Gilbert Mabbot, journalist and licenser of the press 1647-49 ( died c. 1670 )
Gilbert Mabbot, alternately Mabbott ( 1622 — c.
Mabbot became a prolific writer of newsletters to individual correspondents and assisted Rushworth in compiling the Historical Collections as a contemporary history of the civil war period.
He used his influence to appoint Mabbot as his deputy from March 1645.
However, he was thwarted by Dillingham finding an alternative printer and successfully appealing to the House of Lords to stop Mabbot confusing his readers.
Mabbot was either dismissed or resigned his position as licenser of the press in May 1649, John Rushworth resuming his previous duties.
During the Commonwealth Mabbot held important posts as official agent for the town of Leith and as supplier of news to the city of Kingston upon Hull.
After the restoration of King Charles II, Mabbot obtained in January 1661 the office of manager for licences of wines and strong waters in Ireland.
Mabbot appears to have died in around 1670 when he was named in an Irish Chancery suit.

addition and made
In addition, their establishment made it unnecessary to begin publication of a contemplated Air Force medical bulletin.
In addition to the penalties provided in Title 18, United States Code, Section 1001, any person guilty of any act, as provided therein, with respect to any matter under this Title, shall forfeit all rights under this Title, and, if payment shall have been made or granted, the Commission shall take such action as may be necessary to recover the same.
Whoever, in the United States or elsewhere, pays or offers to pay, or promises to pay, or receives on account of services rendered or to be rendered in connection with any such claim, compensation which, when added to any amount previously paid on account of such services, will exceed the amount of fees so determined by the Commission, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $5,000 or imprisoned not more than twelve months, or both, and if any such payment shall have been made or granted, the Commission shall take such action as may be necessary to recover the same, and, in addition thereto, any such person shall forfeit all rights under this Title.
In addition to the heart and aorta, successful measurements of liver and spleen have also been made by this technique.
For this latest addition to the Great Letters Series, under the general editorship of Louis Kronenberger, Miss Hardwick has made a selection which admirably displays the variety of James's genius, not to mention the felicities of his style.
In addition, the effects of the 1988 earthquake, which killed more than 25, 000 people and made 500, 000 homeless, are still being felt.
In addition to Woolfson, Chris Rainbow, Lenny Zakatek, John Miles, David Paton and The Zombies ' Colin Blunstone made regular appearances.
Specific exceptions are made for cases in which the addition of a period or comma could create confusion, such as the quotation of web addresses or certain types of data strings.
In addition to going to the coronation, he made excursions to Cologne ( where he admired the painting of Stefan Lochner ), Nijmegen ,'s-Hertogenbosch, Bruges ( where he saw Michelangelo's Madonna of Bruges ), Ghent ( where he admired van Eyck's altarpiece ), and Zeeland.
In addition, Atari's use of exclusive rights to many games made it virtually impossible for Emerson to get popular games to the console.
The alteration to a " guitar " form made the instrument easier to hold and transport, and the addition of frets enabled bassists to play in tune more easily.
In addition to establishing the level and denomination of the final contract, the final contract may be doubled ( by the opponents ) or redoubled ( by the declaring side after the opponents had already doubled ), in which case the score for the hand is increased, whether the contract is made or defeated.
It is made with up to 30 % rice in addition to hops and barley malt.
Cyberpunk made science fiction more attractive to academics, argues Brin ; in addition, it made science fiction more profitable to Hollywood and to the visual arts generally.
Improvements were made in nursing accommodation in order to recruit more nurses and reduce labour shortages which were keeping 60, 000 beds out of use, and efforts were made to reduce the imbalance “ between an excess of fever and tuberculosis ( TB ) beds and a shortage of maternity beds .” In addition, BCG vaccinations were introduced for the protection of medical students, midwives, nurses, and contacts of patients with TB, while a pension scheme was set up for employees of the newly-established NHS.
Species in the Appendices may be proposed for addition, change of Appendix, or de-listing ( i. e., deletion ) by any Party, whether or not it is a range State and changes may be made despite objections by range States if there is sufficient ( 2 / 3 majority ) support for the listing.
In addition, improvements in artillery made moving infantry in open areas even less practical than it had been.
Such ABS mail coats were made for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, in addition to many metal coats.
Over the next five years modifications were made to this design, such as the addition of a circle surrounding the hand and sword and including the club's name in the badge.
In addition, Commodore made the drive's controller board smaller and having a lower chip count than the early 1541s ( which had a large PCB with dozens of TTL chips running the length of the case ).
In addition, new technologies and tactics were developed, making most defences obsolete ; this led to the construction of star forts, specifically designed to withstand artillery bombardment though these too ( along with the Martello Tower ) would find themselves rendered obsolete when explosive and armour piercing rounds made even these types of fortifications vulnerable.
Watanabe, however, made no secret that, in addition to Lupin III, the series paid subtle tribute to his favorite American films and series, which were shown in Japan during the 1970s and ' 80s including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ( the relationship between Spike and Jet ), Bruce Lee films ( Spike's martial-arts practice ), films with blues or jazz soundtracks ( the music of the series ), as well as Blaxploitation films ( the series has a very racially diverse supporting cast ).
In addition the Byzantines, while releasing 5, 000 Muslim prisoners, made demands for the restoration of other churches destroyed by Al-Hakim and the re-establishment of a Patriarch in Jerusalem.

