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MacLeod and was
Operation Petticoat proved to be a breakout role for MacLeod, and he was soon cast in another Edwards comedy, High Time, with Bing Crosby.
Before that, in two separate experiments, Frederick Griffith and Oswald Avery, Colin MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty had shown that DNA led to the transformation of one strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae to another that was more virulent.
It was named after the large Scottish sword by its inventor, Norman A. MacLeod.
MacLeod came up with a design, the T-48 that was broadly similar to the final M18A1, although it lacked a number of the design details that made the M18A1 effective.
MacLeod applied for a patent for the mine on 18 January 1956 and was granted it in February 1961.
The patent was later the source of a civil court case between MacLeod, the Army, and Aerojet who proceeded to develop the design further.
Princess Margaret was portrayed by Lucy Cohu in the Channel 4 TV drama The Queen's Sister ( 2005 ), by Trulie MacLeod in the TV drama The Women of Windsor ( 1992 ), and by Hannah Wiltshire in the TV drama Bertie and Elizabeth ; she is portrayed silently in the second series première of Ashes to Ashes ( 2009, set in 1982 ) and subsequently complains off-camera about one of the principal characters.
In a 1997 episode of the TV show Highlander: The Series, the 1950 return was adapted with the characters Duncan MacLeod ( Adrian Paul ), Hugh Fitzcairn ( Roger Daltrey ) and Amanda Darieux ( Elizabeth Gracen ) stealing the stone for various reasons.
At 18, Margaretha answered an advertisement in a Dutch newspaper placed by Dutch Colonial Army Captain Rudolf MacLeod ( 1 March 1856 – 9 January 1928 ) who was living in the then Dutch East Indies ( now Indonesia ) and was looking for a wife.
He was the son of Captain John Brienen MacLeod ( a descendant of the Gesto branch of the MacLeods of Skye ) and Dina Louisa Baroness Sweerts de Landas.
At first, Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of Argyll, was set to fill the power vacuum and enforce royal authority, but he met with limited success in a struggle with his brother-in-law, Torquil MacLeod of Lewis.
In September 1507, Torquil MacLeod was besieged at Stornoway Castle on Lewis.
Donald Dubh was captured and kept in prison for the rest of life, and Torquil MacLeod died in exile in 1511.
Avery was one of the first molecular biologists and a pioneer in immunochemistry, but he is best known for his discovery in 1944, with his co-workers Colin MacLeod and Maclyn McCarty, that DNA is the material of which genes and chromosomes are made.
Following his At Last the 1948 Show, Feldman was given his own series on the BBC called Marty ( 1968 ); it featured Brooke-Taylor, John Junkin and Roland MacLeod, with Cleese as one of the writers.
When MacLeod was ten his family moved to a farm in Dunvegan, Inverness County on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island.
His son Alexander MacLeod is also a writer, whose debut short story collection Light Lifting was a Scotiabank Giller Prize finalist in 2010.
As of 2006 the hardest climb was graded E11: Rhapsody on Dumbarton Rock, climbed by Dave MacLeod, featured French 8c + climbing with the potential of a 20-metre fall onto a small wire.
In January 2009 the route was climbed by Dave MacLeod of Dumbarton fame, who downgraded the route to an E9 6c.
In 1944 identification of the transforming factor was published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine by Avery, Colin MacLeod, and Maclyn McCarty of The Rockefeller Hospital.
He was cast in the role that would bring him to the most prominence to date, that of Duncan MacLeod in the syndicated television series Highlander: The Series, in 1992.
* Gavin MacLeod as the Lieutenant ( The film was MacLeod's first screen credit.
It is known that the island was ruled by the MacLeods from 1518 when Calum Garbh, younger son of the MacLeod Chief of Lewis was granted title.

MacLeod and reluctant
Although MacLeod has fought in many armed conflicts and is skilled with firearms, he is reluctant to use them and rarely does so throughout the series.

MacLeod and move
She was there until June 1734 when John and Norman MacLeod from North Uist arrived to move her on.

