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Major and population
Although every Major League Baseball team cultivates fans from outside its immediate metropolitan area, and even though the greater Phoenix area has 2 / 3 of the statewide population, Colangelo still decided to call the team the " Arizona Diamondbacks " rather than the " Phoenix Diamondbacks ".
Major parts in the spread ( and thus more durable growth ) of the population were played by monastical ' pioneering ' ( especially by the Benedictine and Commercial orders ) and some feudal lords ' recruiting farmers to settle ( and become tax payers ) by offering relatively good legal and fiscal conditions.
Major religious groups in the Republic of the Marshall Islands include the United Church of Christ ( formerly Congregational ), with 51. 5 percent of the population ; the Assemblies of God, 24. 2 percent ; and the Roman Catholic Church, 8. 4 percent.
Major reasons for population decline include habitat destruction, habitat fragmentation and poaching.
Major population centres include Norwich, Peterborough, Ipswich and Cambridge.
Besides recessive genes there are also other reasons why inbreeding may be harmful such as a narrow range of certain immune systems genes in a population increasing vulnerability to infectious diseases ( see Major histocompatibility complex and sexual selection ).
* Major Cajun / Zydeco festivals are held annually in Rhode Island, which does not have a sizable Cajun population but is home to many Franco-Americans of Québécois and Acadian descent.
Major population centers include the city of Yakima and the Tri-Cities area.
* The Roman general, Tiberius Gracchus Major, subdues Sardinia, enslaving some of the population.
Khánh also had Major Nhung, the bodyguard of Minh, shot, causing riots among parts of the population who feared that Khánh would wind back the clock to the Diệm era.
Major urban centers in 2006 were Novosibirsk ( with a population of 1, 379, 000 ), Berdsk ( 91, 900 ), Iskitim ( 63, 800 ), Kuybyshev ( 48, 500 ).
Major population centres in Kirkkonummi include the municipal centre, Masala, Veikkola, Kantvik and the Upinniemi naval garrison area.
On his return to Norfolk Island, King found the population of nearly one thousand torn apart by discontent after the strict regime of Major Robert Ross.
Major population centers included Safed, Tiberias, Beisan and Nazareth.
Major Totonac centers were Papantla, with an estimated population of 60, 000 in 1519, Xalapa ( around 120, 000 ), and Cempoala ( around 80, 000 ).
Major cities and towns ( population 1995 ):
Major cities and towns ( population 1980 ):
Major cities and towns ( population 1995 ):
Major cities and towns ( population 1995 ):
Major cities and towns: ( population in 1995 ):
Major cities and towns ( population in 1998 ):
Major cities and towns: ( population in 1995 ):

Major and growth
Major growth occurred under the leadership of Rush Rhees, during his 1900-1935 tenure.
Major growth occurred from the mid-1980s to the late 1990s.
Major public health institutions sprung up in both urban and rural communities as both agriculture and industry experienced significant growth between 1949 to 1958.
Major growth stemmed from the introduction of the railroad which brought easier methods of transportation and opportunities for industrial growth.
Major growth took place in 1938 with the first joint Army and Navy maneuvers held in 1940.
Major capital campaigns in 1995 and 2003 helped fund significant growth in the facility.
Major local growth began in the 1950s, spurred partly by the expansion of adjacent Andrews Air Force Base, home of the Air Force Systems Command and the President's plane Air Force One.
Major growth occurred in Streetsboro with the opening of the Ohio Turnpike on October 1, 1955, with Exit 13 ( now known as Exit 187 ) initially being the only interchange in Portage County.
Major growth occurred with the arrival of the Austin and Northwestern Railroad in April 1882, when Burnet then became the railhead for the area to the west.
With the growth associated with the railroad, Taylorsville was incorporated as a town in 1884 and was renamed Stuart in honor of Confederate Major General J. E. B.
Major growth in the direct action movement started with a concurrent focus on roads, and a protest camp at Twyford Down was started, against the M3 in Hampshire.
The legacy of the Continental League is that it hastened the expansion and growth of Major League Baseball.
Major growth in Yate started in the early 1920s with the construction of the Moorlands Road estates behind Station Road, close to the Parnall aeroplane factory.
Major research areas in the Faculty include multidisciplinary approaches in the field of bio-materials, dental implantology, facial pain, growth and development, and periodontal physiology.
Also in the last years the commercial area experiments a significant growth due to the opening of new Malls & Major Retailers.
Major rebuilding took place in the Lower or Middle town area following a fire in 1791 and the fortunes of the town revived with the growth in sea bathing, and by 1851 was becoming a retirement centre.
Major housing tract development and population growth took off beginning in 1983, which has increased the population of Palmdale around 12 times its former size as of 2006.
The construction of the USDoT office complex and Nationals Park, the new US $ 600 million stadium of the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team, have spurred rapid growth in the neighborhood.
Major expansion of industry in the area, combined with the growth of eucalyptus plantations, has adversely impacted small-scale agriculture in the surrounding rural areas, resulting in declining population in those rural areas.
Major road interventions are being implemented ( the Beltway and the prolongation of the Avenue Jacu-Pêssego / Nova Trabalhadores ), which, due to easier access to the city should influence the growth of industrial activity which today suffers from the bottleneck of the road network and its chronic lack of maintenance.
* The Church teaches that the Minor Orders ( Cleric / Tonsure, Doorkeeper, Reader, Exorcist, Acolyte and Subdeacon ) are intended primarily to assist the candidate in his own spiritual growth and life and that the Major Orders ( Deacon, Priest, and Bishop ) are intended primarily to assist the Christian Community.
Major areas of policy research include fiscal and tax policy, monetary policy, social policy, governance and public institutions, trade policy, and economic growth and innovation.

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