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Manuscripts and written
The foundational documents of the original Order of the Golden Dawn are known as the Cipher Manuscripts ; they were written in English using Trithemius cipher.
In October 1887, Westcott purported to have written to Anna Sprengel, whose name and address he received through the decoding of the Cipher Manuscripts.
Manuscripts in Tocharian languages, written on palm leaves, survived in desert burials in the Tarim Basin of Central Asia.
The Freising Manuscripts, dating from the 10th century A. D., most probably written in upper Carinthia ( state ) | Carinthia, are the oldest surviving documents in Slovene language.
* Manuscripts and Woodcuts: Visions and Designs from Bloomsbury – Duke University Libraries Digital Collections Includes 12 woodcuts by Roger Fry and the manuscript of Elizabeth and Essex written in Lytton Strachey's hand with 7 miscellaneous manuscript letters.
This orthography is a predecessor of the Sinckan Manuscripts | Sinckan writing ( 新港文書 ), a kind of land contract written by Plain aborigines ( 平埔族 ) of the Xingang Tribe ( 新港社 ), Taiwan, between later half of 17 century and first half of 19 century.
The precise date of the origin of the Freising Manuscripts cannot be exactly determined ; the original text was probably written in the 9th century.
Manuscripts of the Samaritan Pentateuch are written in a different Hebrew script than is used in other Hebrew Pentateuchs.
Category: Manuscripts written in undeciphered writing systems
Manuscripts written in Rhaetian minuscule tend to have slender letters, resembling Insular script, with the letters a and t, and ligatures such as ri, showing similar to Visigothic and Beneventan.
Manuscripts written in Bobbio:
Manuscripts, Nero A. II, in the British Museum ), written about the middle of the eighth century, probably by an Irish monk in France, is found perhaps the earliest attribution of the Milan use to St. Ambrose, though it quotes the authority of St. Augustine, probably alluding to the passage already mentioned: " Est et alius cursus quem refert beatus augustinus episcopus quod beatus ambrosius propter hereticorum ordinem dissimilem composuit quem in italia antea de cantabatur " ( There is yet another Cursus which the blessed Bishop Augustine says that the blessed Ambrose composed because of the existence of a different use of the heretics, which previously used to be sung in Italy ).
The Freising Manuscripts, dated from the 11th century, were most probably written in Carinthia and compiled in the local Alpine Slav dialect
The Freising Manuscripts, dating from the 10th century, which most surely originate from the region inhabited by the Carantanians, are considered to be the oldest documents in any Slavic language written in Latin alphabet.
* Documents relating to the Yale Elizabethan Club's organization and activities include correspondence, some written in Latin, with the Signet Society and are viewable through the online Yale Manuscripts and Archives Collection:
Category: Manuscripts written in undeciphered writing systems
The definitive text on Fraktur is widely considered to be The Fraktur-Writings or Illuminated Manuscripts of the Pennsylvania Germans, written by Dr. Donald A. Shelley and published by the Pennsylvania German Society in 1961.
Manuscripts written by TeikaThe is a memoir written by Lady Sarashina ( as she is commonly known ), a lady-in-waiting of Heian-period Japan.
The Sinckan Manuscripts (; also spelled Sinkang or Sinkan ) refers to a series of leases, mortgages, and other commerce contracts written in the Sinckan language ; they are commonly referred to as the " fanzi contracts.
Manuscripts of 13 plays written by him were discovered in an old library in Thiruvananthapuram ( Trivandrum ) in 1913 by the scholar Ganapati Sastri.
Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 ( also referred to as The Paris Manuscripts ) are a series of notes written between April and August 1844 by Karl Marx.
( 1841-1844 ); the Black Prince, an historical poem written in French by Chandos Herald ( 1842 ); and Report on the Greek Manuscripts yet remaining in the Libraries of the Levant ( 1858 ).

