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Mainline and denominations
Mainline Protestant denominations have since removed prohibitions against artificial contraception.
Mainline American Protestant denominations, including the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church USA, The Episcopal Church, and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, do not teach the doctrine of inerrancy as set forth in the Chicago Statement.
The Mainline Protestant denominations refused to join the attacks on evolution and welcomed modern ideas.
Amillennialism is common among some Mainline Protestant denominations such as the Lutheran, Reformed and Anglican churches.
The liberalization of many Seminaries and theological institutions, particularly in regards to the rejection of the notion that the Bible is an infallible document, has led to a much more human-centered and secular movement within Mainline Christian denominations, particularly in the United States.
Its member denominations, churches, conventions, and archdioceses include Mainline Protestant, Orthodox, African American, Evangelical, and historic peace churches.
Mainline denominations peaked in membership in the 1950s and have declined steadily in the last half century.
Mainline denominations generally teach that the Bible is God's Word in function, but that it must be interpreted both through the lens of the cultures in which it was originally written, and examined using God-given reason.
The Mainline denominations comprised 55 % of all Protestants in 1973, and 46 % in 1998.
The flag was first accepted by the Mainline Protestant denominations in the United States, and by the 1980s many institutions had described policies for displaying it inside churches.
The internship requirement is unique to the ELCA among the other Mainline denominations in the U. S.

Mainline and are
Many Mainline Protestant churches are open and affirming to gay and lesbian couples.
As of the 2000 RCMS, the three largest denominational groups in Franklin County are Catholic, Mainline Protestant, and Orthodox.
According to the Association of Religion Data Archives ' 2000 Metro Area Membership Report, the denominational groups of the Spokane MSA are 43, 397 Evangelical Protestant ; 32, 207 Mainline Protestant ; 776 Orthodox ; 57, 187 Catholic ; 17, 351 Other ; and 267, 021 Unclaimed.
During the forty days leading up to Christmas, the Eastern Orthodox Church practices the Nativity Fast, while the majority of Christian congregations ( including the Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, many Mainline churches, and Baptists ) begin observing the liturgical season of Advent four Sundays before Christmas — both are seen as times of spiritual cleansing, recollection and renewal to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.
Mainline services are available from Warrington Bank Quay and Warrington Central ( 2 – 3 miles away ).
However, there are proposals by The Association of Train Operating Companies to build a new railway station on the Midland Mainline ( to the West of Rushden ) to be known as Rushden Parkway.
Platforms five and six are used primarily for express traffic along the West Coast Mainline.
ERTMS is an attempt to set a standard for Mainline ATP across Europe where balises, GSM-R Radio and on train equipment made by any manufacturer ( who are part of the working group ) work together with each other.
Mainline service providers are those that actually produce the direct service, like various hotels chains or airlines that have a website for online bookings.
Mainline Christian groups are often more accepting of other beliefs and faiths.
Most groups holding revival meetings tend to be of a conservative or fundamentalist nature, although some are still held by Mainline groups, which used to conduct them with a far greater frequency.
The 2012 cash toll rates for passenger cars are $. 90 at the exits & the Mainline East Toll Plaza 30, and $ 1. 60 at the Mainline West Toll Plaza 18 ; E-ZPass users pay $ 1. 33 at the Mainline West Toll Plaza 18 and $. 67 for the remaining toll booths.
The ' Old Village ' and ' New Village ' are separated by the East Coast Mainline ; there are only two crossing points over the railway between the old and new villages.
* February 24-The three British trainload freight companies, Load-Haul, Mainline Freight and Trans-Rail, are acquired together by North & South Railways Ltd, an affiliate of Wisconsin Central Ltd, as part of the privatisation of British Rail.
* Three steam locomotives of NZR 4-8-2 classes J, J < sup > A </ sup >, and J < sup > B </ sup > are preserved by Mainline Steam.
Both are at Mainline Steam's Parnell Depot in Auckland.
Another ex-TOC, Midland Mainline, extended some of its London-Derby services to Matlock, though these ceased with the introduction of the Class 222 Meridians which were too heavy for several bridges north of Whatstandwell which are in a poor state of repair.
Mainline train services from the station are provided by Southern, and the station is on the Uckfield branch of the Oxted Line.
Mainline stations parallel to the branch are:
Main parts of the system are Enbridge System ( Canadian Mainline ) and Lakehead System ( U. S. Mainline ).

