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Many and Anglo-Catholic
Many Anglo-Catholic prayer books and manuals of devotion contain the Roman Catholic Rosary along with other Marian devotions.
Many jurisdictions and parishes of the Anglo-Catholic tradition continue to practice prayer for the dead, including offering the Sunday liturgy for the peace of named departed Christians and the keeping of All Soul's Day.
Many Anglo-Catholic parishes observe the feast using the traditional Roman Catholic title, the " Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary ".
Many of these areas were so dangerous that bishops refused to visit them, although their refusal was also motivated by a distaste for the ritualism of the Anglo-Catholic clergy.

Many and parishes
Many parishes and monasteries will serve the Divine Liturgy on both Saturday morning and Sunday morning.
Many farms and estates had their own orchards, and many varieties of pear developed that were unique to particular parishes or villages.
Many of the parishes and towns of today can be traced several centuries back.
Many of the larger Charismatic and Evangelical parishes have larger ministry teams with a number of pastoral leaders, some ordained and others who are not.
Many of the parishes still correspond to the original socknar, but there have been a lot of partitions and amalgamations throughout the years.
Many of these subdivisions were eventually to become civil parishes and form the lowest level of local government.
Many parishes choose to use the Book of the Gospels, particularly on Sundays because the Book of the Gospels may be carried in the entrance procession while the Lectionary may not.
Many small parishes like Earl Shilton had a large mileage of roads within their boundaries and found it well-nigh impossible to maintain them.
Many powers remained in the hands of traditional bodies such as parishes and the counties of Middlesex, Surrey and Kent.
Many former students, in the tradition of the House, go on to minister in urban priority areas and parishes which continue to suffer poverty and deprivation.
Many of the major suburbs and settlements that comprise the town are separated by large tracts of open common land and fields and, together with smaller civil parishes adjoining the town council boundaries and the hills, the built up area is often referred to collectively as The Malverns.
Many conservative former Anglicans have turned to the Archdiocese as a jurisdiction, some joining and leading Western Rite parishes with liturgy more familiar to Western Christians.
Many former urban districts and municipal boroughs that were being abolished rather than succeeded were continued as new successor parishes.
Many of the parishes have chapels-of-ease or other Mass centres attached adding a total of 99 chapels to the 107 parish churches.
Many parishes of what is now called la Franja had been historically part of the Diocese of Lleida, along with other, non-Catalan-speaking Aragonese towns.
Many vicars recorded local landmarks within their parishes, and these might include details of the landscape, as well as ancient monuments such as standing stones -- even where they did not recognise the significance of what they were seeing.
Many of the parishes founded in 1835 kept the name of the district.
Many parishes ignored this order, believing it to be the forerunner of some new tax.
Many parishes are also connected to other church communions.
Many Orthodox parishes are named " Joy of all who Sorrow " and specific commemoration of the Joy of all who Sorrow is on July 23, on Orthodox calendars.
Many parishes that primarily make use of the BAS offer a plain " early celebration " or Low Mass from the BCP on Sundays.
Many of these parishes are headed by priests who studied in or emigrated from those countries.

Many and Church
Many individuals who have made significant contributions to Acadia University, including the first president John Pryor, were members of the First Baptist Church Halifax congregation.
Many Christians interpret Boaz and Ruth as typical of Jesus and the Church.
Many of these materials were initially published in Church periodicals in the early days of church.
Many of Cairo's oldest Coptic churches, including the Hanging Church, are located along the fortress walls in a section of the city known as Coptic Cairo.
Many Continental or Traditionalist conservatives do not support separation of Church and state, with most supporting state recognition of and cooperation with the Catholic Church, such as had existed in France before the Revolution.
Many of Charles's subjects felt this brought the Church of England too close to the Roman Catholic Church.
Many Orthodox theologians believe that all people will have an opportunity to embrace union with God, including Jesus, after their death, and so become part of the Church at that time.
Many of those who apply the term " Catholic Church " to all Christians object to the use of the term to designate what they view as only one church within what they understand as the " whole " Catholic Church.
Many Presbyterian Churches, influenced by Philip Schaff's Mercersburg Theology, have adopted a High Church liturgy.
Many Protestant churches are now organized by either congregational or presbyterian church polities, both descended from the writings of John Calvin, a Protestant reformer working and writing independently following the break with the Roman Catholic Church precipitated by The Ninety-Five Theses of Martin Luther.
Many Methodist churches ( see The United Methodist Church, among others ) retain the form and function of episcopal polity, although in a modified form, called connexionalism.
Many Catholics objected to the election system because it effectively denied the authority of the Pope in Rome over the French Church.
Many Albanians converted to the Roman Catholic Church at that period.
Many religions popular in ethnic regions of the Soviet Union, including the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Catholic Churches, Baptists, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism underwent ordeals similar to that which the Orthodox churches in other parts of the country suffered: thousands of monks were persecuted, and hundreds of churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, sacred monuments, monasteries and other religious buildings were razed.
Many churches, including the Roman Catholic Church, have stated that they have no objection in principle to fixing the date of Easter in this way, but no serious discussions have yet taken place on implementing such a change.
Many Christians fell away, and were thereafter referred to as " lapsi ", but afterwards asked to be received again into the Church.
Many in the government felt that Townsend would be an unsuitable husband for the Queen's 22-year-old sister, and the Church of England refused to countenance the marriage to a divorced man.
Many followers relocated to Persia and became affiliated with the local Christian community there ; this adopted an increasingly Nestorian theology and was thereafter often known as the Nestorian Church.
Many Christians of the Eastern Orthodox Church to this day typically dye their Easter eggs red, the color of blood, in recognition of the blood of the sacrificed Christ ( and, of the renewal of life in springtime ).
Many of the main criticisms of moral relativism by the Catholic Church relate largely to modern controversies, such as elective abortion.
Many denominations, such as Baptists and the Methodist Church, which are notable for their mission work, have therefore embraced the term " People of the Book.
Many contemporary Church historians and journalists question his approaches.

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