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Managers and will
( Note: On most location-based television shows, there will be two Assistant Location Managers that alternate episodes, allowing one to prep an upcoming episode while the other is on-set with the current one.
Managers will have an additional incentive to increase risk oversight when their own capital is invested in the fund.
Under the EU's Alternative Investment Fund Managers directive, offshore hedge funds using prime brokers as depositaries will be required to use EU-registered credit institutions before they can be sold in the EU.
Competent People Managers will promote this employee for the betterment of the company.
Incompetent People Managers will most likely feel intimidated and / or threatened by this employee.
In larger museums, building operators will work with Collections Managers to maintain appropriate levels of temperature and humidity which can affect the stability of the objects.
Managers of the complex announced a major renovation project that will include a new visitors center, a 500-room convention hotel and high-tech museum displays.
As the Process Operators perform the processes, the Operational Managers are responsible to build bridges and remove barriers that will allow the process and Process Operator performance objectives to be met.
Managers often use knowledge in the way that a handyman will use his or her skills, the materials and tools that are at hand to meet the demands of a particular situation.
Managers consider that if a pitcher's at bat will probably result in an out, they might as well go out in a way most likely to advance the runners.
Managers in the New Economy relinquish control of work processes to work teams and will need to provide integration through leadership and monitoring.
* Managers, umpires, executives, and players will now be considered on a single ballot.
Managers will be able to selectively breed to help preserve the unique and rare gene variants.
Managers using this style pay much attention to the security and comfort of the employees, in hopes that this will increase performance.
However, unlike some other DOS extenders, PMODE does not require the presence of a memory manager, although it is compatible with both XMS ( such as that of HIMEM. SYS ) and VCPI ( provided by Expanded Memory Managers, like EMM386. EXE or QEMM ), and will make use of those services if available.
Managers count the man-hours and add break time to estimate the amount of time a task will actually take to complete.
The project will be led by the world-renowned sports design firm AECOM ( formerly Ellerbe Becket out of Kansas City ) with design support from Heery Design in conjunction with Construction Managers GE Johnson and Mortenson Construction.
Managers will usually juggle batters who are exceptionally weak against one sort of pitcher so that they only face starting pitchers who offer favourable matchups, but it is impossible to shield a batter from every instance in which he will face a pitcher who has him at a disadvantage.
Managers of course often have to estimate the number of paid working hours that a job will take to do, hire and fire workers, and keep track of the number of paid hours worked.

Managers and sometimes
Managers sometimes place different items in fast selling places to increase turnover or to promote a new line.

Managers and batter
Managers often like to have a left-handed hitter bat second because of the potential gap in the infield defense caused by the first baseman holding the leadoff batter.

Managers and play
These Air Battle Managers and Aerospace Systems Managers not only play a pivotal role in homeland defence but also deploy out of area in support of operations defending the United Kingdom ’ s interests as well as strengthening international peace and security.

Managers and advance
Keim conceded the January 1886 presidential election in advance ; Gowen and his Board of Managers slate were elected unanimously.

Managers and .
Managers aim to capture the inefficiencies arising from the heavy participation of non-economic investors ( i. e., high income " buy and hold " investors seeking tax-exempt income ) as well as the " crossover buying " arising from corporations ' or individuals ' changing income tax situations ( i. e., insurers switching their munis for corporates after a large loss as they can capture a higher after-tax yield by offsetting the taxable corporate income with underwriting losses ).
Managers, catchers and pitchers use the statistics of batters of opposing teams to develop pitching strategies and set defensive positioning on the field.
Managers and batters study opposing pitcher performance and motions in attempting to improve hitting.
Strikes were forbidden, Owner / Managers were not permitted to make changes in decisions which would impact their productivity or profit.
It contributes also to the Top Industrial Managers for Europe ( TIME ) network.
All key staff i. e. Office Directors and Program Managers are rotated to ensure constant infusion of fresh thinking and perspectives.
* Managers may use fundamental analysis to correctly value ' good ' and ' bad ' companies.
* Managers may also consider the economic cycle in determining whether conditions are ' right ' to buy fundamentally suitable companies.
* Managers may use fundamental analysis to determine future growth rates for buying high priced growth stocks.
" A National Study of Middle Managers ' Assessment of Organizational Communication Quality.
Managers employing such a strategy capitalize on valuation inconsistencies in the market before or after such events, and take a position based on the predicted movement of the security or securities in question.
Managers of hedge funds use particular trading strategies and instruments with the specific aim of reducing market risks to produce risk-adjusted returns, which are consistent with investors ' desired level of risk.
In November 2010, the EU Parliament passed the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, which seeks to provide greater monitoring and control of alternative investment fund managers operating in the EU.
The EU's Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers ( AIFMD ) was passed by the EU Parliament on November 11, 2010 and is the first EU directive focused on " alternative investment fund managers ", including hedge fund managers.
Managers process administrative tasks and organize work environments.
Managers deal with complexity, while leaders deal with initiating and adapting to change.
Managers undertake the tasks of planning, budgeting, organizing, staffing, controlling and problem solving.
LEO and the Managers, MacDonald, London.
* Managers must understand where and how they can implement their policies and strategies.

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