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Majors and Accounting
Majors offered at Oglethorpe University include Accounting, American Studies, Art History, Studio Art, Behavioral Science & Human Resource Management, Biology, Biopsychology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Communication and Rhetoric Studies, Economics, Engineering, English, French, History, Individually Planned Majors, International Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, and Theatre.
* Top Majors: Music, Elementary Education, Mass Communications, Computer Science, Business Administration, Art, Biology, Accounting, Psychology, Criminal Justice, Special education, and Graphic Communications.
Majors offered: Accounting, Actuarial Science, Economics, Entrepreneurial Management, Finance, General Business, Information Systems, International Business, Marketing, Management, Quantitative Economics
PC offers several different Majors, including Art, Art-Art History, Accounting, Biochemistry, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Christian Education, Economics, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, English, English-Creative Writing, Fine Arts, French, History International Studies, Modern Language, Mathematics, Medical Physics, Middle School Education, Music, Music Education, Physical Education ( Minor ), Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Religion / Christian Education, Sociology, Spanish, and Theatre.
*** Majors: Management Accounting, Management, Information Services Management
Majors offered in the professional studies include degrees in Nursing, Education, Physical Therapy, Accounting and Business Administration.

Majors and Management
BSc / BA Majors in Systems and Management:
Majors offered in Berklee are Composition, Contemporary Writing and Production, Electronic Production and Design, Film Scoring, Jazz Composition, Music Business / Management, Music Education ( degree only ), Music Production and Engineering, Music Therapy ( degree only ), Performance, Professional Music, and Songwriting.
* Erskine Majors: American Studies, Athletic Training, Art, Behavioral Science, Bible and Religion, Business Administration, Biology, Chemistry, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, English, French, History, Mathematics, Music, Natural Science, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, ( as of 2007 ) Political Science, Spanish, Special Education, Sports Management.
Majors include Art and Art Therapy, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Fire Science, Law, Music and Music Therapy, Nursing, Paramedic Science, Psychology, Social Work and Sport Management.

Majors and Biochemistry
Majors are also offered in Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, and Environmental Science.
Majors offered: Astronomy, Biology, Concentrations in Primate Studies, Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology ( BCMB ), Chemistry, Computer Science, Culture & Society, Economics, English, Environmental Policy, Environmental Science, Ethics, Fine Art, Graphic Design, History, International Relations, Law, Politics, and Society ( LPS ), Mathematics, Mathematics Education ( Secondary ), Music, Music Education, Music Performance, Musical Theatre ( B. F. A.

Majors and Biology
Examples include Agriculture and Biology Majors, Honors College, Engineering House, Health Professionals House and Substance-Free.
Majors combining Interdisciplinary Computation with Biology, Environmental Studies, or Theater and Dance were added in 2010.
Other University Organizations include: Student Government Association, " The Pride ", Campus Delegate Team, University Program Council, Student Alumni Association, University Chorale, University Singers, Ambassadors, FHU Band, Art Guild, Students in Free Enterprise, Law Society, Lambda Pi Eta, Society for Future Accountants, Social Work Students in Action, National Broadcast Society, Communications Majors and Minors Association ( COMMA ), Pied Pipers, For Heaven's Sake, Pi Epsilon, Alpha Chi, Dactylology Club, Right to Life, Tabitha Club, Preacher's Club, Evangelism Forum, Psychological Affiliation, Math & Computer Science Club, Biology Club, WFHU 91. 5 FM, TV40 and the Treasure Chest.

Majors and Humanities
BA Majors in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences:
As of 2008, 8 Colleges, 6 Departments, 18 Majors: College of Humanities, College of Social Science, College of Natural Science, College of Information, College of Pharmacy, College of Arts, College of Design, College of Performing Arts7 Graduate Schools: General Graduate School, Graduate School of Fashion Design, Graduate School of Design, Graduate School of International Cultural Studies, Graduate School of Education, Graduate School of Obesity Science, Graduate School of Performing Arts

Majors and Communication
* Majors: Communication, Multimedia and Writing for Film & Television

Majors and Computer
2000s Establishment of Undeclared Majors ( 2000 ), School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science ( 2001 ), Graduate School of Forensic & Investigative Science ( 2003 ) and College of Pharmacy ( 2011 ).
The Computer Science Division covers the Computer Science and Information Systems majors, and offers both Majors and Minors in Computer Science and Information Systems, falling into BS and BA degrees.