MacLeod and St
The award winning voice over artist and actor Lewis MacLeod lived in south Bishopbriggs and attended Auchinairn primary, and the Oscar-winning director and actor Peter Capaldi attended St Matthew's Primary school.
* Major C. I. N. MacLeod, the St. Francis Xavier university's piper, composed a musical tribute composed for the late Lieutenant Colonel the Honourable John Keiller MacKay.
St Clement's Church ( Eaglais Chliamhain ) is a 15th century church that was built for Clan MacLeod and is dedicated to Pope Clement I.
Two members of the banned Communist Party of Ontario running as " Labour " candidates won seats in the Legislature for the first time in this election: A. A. MacLeod in the Toronto riding of Bellwoods, and J. B. Salsberg in the Toronto riding of St. Andrews.
Most of the locations are smaller " traditional " venues, but some are larger theatres, such as Coliseum Calgary ( Now Studio 10 MacLeod Trail ), Silvercity theatres in Kitchener and St. Catharines, as well as one in Calgary, Alberta ( Now Empire Theatres Kitchener, Empire Theatres Pen Centre, and Studio 16 respectively ), and Square One in Mississauga ( Now Studio 10 Square One ), and Silvercity Empress Walk ( now Empire Empress Walk ) in North York, ON.
The current Provost of St Leonard's College is Professor Malcolm MacLeod.

MacLeod and .
* Alistair MacLeod, author.
* MacLeod, Donald.
* TIB = The Interpreter ’ s Bible, The Holy Scriptures in the King James and Revised Standard versions with general articles and introduction, exegesis, exposition for each book of the Bible in twelve volumes, George Arthur Buttrick, Commentary Editor, Walter Russell Bowie, Associate Editor of Exposition, Paul Scherer, Associate Editor of Exposition, John Knox Associate Editor of New Testament Introduction and Exegesis, Samuel Terrien, Associate Editor of Old Testament Introduction and Exegesis, Nolan B. Harmon Editor, Abingdon Press, copyright 1955 by Pierce and Washabaugh, set up printed, and bound by the Parthenon Press, at Nashville, Tennessee, Volume XI, Philippians, Colossians and Exegesis by Francis W. Beare, Exposition by G. Preston MacLeod, Thessalonians, Pastoral Epistles First and Second Epistles to Timothy, and the Epistle to Titus, Philemon, Hebrews
* 1931 – Ally MacLeod, Scottish footballer and manager ( d. 2004 )
Gavin MacLeod ( born Allan George See, February 28, 1931 ) is an American actor notable for playing Joseph " Happy " Haines on McHale's Navy, Murray Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Captain Merrill Stubing on The Love Boat.
At about this time he changed his name, drawing " Gavin " from a cerebral palsy victim in a TV drama, and " MacLeod " from his Ithaca drama coach, Beatrice MacLeod.
MacLeod also appeared as the villain on TV shows of the late 1950s and early 1960s, including Edwards's private-eye series, Peter Gunn.
During the mid-1980s, MacLeod and his then ex-wife Patti became Evangelical Christians and remarried.
During his time as the Captain on The Love Boat MacLeod " very selfishly " ( his words ) divorced his wife Patti.
" MacLeod asked her what had happened.
Gavin MacLeod appeared in Rich Christiano's Time Changer, a movie about time travel and how the morals of society have moved away from the Bible.
On Sunday, 20 September 2009, MacLeod spoke at The " Rock Church ," in Anaheim, California.
MacLeod served as the previous honorary Mayor of Pacific Palisades, before Ray Leonard.
In December 2010, MacLeod is scheduled to appear as a guest narrator with the Florida Orchestra and Master Chorale of Tampa Bay for three concerts.
On 28 February 2011, MacLeod celebrated his 80th birthday aboard The Golden Princess on Princess Cruises in Los Angeles, California.
* MacLeod, Jay.
This prediction has attracted debate and criticism from the AI research community, and some of its more notable members, such as Kevin Warwick, Bill Joy, Ken MacLeod, Ray Kurzweil, Hans Moravec, and Roger Penrose, have voiced their opinions on whether or not this future is likely.
Highlander is a film and television franchise that began with a 1986 fantasy movie starring Christopher Lambert, who plays Connor MacLeod, the Highlander.
Born in Glenfinnan, in the Scottish Highlands in the 16th century, MacLeod is one of a number of Immortals.
" The film features a number of flashback scenes establishing Connor MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod's early history, and builds up to his final destiny amongst the last of the mysterious Immortals.
MacLeod designs an energy shield to protect the Earth after its ozone layer began to disintegrate, but the Shield's heavy red clouds and blocking of natural sunlight have plunged mankind into despair.

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