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Mainline and American
Alternatives to American Mainline Churches, ed.
Mainline Airways LLC was tour operator in operation from 2002 to 2003 by an American college student, whom Massachusetts state authorities said didn't hold itself out to the public as a tour operator, instead pretending to be an airline offering cut-rate tickets between Honolulu and Los Angeles without the ability to actually provide the flights due to lack of an aircraft operating certificate (" AOC ").
According to court documents, the company received aircraft commitments from Omni Air International and Ryan International Airlines for Boeing DC-10 aircraft for the summer season and 757-200 aircraft ( pending ETOPS certification ) for the winter season, 757-200's ( ETOPS ) from North American Airlines, ETOPS 737-800's from Miami Air International, MD-11 aircraft from World Airways, and a 757-200 from Pace Airlines, all charter airlines, but Mainline formally rejected several of these prior to the lawsuit, claiming that the commitments came at an unacceptable cost.
Its member denominations, churches, conventions, and archdioceses include Mainline Protestant, Orthodox, African American, Evangelical, and historic peace churches.
Mainline Protestant ( also sometimes called " mainstream American Protestant " and " oldline Protestant ") is a group of Protestant churches in the United States contrasted with evangelical, fundamentalist, and charismatic groups.
Mainline churches include the United Methodist Church ( UMC ), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ( ELCA ), the Presbyterian Church ( U. S. A .) ( PCUSA ), the Episcopal Church, the American Baptist Churches, the United Church of Christ ( Congregationalist ), the Disciples of Christ, and the Reformed Church in America, among others.
Mainline denomination members have the lowest birthrate among American Christian groups.
Grant Us Courage: Travels along the Mainline of American Protestantism ( 1996 ) online edition
American Mainline Religion: Its Changing Shape and Future ( 1990 ) excerpt and text search
Mainline Publications, also called Mainline Comics, was a short-lived, 1950s American comic book publisher established and owned by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.

Mainline and Protestant
Liturgical or Mainline Protestant communities ( e. g. Presbyterian, Congregationalist / United Church of Christ, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.
Many Mainline Protestant churches are open and affirming to gay and lesbian couples.
He was active in the Northern Baptist church, a Mainline Protestant denomination.
Mainline Protestant denominations have since removed prohibitions against artificial contraception.
* Schaff, D. S. " Devil " in New Schaff – Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge ( 1911 ), Mainline Protestant ; vol 3 pp 414 – 417 online
* Mainline Protestant with 3, 840 is most common around 28 %; mainly Lutheran.
The Mainline Protestant denominations refused to join the attacks on evolution and welcomed modern ideas.
As of the 2000 RCMS, the three largest denominational groups in Franklin County are Catholic, Mainline Protestant, and Orthodox.
" Mainline Protestant churches were slow to take root, in fact no churches at all were built in Demopolis until 1840.
As of 2000, Rowan County was the home of 25 Evangelical churches, four Mainline Protestant churches, one Catholic Church and one Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ( LDS ) congregation.
According to the Association of Religion Data Archives ' 2000 Metro Area Membership Report, the denominational groups of the Spokane MSA are 43, 397 Evangelical Protestant ; 32, 207 Mainline Protestant ; 776 Orthodox ; 57, 187 Catholic ; 17, 351 Other ; and 267, 021 Unclaimed.
Amillennialism is common among some Mainline Protestant denominations such as the Lutheran, Reformed and Anglican churches.
Mainline Christian theology ( Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant ) has traditionally held that only one baptism is valid to confer the benefits of this sacrament.
The term " Mainline Protestant " was coined during debates between modernists and fundamentalists in the 1920s.
# REDIRECT Mainline Protestant
# REDIRECT Mainline Protestant
The flag was first accepted by the Mainline Protestant denominations in the United States, and by the 1980s many institutions had described policies for displaying it inside churches.
This movement initially involved only the Anglican and Mainline Protestant churches.

Mainline and denominations
The liberalization of many Seminaries and theological institutions, particularly in regards to the rejection of the notion that the Bible is an infallible document, has led to a much more human-centered and secular movement within Mainline Christian denominations, particularly in the United States.
Mainline denominations peaked in membership in the 1950s and have declined steadily in the last half century.
Mainline denominations are historically Trinitarian and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Son of God ; they adhere to the historic creeds such as the Nicene Creed, the Apostles ' Creed, and the Athanasian Creed.
Mainline denominations generally teach that the Bible is God's Word in function, but that it must be interpreted both through the lens of the cultures in which it was originally written, and examined using God-given reason.
The Mainline denominations comprised 55 % of all Protestants in 1973, and 46 % in 1998.
The internship requirement is unique to the ELCA among the other Mainline denominations in the U. S.

Mainline and including
Gulf also participated in a partnership with other majors, including Texaco, to build the Pembroke Catalytic Cracker refinery at Milford Haven and the associated Mainline Pipelines fuel distribution network.
Midland Mainline was the only operator to offer complimentary free tea and coffee to all passengers, including those in standard class.
According to IRS tax records, Mainline Airways posted a substantial loss in 2003 including $ 12, 000 of call center expenses and forfeiture a $ 20, 000 deposit on an aircraft charter contract.
According to IRS tax records, Mainline Airways posted a substantial loss in 2003 including forfeiting a $ 20, 000 deposit on an aircraft charter contract.
During the forty days leading up to Christmas, the Eastern Orthodox Church practices the Nativity Fast, while the majority of Christian congregations ( including the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, many Mainline churches, and Baptists ) begin observing the liturgical season of Advent four Sundays before Christmas — both are seen as times of spiritual cleansing, recollection and renewal to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.
BEA Mainline assumed responsibility for all of BEA's Heathrow operations other than those to and from Manchester, Leeds / Bradford, Liverpool, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Inverness, the Isle of Man, Berlin ( including both non-stop and one-stop services ) and certain regional European destinations such as Bordeaux, Cork, Luxembourg and Rimini, as well as its Birmingham operations other than those to and from the Channel Islands.
However, even after the merger, a British Airways European Division, which incorporated the former BEA Mainline operation, the erstwhile Super One-Eleven and Cargo divisions, as well as British Airtours, continued to exist alongside a British Airways Overseas, a British Airways Regional and four other divisions until 1 April 1977 when these were replaced by a unified operating structure organised into a number of departments, including commercial operations, flight operations, engineering, planning, catering and personnel.
All three former Trainload Freight companies including Mainline Freight were acquired in Feb 1996 by ' North-South Railways ': a company formed by a consortium led by US railroad company Wisconsin Central, for a combined total of £ 225. 15million ( approximately $ 349 million ).
Following the formation of the new East Midlands rail franchise on November 2007, the entire fleet of Class 222 Meridians was inherited by East Midlands Trains who operate the expanded East Midlands rail franchise including all those routes previously run by Midland Mainline.
He is the author of several books including " Mortal Follies: Episcopalians and the Crisis of Mainline Christianity ," and a volume about the mid-1990s rise of the religious right, " Reclaiming Morality in America.
Black Ivory is a R & B group from Harlem, which had a number of hits in the 1970s, including " Don't Turn Around ", " You and I " ( both of which featured Larry Blackmon from Cameo on drums ), " I'll Find a Way ( The Loneliest Man in Town )", " Spinning Around ", " What Goes Around ( Comes Around )", " Will We Ever Come Together ", and " Mainline.

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