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Major and directions
On September 23, 1780, Major John André stopped here on his way to New York to ask directions after meeting with Benedict Arnold.
Major thoroughfares are the Bundesstrassen ( federal highways ) B432 in west-east and B433 in north-south directions.

Major and recent
In the Major Leagues, the most recent example of a swing at an intentional ball resulting in a hit occurred during a June 22, 2006 game between the Florida Marlins and the Baltimore Orioles.
Major Temple cities: Puri, which hosts a major Vaishnava Jagannath temple and Rath Yatra celebration ; Katra, home to the Vaishno Devi temple ; Three comparatively recent temples of fame and huge pilgrimage are Shirdi, home to Sai Baba of Shirdi, Tirumala-Tirupati, home to the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple ; and Sabarimala, where Swami Ayyappan is worshipped.
The Padres bullpen has continued to be the team's strength as in recent years, opening the season with 28 scoreless innings, a Major League record to start a season.
Major renovation projects have been undertaken in recent years to improve the condition and external presentation of the Old Town.
MLB is governed by the Major League Baseball Constitution that has undergone several incarnations since 1875 with the most recent revisions being made in 2012.
Furthermore, a recent modification to the Major System introduces the concept of dimensions, which increases the size of the list by a factor of ten with the addition of each new dimension.
Mantle remains the most recent player to win the Major League Triple Crown by leading both leagues in all three categories.
The most recent version of the Southereastern League was an independent circuit, with member teams were not affiliated with any Major League Baseball team.
The most recent ( 2005 ) edition, edited by Verlyn Flieger, includes a previously unpublished essay by Tolkien, explaining the background and just why the elf-king spent so long in Wootton Major.
Major projects took place in the 1950s and 1960s, when the funerary carriage house was built, and especially in more recent times to repair the damage brought by years of neglect because of wars and neglect.
Sandy Koufax was the most recent to capture three Triple Crowns, winning his three within four seasons for the Los Angeles Dodgers ( 1963, 1965 – 1966 ); all of Koufax ' wins were Major League crowns, the most for any player.
Major recent developments include the passing to a Latin script from Cyrillic in 1989 and several changes in the statutory name of the language used in Moldova.
In recent years several players from the program have played professionally in Major League Soccer, including Brian Carroll, Will Hesmer, Justin Moose, Michael Parkhurst, Pat Phelan, James Riley, Scott Sealy, Matt Taylor, and Wells Thompson.
Westminster and the British media tend to perceive minority government as unstable and ineffective, possibly because recent examples of minority governments ( Callaghan and Major ) occurred as a result of government decline.
The most recent unassisted triple play in Major League Baseball occurred on August 23, 2009 when Eric Bruntlett of the Philadelphia Phillies turned the first ever game-ending unassisted triple play in the National League.
Following the Second World War, Traynor was often cited as the greatest third baseman in Major League Baseball history, however, his reputation has been diminished in recent years, with the modern-era careers of third basemen such as Eddie Mathews, Brooks Robinson, Mike Schmidt and George Brett moving to the forefront in the memories of baseball fans.
Throughout their recent history, the Royals have enjoyed minor league affiliation with D. C. United, the nearby Major League Soccer franchise.
The church of St Mary Major dates from the 13th century and is a Grade II * listed building, as is the Church of St Andrew which is slightly more recent, although it may stand on the site of an earlier Roman building and associated cemetery.
It is located in the heart of the village, in the Church Rooms next to St Mary Major, its most recent Ofsted was in 2009 where it was rated as satisfactory with a number of goods, particularly in safeguarding and relationship with parents http :// www. ofsted. gov. uk / inspection-reports / find-inspection-report / provider / CARE / 143117
Of the twenty officers attending the council, thirteen including Clive were against immediate action, while the rest including Major Coote were in favour citing recent success and the high spirits of the troops.
A more recent notable manufacturer of Garden Gnomes was Tom Major-Ball, father of former United Kingdom Prime Minister John Major.
Major new works under construction in recent years include the Gungahlin Town Centre, City West Precinct and the Kingston Foreshores Development.
Timothy James " Tim " Salmon ( born August 24, 1968 ) is a former Major League Baseball right fielder and designated hitter who played his entire career with the California / Anaheim / Los Angeles Angels ( appearing with the team under all three of its recent names ).
The most recent version came after the United States government made public the original records of the 1930 census, and researchers found that a Louis Castro, with profession " baseball player ", was a resident of Flushing, New York, and as his birthplace he stated: New York City, putting aside the fact that he was the first Latin American born to ever play baseball at the Major League level.
Major renovations have taken place on Main Street, Linen Hall Street and Castle Street in recent months.

