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Mainline and Airways
According to court documents, the company received aircraft commitments from Omni Air International and Ryan International Airlines for Boeing DC-10 aircraft for the summer season and 757-200 aircraft ( pending ETOPS certification ) for the winter season, 757-200's ( ETOPS ) from North American Airlines, ETOPS 737-800's from Miami Air International, MD-11 aircraft from World Airways, and a 757-200 from Pace Airlines, all charter airlines, but Mainline formally rejected several of these prior to the lawsuit, claiming that the commitments came at an unacceptable cost.
From communication between Mainline and airport officials during the planning stage in 2002, the company intended to operate leased aircraft, older wide-body L1011's refitted with new interiors featuring leather seats and TV's at each seat, a copy of JetBlue Airways.
According to IRS tax records, Mainline Airways posted a substantial loss in 2003 including $ 12, 000 of call center expenses and forfeiture a $ 20, 000 deposit on an aircraft charter contract.
Mainline Airways was incorporated as Mainline Airways LLC in Pennsylvania on December 12, 2002.
The United States Department of Transportation, the regulatory agency overseeing tour operators opened an investigation against his company Mainline Airways in 2003 and took no action.
Mainline Airways says it had planned to re-book passengers on Delta Air Lines, with whom the company had matching schedules and rebooking agreements in the event that the planned charter flights were cancelled or deferred.
According to IRS tax records, Mainline Airways posted a substantial loss in 2003 including forfeiting a $ 20, 000 deposit on an aircraft charter contract.
Mainline service ended soon after, and US Airways Express assumed the Pittsburgh flights using the Beech 1900 and Saab 340 aircraft.
However, even after the merger, a British Airways European Division, which incorporated the former BEA Mainline operation, the erstwhile Super One-Eleven and Cargo divisions, as well as British Airtours, continued to exist alongside a British Airways Overseas, a British Airways Regional and four other divisions until 1 April 1977 when these were replaced by a unified operating structure organised into a number of departments, including commercial operations, flight operations, engineering, planning, catering and personnel.

Mainline and was
He was active in the Northern Baptist church, a Mainline Protestant denomination.
In 1947, the Gulag Angara prison labor camp was constructed near Bratsk, with capacity for up to 44, 000 prisoners for projects such as the construction of the railway from Tayshet to Ust-Kut via Bratsk ( now the western section of the Baikal-Amur Mainline ).
In 2000, the largest denominational group was the Evangelical Protestants ( with 10, 229 adherents ) and Mainline Protestants ( with 3, 593 adherents ).
As of 2000, Rowan County was the home of 25 Evangelical churches, four Mainline Protestant churches, one Catholic Church and one Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ( LDS ) congregation.
129 of every 1000 residents was claimed by an Evangelical congregation ( 116th in rank ), 50 by a Mainline congregation ( 91st in rank ), 20 by the Catholic Church, and 37 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
In 1954-55, it acquired a stable of comic book properties from the defunct Superior Comics, Mainline Publications, St. John Publications, and most significantly, Fawcett Publications, which was shutting down its Fawcett Comics division.
Midland Mainline ( legal name Midland Main Line Limited, company no 3007934 ) was a train operating company in the United Kingdom owned by National Express that operated the Midland Main Line franchise from April 1996 until November 2007.
Midland Mainline was also awarded Passenger Operator of the Year 2006.
Midland Mainline was the only operator to offer complimentary free tea and coffee to all passengers, including those in standard class.
This referred to the trans-Siberian railway project called the Baikal-Amur Mainline, which was under construction at the time.
The fact that the company was chartering the aircraft and not operating the flights themselves was hidden deep into the contract terms on the company's website, leading to rumors of illegitimacy that attracted the attention of the state attorney's office, who quickly filed suit against Mainline ex parte.
However, in June 2003 Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas Reilly filed the well-publicized state lawsuit against Mainline and Luke Thompson alleging that the company would not perform the travel services paid for by customers that were to be executed beginning only 3 weeks after the suit was filed, and Reilly expressed a general concern that the company was nothing more than a fraud and Thompson was laundering large amounts of cash from the company.
Reilly's lawsuit had sought to shut down the company, obtain refunds for all customers, and $ 605, 000 in punitive damages from both Mainline and Thompson, but it was partially withdrawn in September 2004 and Thompson was not forced to pay a fine or damages.
Over a year after the suit and Mainline discontinued operations, on September 2, 2004, a settlement was reached and approved between Luke Thompson and the state, providing that no party admitted wrongdoing or liability, and for no fines or other penalties would be paid Thompson or Mainline ; the state had originally sought $ 605, 000 in fines.
The settlement formally ordered Mainline to refund all customers, but refunds had actually been provided in June 2003, only the company was not under court order to issue refunds until their settlement was approved ( just over a year later ).
Mainline service was downgraded to Continental Express service in the late 1980s.