Mainline and Jesus
As of 2000, Rowan County was the home of 25 Evangelical churches, four Mainline Protestant churches, one Catholic Church and one Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ( LDS ) congregation.
129 of every 1000 residents was claimed by an Evangelical congregation ( 116th in rank ), 50 by a Mainline congregation ( 91st in rank ), 20 by the Catholic Church, and 37 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Furry's Blues / Brownsville / I'm Black / A Chicken Ain't Nothin ' But A Bird / Will The Circle Be Unbroken / Amos Burke / Mighty Time / Jesus On The Mainline / Mary Louise / Yes, I Do Understand / Opening / Living In The Country / Joa-Bim / Dixie / Heavy Makes You Happy / Iuka / Furry's Rap / Asphalt Outlaw Hero / Olena / My Father's House / Going Down ( recorded live at Long Beach Civic Auditorium, Long Beach, CA, October 15, 1971 & at Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA October 17, 1971 ; personnel: Don Nix: vcl / gtr, Wayne Perkins: gtr, Tippy Armstrong: gtr, Clayton Ivey: pno, Ken Woodley: org, Bob Wray: bs, Tarp Tarrant / Fred Prouty: dms + The Mt.

Mainline and Christ
Liturgical or Mainline Protestant communities ( e. g. Presbyterian, Congregationalist / United Church of Christ, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.
" Mainline Women Ministers: Women Missionary and Temperance Organizers Become ' Disciples of Christ ' Ministers, 1888-1908.
Mainline churches include the United Methodist Church ( UMC ), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ( ELCA ), the Presbyterian Church ( U. S. A .) ( PCUSA ), the Episcopal Church, the American Baptist Churches, the United Church of Christ ( Congregationalist ), the Disciples of Christ, and the Reformed Church in America, among others.
The Feast of Christ the King ( in the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, properly the Solemnity of Christ the King ) is the last holy Sunday in the western liturgical calendar, celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church as well as many Anglicans, Lutherans, and other Mainline Protestants, as well as the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Mainline and God
The Quiet Hand of God: Faith-Based Activism and the Public Role of Mainline Protestantism, ( 2002 ), 430 pp. ; essays by scholars

Mainline and ;
* Schaff, D. S. " Devil " in New Schaff – Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge ( 1911 ), Mainline Protestant ; vol 3 pp 414 – 417 online
; Mainline: Similar to trunk, but there can be a mainline for each branch.
; Trunk: The unique line of development that is not a branch ( sometimes also called Baseline or Mainline )
Baikal-Amur Mainline in green ; Trans-Siberian line in red
Over a year after the suit and Mainline discontinued operations, on September 2, 2004, a settlement was reached and approved between Luke Thompson and the state, providing that no party admitted wrongdoing or liability, and for no fines or other penalties would be paid Thompson or Mainline ; the state had originally sought $ 605, 000 in fines.
It is served by East Midlands Trains, CrossCountry and Northern Rail ; prior to 11 November 2007, it was served by Midland Mainline and Central Trains.
In 1980 Conrail sold the former DL & W Mainline from Binghamton to Scranton to the D & H ; Being a flatter more direct route to Scranton, this allowed the D & H to abandon their famed Penn Division between Carbondale, PA and the connection with the ex Erie / EL at Jefferson Junction.
The company existed until 1994, when, as part of the privatisation process of British Rail it was split into three separate companies by region ; Load-Haul, Mainline Freight and Trans-Rail.
After the Railways Act 1993 the trainload business was split into regionally-based shadow franchises ; Load-Haul, Mainline Freight and Trans-Rail.
At Carlisle the lines connects to the: West Coast Mainline ; the Settle-Carlisle Line ; the Tyne Valley Line ; the Glasgow South Western Line ; and the Caledonian Sleeper service.

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