Major and travel
The factors cited are: smaller sized ballparks than in the past, " juiced baseballs " implying that the balls are wound tighter thus travel further following contact with the bat, " watered down pitching " implying that lesser quality pitchers are up in the Major Leagues due to too many teams.
Major General Robert Ford, then Commander of Land Forces in Northern Ireland, ordered that 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment ( 1 PARA ) should travel to Derry to be used to arrest possible rioters during the march.
However, there are some exceptions: many of the stars in the constellation of Ursa Major ( including most of the Big Dipper ) are genuinely close to one another, travel through the galaxy with similar velocities, and are likely to have formed together as part of a cluster that is slowly dispersing.
In the early 19th century, Major John Gray established a stagecoach hub in the county with travel routes radiating to larger American cities from the central point.
Major tourist routes in Russia include a travel around the Golden Ring of ancient cities, cruises on the big rivers like Volga, and long journeys on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway.
Major disruptions to air travel in the 21st century included the closing of U. S. airspace due to the September 11 attacks, and the closing of most of European airspace after the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull.
Major employers in Clarington include the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, General Motors in Oshawa, and several medium-to-large sized manufacturing businesses ; however, most residents travel to points west in Durham Region or to Toronto for employment.
Major US cities which are connected by the railroads act as destinations for travel.
It would be extremely difficult to find such a make-up date: Major League Baseball would have to postpone one or more days of the regular season and / or schedule the make-up date on the travel day between the regular season and the Division Series.
Major Thomas Mitchell was the first European to travel through the area in 1835.
Two of the directors of the Hagerstown Bank, Colonel William Fitzhugh and Major Charles Carroll were, like Rochester, wealthy landowners interested in acquiring land in the new " frontier " of the U. S. In 1800, Fitzhugh and Carroll convinced Rochester to travel with them on a prospecting visit to the frontier lands of New York State, and specifically to the lands along the upper portion of the Genesee River.
Major travel surveys are conducted in metropolitan areas typically once a decade.
Franks ordered 2 SAS WCIT, under the command of Major Beckworth, to travel to the area.
Air travel changed everything from family vacations to Major League Baseball, as had steam-powered trains in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Major online travel agencies include: Expedia, Voyages-sncf. com, Travelocity, Orbitz, CheapTickets, Priceline, CheapOair, Webjet, and Hotwire. com.
As Stotz discusses the situation with Morgus via holographic communication en route, Morgus sees the Doctor still alive, and fearing deception, kills the President of Androzani Major and makes his own plans to travel to Androzani Minor to put the situation right himself.
Sir Rod Eddington, former CEO of British Airways and Chairman of the Victorian Major Events Company, will head the assessment of the future East-West connections and recommend the best way forward for public transport, road and freight travel for the entire Monash-West Gate corridor.
This meeting was mainly chaired by Major General Ivan Pavlovich Abramov, deputy head of the Fifth Directorate of the KGB ( which dealt, inter alia, with dissenters ), with the support of deputy head of the First Division of the Fifth Directorate Colonel Romanov who, according to the report, would travel with the Soviet delegation to Honolulu as " political advisor ".
Major college basketball teams still travel to other countries during the summer to play in exhibition games.
Major content areas of travel medicine include the global epidemiology of health risks to the traveler, vaccinology, malaria prevention, and pre-travel counseling designed to maintain the health of the approximately 600 million international travelers.
On 12 September 1836, the explorer, Major Thomas Mitchell was the first European to travel through the area where Hamilton later developed.
Major disruptions to air travel in the 21st Century included the closing of U. S. airspace following the September 11 attacks, and the closing of northern European airspace after the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull.

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