Mainline and operator
InterCity Midland Mainline were probably the forgotten operator in the 1990s.
Categorised as a long distance operator Midland Mainline compared favourably to other operators in its category.
The former operator Midland Mainline had serious plans for a regular service between St Pancras and Leeds via the Erewash Valley and Leicester but these were rejected by the ( then ) Strategic Rail Authority.
Mainline Freight was a trainload rail freight operator based in Islington, London, England with operations extending to Yorkshire in the north and Somerset in the west.
The Matlock branch lost its through services to London St Pancras in 2004 when ( the former mainline operator ) Midland Mainline replaced its Class 170 Turbostar diesel units with Class 222 Meridian sets.

Mainline and operation
Upon the privatisation of British Rail, the station became owned by Railtrack and later Network Rail, though, in common with most British railway stations, the day-to-day operation was contracted out to the largest user of the station, in this case Midland Mainline ( East Midlands Trains ' predecessor ).
In 2007 the group won the right to take over the part of the old Central Trains franchise and the Midland Mainline franchise, creating the new East Midlands Trains operation.
* April 28-Further British train operating companies begin operation of their passenger service franchises as part of the privatisation of British Rail: Gatwick Express and Midland Mainline ( both National Express Group ) and Great North Eastern Railway ( Sea Containers Ltd ).
As a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Canada, Air Ontario ’ s operation increased substantially in the intra-Ontario marketplace with Air Canada ’ s decision in February 1990, to discontinue Mainline service to North Bay, Sudbury, Timmins and Windsor.
The station was extensively rebuilt shortly after Midland Mainline took over its operation from British Rail in 1996.

Mainline and from
Mainline trains operate from Gare de Rouen-Rive-Droite to Le Havre and Paris, and regional trains to Caen, Dieppe and other local destinations in Normandy.
A dual-use railroad and roadway bridge over the Lena is scheduled to be built by 2013, when the Amur Yakutsk Mainline, the North-South railroad being extended from the South, will finally connect the city with the East-West Baikal Amur Mainline.
View from the Baikal Amur Mainline | BAM railway bridge across the Upper Angara near Novy Uoyan
Berkhamsted is served by rail services from Berkhamsted railway station which is on the West Coast Mainline.
Midland Mainline ran fast and semi-fast passenger services from London to the East Midlands and Yorkshire, on the Midland Main Line.
* All Midland Mainline services ( except The Master Cutler morning up service ) called at Leicester with the fastest journey time to and from London of 1 hour 9 minutes.
Midland Mainline operated a limited service between St Pancras and Leeds, with three early morning departures from Leeds and four evening return trips from St Pancras.
Midland Mainline inherited a fleet of High Speed Trains from British Rail.
To cover for a shortage of High Speed Trains Midland Mainline hired two Fragonset Class 47s to top and tail a HSBC Rail Mark 2 set on a morning service from Nottingham to St Pancras and evening return to Sheffield from February until October 2002.
, away, has fast Midland Mainline express passenger services to and from London.
The settlement released all parties from liability and neither Mainline, Thompson, nor Reilly admitted wrongdoing of any kind.

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