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Many and Chinatown
Many new and poorer Chinese immigrants cannot afford their rents ; as a result, growth has slowed, and a process of relocation to the Flushing Chinatown and Brooklyn Chinatown has started.
Many working-class Chinese immigrants also settled in Fitzroy due to its proximity to Chinatown, with also a noticeable Vietnamese community ; a small enclave of Africans lives there, and the area ( particularly Johnston Street ) serves as a centre of Melbourne's Hispanic community, with many Spanish and Latin American-themed restaurants, clubs, bars and some stores.
Many Chinatowns have a long history, such as Shinchimachi, the nearly three-century old Chinatown in Nagasaki, Japan, or Yaowarat Road in Bangkok, which was founded by Chinese traders more than 200 years ago, and the oldest Chinatown in the world located outside of China is in Binondo, Manila in the Philippines.
Many of the buildings restored in Singapore Chinatown were shophouses and they now house many small-medium businesses including upmarket boutiques, cafes and bakeries, advertising agencies, architectural and law firms, internet start-ups, boutique hotels, spas and fitness schools.
Many immigrants in Casablanca's Chinatown engage in the wholesale apparel businesses, selling fair-quality products at low prices.
Many local officials and business leaders, as well as Chinatown residents, concerned about how fears of plague would affect their lives and businesses, denied the existence of the disease and / or resisted quarantine and immunization efforts.
Many Chinese also settled Cuba as contract laborers and they formerly boast the largest Chinatown in Western Hemisphere as most Chinese Cubans left for Florida.
Many Chinese victims in Chinatown are prostitutes and reluctant to report any incidents of gang harassment to authorities because they fear possible retaliation.
Many Asian languages and dialects can be heard in Chinatown due to its diverse population.
Many Chinese newcomers, however, opted to live outside “ Chinatownand the community began to fall into disrepair.
Many nationally-distributed ethnic newspapers are based out of offices in Astoria, Chinatown or Brooklyn.

Many and areas
Many defoliated forest areas were quickly invaded by aggressive pioneer species, such as bamboo and cogon grass, which make it unlikely the forests will be able to regenerate.
Many studies now indicate that chronic treatment with antipsychotics affects the brain at a structural level, for example increasing the volume of the basal ganglia ( especially the caudate nucleus ), and reducing cortical grey matter volume in different brain areas.
Many areas average of rain per week, and these can use a cistern as small as.
Many visitors prefer to travel in these areas in a convoy.
Many areas of the province are often covered by a blanket of heavy cloud and low fog during winter, despite sunny summers.
Many refugees from areas captured by Israeli forces in 1947 – 48 fled to the Bethlehem area, primarily settling in the what became the official refugee camps of ' Azza ( Beit Jibrin ) and ' Aida in the north and Dheisheh in the south.
Many of the most visited attractions in Chile are protected areas.
Many areas have restaurants and children's playgrounds.
Many scientists have found it difficult to reconcile the fact that information is distributed across multiple brain areas with the apparent unity of consciousness: this is one aspect of the so-called binding problem.
Many significant areas of mathematics can be formalised as categories, and the use of category theory allows many intricate and subtle mathematical results in these fields to be stated, and proved, in a much simpler way than without the use of categories.
Many cafeterias ( canteens ) at Chinese universities have separate sections or dining areas for Muslim students ( Hui or western Chinese minorities ), typically labeled " qingzhen.
Many of these areas are inappropriately opened to development, when they cannot sustain human settlements.
Many versions of Doom ( and its sequels ) include secret levels which are accessed by the player discovering alternate exits, often hidden behind secret doors or in areas which are difficult to reach.
Many of the several hundred temple mounds have been built over with freeways, shopping centers, commerce, luxury hotels and residential areas.
Many Burmese living in rural areas still sport tattoos like this – they are believed to protect against bullets and snake bites.
Many German cities have rapid transit systems and Public transport is available in most areas.
Many Greeks either fled to other European nations or to geographically isolated areas ( i. e. mountains and heavily forested territories ) in order to escape foreign rule.
Many names of campus buildings and areas bear Scottish names:
Many prospecting areas were in dangerous, upland country, and, although mineral exploitation was presumably one of the main reasons for the Roman invasion, it had to wait until these areas were subdued.
Many interrelationships of these areas exist, and some are subsets of others.
Many areas of mathematics and computer science have been brought to bear on the problem, including elliptic curves, algebraic number theory, and quantum computing.
Many of these plains are along the coast, and their areas have been increased by reclamation throughout recorded history.
' Many live in less-productive, problem-prone areas, some of which have been so seriously degraded within the last generation that they resemble lands on the edge of the Sahara Desert.

Many and also
Many scouring powders now also contain phosphates.
Many of the roads also were hit by an unusually severe winter.
Many protists also exist as individual amoeboid cells, or take such a form at some point in their life-cycle.
Many of them also have infixes.
Many spices and medicinal herbs are also present.
Many plants of this group are also adapted to conditions that encourage heavy concentrations of essential oils, and as a result some are flavourful aromatic herbs.
Many also argue that monopolies tend to be corrupt and inefficient.
Many anarchists also argue that private defense and court agencies would have to have a good reputation in order to stay in business.
Many Austrians also argue that capital allocated to investment goods cannot be quickly augmented to create consumption goods.
Many peasant parties were also nationalist parties, because peasants often worked their land for the benefit of landlords of different ethnicity.
Many important proteinogenic and non-proteinogenic amino acids also play critical non-protein roles within the body.
Many scholars see the persistence of Germanic Arianism as a strategy that was followed in order to differentiate the Germanic elite from the local inhabitants and their culture and also to maintain the Germanic elite's separate group identity.
Many countries, including some US states, also permit the use of less severe corporal punishment for children in school.
Many Indo-Aryan languages, such as Hindi-Urdu, also write the two phones differently and treat them as completely distinct phonemes: is written as ' प ' ( or ' پ '), while is written ' फ ' ( or ' پھ ') and so on.
Many towns or suburbs of Australia have also been influenced or named after Aboriginal words.
Many CPU accelerator cards also had integrated SCSI controllers.
Many area codes reserved 999 ; 320 was also formerly reserved in Bell Canada territory.
Many forces ' IFVs carry anti-tank missiles in every infantry platoon, and attack helicopters have also added anti-tank capability to the modern battlefield.
Many also have firing ports allowing the infantry to fire personal weapons while mounted and improved armour.
Many of these herbs are also used in apéritifs and bitters, whether alcoholic or not.
Many GA-style guitars also have a convex back panel to increase the volume of space in the soundbox without making the soundbox deeper at the edges, which would affect comfort and playability.
Many Mennonites also conduct some or all of their services without instruments.
Many Muslim musicians also perform a form of a cappella music called nasheed or Tawasheeh.
Many members of the movement are also aware of this, and argue that, as long as they have a common opponent, they should march together-even if they don't share exactly the same political vision.

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