Majors and Science
Majors and concentration include Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in 32 major areas of concentration.
Majors included Interdisciplinary Studies, Environmental Science, and Environmental Studies.

Majors and Economics
** Majors possible in: Economics, Finance, Marketing, HRM, Strategy, Logistics and Business Law
* Most Popular Majors: Economics, History, Psychology

Majors and Education
Majors include Music Education, Music Performance, Music Composition and General Music.
* Majors: Dance, Dance Education, Music, Acting, Musical Theatre, Directing, Playwrighting and Production, Theatre Design and Technology.
Majors graduated from Eastern in 1962 with a degree in History and Physical Education.
They offer many Undergraduate Majors and Minors, Graduate Programs, Undergraduate Accelerated Degree Programs, Continuing Education Classes & Certificates, and Licensure & Colloquy Programs.

Majors and Studies
*** Majors: English, Filipino, Social Studies and Mathematics
It offers a two-year A. A., 2 four-year Bachelors of Arts: Biblical Studies and Transformational Ministry Majors, a two-year Bachelors of Theology, and an 18 month degree completion Bachelors of Art in Ministry and Leadership.

Majors and English
* Cryogenics for English Majors: An introduction for non-scientists National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Other recurring bits on the show include fictional commercials, including those for The Catchup Advisory Board ( its name a compromise between the two common spellings for the condiment: " catsup " and " ketchup "), which proclaims the good news about the condiment's " natural mellowing agents " after a short skit of the sufferings of Jim and Barb, a middle-aged couple ; the American Duct Tape Council ; Marvin and Mavis Smiley seasonal bluegrass albums ; Fred Farrell Animal Calls ; the Professional Organization of English Majors ( P. O. E. M.
* A Prairie Home Companion: English Majors: A Comedy Collection for the Highly Literate CD ( 2008, HighBridge Company )
Majors are available in accounting, biology, business administration, chemistry, Christian ministry, criminal justice, education ( elementary, middles grades, physical, secondary and special ), English / communication, health, history, history / political science, mathematics, psychology, recreation management, religious studies, sociology and sports management.
A similar test, the Test for English Majors ( TEM ), is mandatory for English majors.
Majors in business administration, English, history, philosophy, psychology, and religious studies receive a foundation of general knowledge before moving on to their areas of specialization.
Majors and minors offered at Rutgers University in Newark include: accounting, African-American and African studies, allied health technologies, American studies, Ancient Mediterranean civilizations, anthropology, art, biological sciences, botany, business, Central and Eastern European studies, chemistry, clinical laboratory sciences, computer science, criminal justice, economics, education ( teacher certification ), English, environmental sciences, finance, French, geology, geoscience engineering, graphic design ( bachelor of fine arts ), history, information systems, journalism and media studies, management, marketing, mathematics, mathematics ( applied ), music, nursing, philosophy, physics, political science, Portuguese and Lusophone world studies, psychology, social work, sociology, Spanish, theater, television and media arts, visual arts ( bachelor of fine arts ), women's and gender studies, and zoology.
Majors offered in the liberal arts include American studies, English, history, international studies, liberal studies, mathematics, media arts, music, political science, and psychology.

Majors and French
Tennis is enjoyed by millions of recreational players and is also a hugely popular worldwide spectator sport, especially the four Grand Slam tournaments ( also referred to as the " Majors "): the Australian Open played on hard courts, the French Open played on red clay courts, Wimbledon played on grass courts, and the US Open played also on hard courts.
Since it happens so rarely, " Grand Slam " is commonly misused to refer to any one of the four most prestigious tournaments ( Majors ): the Australian Open, the French Open ( or Roland Garros ), Wimbledon, and the U. S. Open.

Majors and History
Pipe Majors are appointed by the unit Commanding Officer after consulting with the Supervisor of Music ( Directorate of History and Heritage-7 ).

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