Manuscripts and medieval
Manuscripts were another significant feature of Serbian medieval art.
* Department of Manuscripts, Autographs and Closed Collections: From the 4th century to the present day: late antique, medieval and modern manuscripts from almost every literate culture.

Manuscripts and have
Mathers and Westcott have been credited for developing the ritual outlines in the Cipher Manuscripts into a workable format.
Manuscripts of Herodotus ' Historiae have all four spellings, viz.
She also uncovered evidence that Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, from whom critics have long-claimed Eddy stole all her ideas, could not possibly have been the " author " of the so-called " Quimby Manuscripts " as Horatio Dresser, the son of two of Quimby's students, claimed.
The Great Race of Yith is believed to have produced the first five chapters of the Manuscripts, which, among other things, contain a detailed chronicle of the race's history.
The Manuscripts survived into historical times, protected by a secretive cult known as the Pnakotic Brotherhood, and are thought to have been translated into Greek in a version known as the Pnakotica.
This much we may confidently affirm, that though both the Missal and the Breviary have been subjected from time to time to various modifications, often, as might be expected, in a Roman direction, the changes are singularly few and unimportant, and the Ambrosian Rite of today is substantially the same as that represented in the early Manuscripts.
* The " Rituale " and " Pontificale " have contents similar to those of Roman books of the same name, though of course the early Manuscripts are less ample.
When critics closed in and accused Samuel Ireland of forgery, his son published a confession – An Authentic Account of the Shaksperian Manuscripts – but many critics could not believe a young man could have forged them all by himself.
Although some have separated Marx's works between a " young Marx " ( in particular the Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 ) and a " mature Marx " or also by separating it into purely philosophical works, economics works and political and historical interventions, Étienne Balibar ( 1993 ) has pointed out that Marx's works can be divided into " economic works " ( Das Kapital, 1867 ), " philosophical works " and " historical works " ( The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, the 1871 Civil War in France which concerned the Paris Commune and acclaimed it as the first " dictatorship of the proletariat ", etc.
Indeed in 1844, by the look of Marx's writings in that period ( most famous of which is the " Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 ", a text that most explicitly elaborated his theory of alienation ), Marx's thinking could have taken at least three possible courses: the study of law, religion, and the state ; the study of natural philosophy ; and the study of political economy.
Two major collections of papers of the Cavendish-Bentinck Dukes of Portland have been deposited at the department of Manuscripts and Special Collections, The University of Nottingham.
Manuscripts and fragments that have survived from this monastery's collection include the following source texts:
Some of her poetry manuscripts now have a permanent home in the New York Public Library, where her work was featured in an exhibit, " The Hand of the Poet: Original Manuscripts by 100 Masters, From John Donne to Julia Alvarez.
Manuscripts from the time of Saint László have been catalogued in Pannonhalma.
Dučić's monographs about monasteries ( Tvrdoš, Žitomislić, Morača, Ostrog ) have not lost the cultural-historical value since science must further take some studies into consideration: Christmas in Montenegro ( 1867 ); Boka and Zeta ( 1875 ); Slav Manuscripts in the National Library in Paris ( 1889 ).
Manuscripts often have inscriptions, not necessarily contemporary, as to who commissioned them, and which church or monastery they were given to, but few dates or names and locations of those producing them.
Manuscripts are judged anonymously by nationally known writers ; past judges have included Robert Penn Warren, Joyce Carol Oates, Raymond Carver, Margaret Atwood, Russell Banks, Michael Chabon, Frank Conroy, Richard Ford, John Edgar Wideman, Nadine Gordimer, and Rick Moody.
According to Taiwan Journal, Taiwan's Academia Sinica historians and linguistics announced, on February 14, 2006, that their team of researchers have deciphered up to 80 % of the 187 so-called Sinckan Manuscripts ( or Sinkang Manuscripts ), a set of documents from 17th and 18th centuries written in the language spoken by the Siraya people using a system of romanization introduced by the Dutch in the 17th century.

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