addition and arrangements
In addition, Endorsements are necessary for certain cargo and vehicle arrangements and types ;
On Rock of Ages, they were bolstered by the addition of a horn section, with arrangements written by Allen Toussaint.
If, in addition to treating the queens as identical, rotations and reflections of the board were allowed, we would have only 12 distinct solutions up to symmetry, signifying that two arrangements that are symmetrical to each other are considered equivalent.
The flag is only flown in addition to the Canadian national flag, where physical arrangements allow ( e. g., when there is more than one flag pole ).
To inject more realism into the training, ATC made arrangements with Strategic Air Command to allow instructor pilots to fly intercept missions against SAC bombers with F-86D ( later L ) Sabre, With the addition of interceptor crew training and the acquisition of interceptor aircraft, HQ USAF decided effective 20 October 1953 to assign ATC responsibility for supporting Air Defense Command's interceptor forces.
Such equipment was accommodated in two forms: on pallets or other arrangements in the Shuttle's cargo bay ( most often in addition to hardware for the primary mission ), or within a reusable laboratory called Skylab.
In addition, pensions for the elderly and infirm were increased, while reciprocal arrangements with New Zealand were introduced regarding old age and invalid pensions.
A year later they evolved into The Octet which added Ray Paczkowski on keyboards and Russell Remington on tenor sax and flute ; and The Dectet in 2002 through 2004 explored complex arrangements and changes of some songs included on Trey Anastasio, and was an evolved version of the octet, now a ten-piece band with the addition of Peter Apfelbaum on barritone sax and percussion, and Cyro Baptista on percussion.
The arrangements in the UK are unusual but not unique, as a comparable system is used in Hong Kong, where three banks issue their own banknotes in addition to the Hong Kong government.
In addition, traders performed the merchant function by making arrangements to supply the buyer of the crop through alternative sources — grain stores or alternate markets, for instance — in the event of crop failure.
In addition, joint political institutions would be established to administer these economic arrangements.
In addition, joint political institutions would be established to administer these economic arrangements.
In addition, Cornell has joint program arrangements with universities abroad to prepare students for international licensure:
In addition to having her record new and contemporary material, Philips put Brewer in the studio to re-record her earlier material with new arrangements, instrumentation and recording equipment: the resulting album ( PHM 200-062 ) was issued as Teresa Brewer's Greatest Hits.
" The memory of RAGNAROK " Ragnarok Online Original Sound Track is a best-of soundtrack album featuring background music in addition to remixes and vocal arrangements of certain pieces.
In addition to some of her rarer compositions and several tracks that would later receive fuller arrangements on Sobule's next major-label release, Sobule performed offbeat cover versions of such standards as the old Doris Day theme song " Que Sera Sera " and " Sunrise / Sunset " from the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof.
In addition to co-writing all of the band's material, Becker played bass and / or guitar on many of the band's tracks, as well as providing occasional backing vocals and arrangements.
In addition, there are other non-prisoner members such as Nemesis and Nightshade who participate in the team as part of individual arrangements.
In addition to dealing with ordinary tourists most travel agencies have a separate department devoted to making travel arrangements for business travelers and some travel agencies specialize in commercial and business travel only.
In addition to playing choro, seven-string guitarists are utilizing the instrument's extended range to play classical repertoire, often leading to new arrangements of known pieces.
Between the group's experiments with different arrangements, and the addition of Stips to the line-up, The Nits gradually moved toward a more distinctive musical style, with Kloet playing a wide range of percussion, and Stips ' keyboards used to produce a lusher sound.
Among his better known clients for arrangements, in addition to his brother, were Charlie Barnet, the Casa Loma Orchestra, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Earl Hines, and Jimmie Lunceford.
In addition to his chorale arrangements, he also wrote important arrangements of the Magnificat, which are not only in multiple parts but are in cyclic form towards liturgical use in alternation with the choir during the socalled Vespers, a technique in multiple-movement musical construction which was not to return with vigor until the 19th century.
In addition, there are various forms of collective ownership, which typically take either the form of membership in a cooperative, or shares in a corporation, which owns the land ( typically by fee simple, but possibly under other arrangements ).

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