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MacLeod and after
It was named after the large Scottish sword by its inventor, Norman A. MacLeod.
The distillery was founded in 1830 by Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill, and built in 1831 at Carbost after a number of false starts on other sites when they acquired the lease of Talisker House from the MacLeod of MacLeod.
It was originally from the opera William Tell by Rossini, but was transcribed to the pipes in 1854 by Pipe Major John MacLeod after he heard it played by a Sardinian military band when serving in the Crimean War with his regiment, the 93rd Sutherland Highlanders.
One such family was the Clan MacLeod, and it was reported by their descendants that at least two Chiefs kept white terriers, including " The Wicked Man " Norman MacLeod, and his grandson Norman who became Chief after his death.
During the Civil War, after the Battle of Carbisdale in 1650 the defeated James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose surrendered himself to Neil MacLeod of Assynt at Ardvreck Castle.
In 1981 an early evening version of a hit show from the sixties on BBC1 called Six Five Special re-surfaced during the Mill's summer break, presented by Donny MacLeod and Marian Foster, occupying the slot vacated after the Evening News by Nationwide fronted among other by Michael Barrett and Sue Lawley.
Salsberg was the sole communist in the Legislature after the 1951 election in which MacLeod lost his seat.
In 1981 an early evening version of a hit show from the sixties on BBC1 called Six Five Special re-surfaced during the Mill's summer break, presented by Donny MacLeod and Marian Foster, occupying the slot vacated after the Evening News by Nationwide fronted among other by Michael Barrett and Sue Lawley.
Ally MacLeod had just resigned as Scotland manager, having clung to office for only one match after their failure at the 1978 World Cup.
Captain Brisebois attempted to rename the fort after himself, but due to his unpopularity, it was renamed Fort Calgary in 1876 by James MacLeod, after Calgary House, a castle at Calgary Bay on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.
The group existed as a casual songwriting collective prior to its association with Crow, but rapidly developed into a vehicle for her debut album after her arrival ( she was at the time dating Kevin Gilbert, who actually co-wrote most of the songs for the TNMC album along with Crow, Baerwald, Ricketts, Bottrell, Schwartz and MacLeod ).
Such by-names can be descriptive as in Mary MacDonald's case just mentioned, patronymic after the name or by-name of the father such as Màiri Dhòmhnaill meaning Donald's Mary, occupational designated by the person's job such as Màiri a ' Ghobha meaning Mary of the Blacksmith, residential for the name of the place they live or come from such as Mòrag a ' Ghlinne meaning Morag of / from the Glen, local origin using an adjective deriving from someone's place of origin such as Dòmhnall Hearach meaning Donald of / from Harris or an amalgamation of these types such as Calum Dubh a ' Chlachain meaning Black-haired Calum of / from Clachan whose formal Gaelic name might simply be Calum MacLeòid ( Malcolm MacLeod ).
Not long after arriving in Canada he met his future spouse, Sharon MacLeod, a close friend of his sister Susan.
MacLeod survived an immediate inquest by the sport's authorities but resigned after one more game in charge, only 17 matches and about 500 days after his appointment.
In late-1985, Mark MacLeod was hired after working at CHMA FM in Sackville, New Brunswick to become the station's program director.
MacLeod was the first person to hold the position of deputy director of OST and remained there until 1966, serving as an advisor to President Lyndon B. Johnson after Kennedy's assassination.
The band moved to England in early 1968, after MacLeod had been deported from Denmark.
The pilot episode " The Gathering " shows Duncan returning to The Game after a period of semi-retirement with his girlfriend Tessa Noël and a meeting with clansman and mentor Connor MacLeod.
" The murderer is Chief Police Officer Andrew Ballin ( Tom Butler ) who is beheaded by MacLeod after Ballin failed to kill Tessa.
MacLeod meets Lisa just after he admitted to himself how much he missed Tessa, and he is stunned by her resemblance with Tessa.

MacLeod and its
This prediction has attracted debate and criticism from the AI research community, and some of its more notable members, such as Kevin Warwick, Bill Joy, Ken MacLeod, Ray Kurzweil, Hans Moravec, and Roger Penrose, have voiced their opinions on whether or not this future is likely.
* Norman MacLeod, editor of Good Words, begins publishing its companion juvenile version, Good Words for the Young.
Miles Christi was a name given to the members of the Iona Community by its founder George MacLeod.
Albert Alexander MacLeod, ( 1902-1970 ), widely known as A. A. MacLeod and familiarly as " Alex ", was a prominent member of the Communist Party of Canada and, later, of its legal group the Labor-Progressive Party.
In 1934, MacLeod attended the founding conference of the Canadian League Against War and Fascism in Toronto, and was elected its chairman.
MacLeod left the Labor-Progressive Party along with the majority of its members following Nikita Khrushchev's Secret Speech at the Twentieth Party Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union that revealed the crimes of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956.
MacLeod ended up leaving the series before its final season.
In 2000, its local newscast, " First Edition ", was cancelled and replaced with Canada Now, anchored in Halifax by Norma Lee MacLeod.
Two seats were won by the Labour-Progressive Party on its own with the re-election of A. A. MacLeod and J. B. Salsberg.
Duncan MacLeod serves as the protagonist for the TV continuation of the Highlander franchise, which comprises Highlander: The Series and its spin-off movies, Highlander: Endgame and Highlander: The Source.
Prior to its release, MacLeod left the band to concentrate on photography, and was replaced by Charlie D. Kelly.
There the more liberal theology rapidly made way among a people who judged it more by its fruits than its arguments, and MacLeod won many adherents by his practical schemes for the social reform of the people.

MacLeod and layer
Ken MacLeod referred to Argic in his novel The Star Fraction as a slang term for " the lowest layer of paranoid drivel that infested the Cable, spun out by degenerate, bug-ridden, knee-jerk auto-post programs.

MacLeod and began
Highlander is a film and television franchise that began with a 1986 fantasy movie starring Christopher Lambert, who plays Connor MacLeod, the Highlander.
Around 1952 Norman MacLeod at his company the Explosive Research Corporation began working on the concept of a small directional mine for use by infantry.
MacLeod of MacLeod ( i. e. the chief of MacLeod ) began experimental work on Skye in 1732.
The community began as a project led by George MacLeod, at that time Church of Scotland minister in Govan, Glasgow, to close the gap which he perceived between the Church and working people.
While continuing to work at the advertising company during the day, MacLeod began writing mystery fiction, eventually publishing over 30 in all.
Described as a " true lady " and often seen with hat and white gloves, MacLeod began writing at 6 a. m., continued through the morning, then used the afternoon for rewrites.
When Richie interrupted a fight between MacLeod and William Culbraith, Duncan began to doubt his own worth as a teacher, but when Richie told him that he had learnt his new nonviolence from ' Methos ', Duncan was enraged.

MacLeod and natural
Meanwhile, MacLeod has physically aged into a frail old man — his mortality part of winning the Prize – and expects that he will eventually die of natural causes.

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