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Many and servers
Many modern web servers can directly execute on-line scripting languages such as ASP and PHP either by the web server itself or via extension modules ( e. g. mod_perl or mod php ) to the web server.
Many generic web servers also support server-side scripting using Active Server Pages ( ASP ), PHP, or other scripting languages.
Many sites ' servers thought the requests were from a virus or spyware trying to cause a Denial of Service attack, warning users that their queries looked like " automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application ".
Many computer servers offer the option of redundant power supplies, so that in the event of one power supply failing, one or more other power supplies are able to power the load.
Many servers do not have a graphical user interface ( GUI ) as it is unnecessary and consumes resources that could be allocated elsewhere.
Many servers take a long time for the hardware to start up and load the operating system.
Many relays were closed, or were placed on blacklists by other servers.
Many colocation facilities can provide redundant, A and B power feeds to customer equipment, and high end servers and telecommunications equipment often can have two power supplies installed.
Many electronic mailing list servers have a special email address in which subscribers ( or those that want to be subscribers ) can send commands to the server to perform such tasks as subscribing and unsubscribing, temporarily halting the sending of messages to them, or changing available preferences.
Many xSeries servers used IBM's C2T cabling scheme for Keyboard / Video / Mouse.
Many XDCC servers run on security compromised computers.
Many servers are required by their employers to wear a uniform.
Many Apple Mac OS X networking clients, such as the Safari browser and the iChat instant messaging software, use DNS-SD to locate nearby servers.
Many servers, however, implement a maximum number of simultaneous connections per client in order to mitigate this.
Many such packages are available ; for example, it is possible to install the Apache HTTP Server, mail servers such as exim, and the Windows Networking server " Samba ".
Many speculated that the project was engaging in practices such as seeding and streaming of films from ES5 servers and proxying that would not scale.
Many businesses utilize virtual servers for internal purposes, where there is a technological or administrative reason to operate several separate websites, such as a customer extranet website, employee extranet, internal intranet, and intranets for different departments.
Many localized versions of Ragnarok Online have implemented free servers during 2007-2008.
Many IRCnet servers state that IRC is a privilege, not a right.
Many FTP servers for POSIX systems use the chroot mechanism to sandbox untrusted FTP clients.
Many publicly accessible key servers, located around the world, are computers which store and provide OpenPGP keys over the Internet for users of that cryptosystem.
Many of Plan 9's applications take the form of 9P servers.
Many servers are based on the original game, but many server operators opt to spin the game play with custom content, including quests, monsters, and items, or by tweaking the mechanics with faster leveling or higher level caps.
Many other servers ( and all EverQuest live servers ) are opposed to the idea and consider it a bannable offense.

Many and for
Many readers of this department no doubt discount certain of my opinions for the simple reason that they can guess pretty accurately, even if they have never actually been told, what my age is.
Many thanks for a job well done.
Many of the individual projects for which development assistance is required call for expenditures over lengthy periods.
Many mills have already placed firm orders for this machine.
Many cells, bacteria, and other microorganisms are transparent to visible light and must be stained for microscopic investigation.
Good service starts with product design and planning: Many products seem to be designed for a production economy, not for a service one.
Many of them appear to drop out, for one reason or another.
Many of them paid for their curiosity with their lives, for some minutes later the first giant wave roared over the shore.
Many people use wicker cradles for old red wine, lifting the bottle carefully from the bin into the cradle and eventually to the table, without disturbing the sediment.
Many years later ( on August 3, 1915 ), Lucy Upton wrote Winslow's daughter soon to be graduated from Smith College: `` While I love botany which, after dabbling in for years, I studied according to the methods of that day exactly forty years ago in a summer school, it must be fascinating to take up zoology in the way you are doing.
Many churches find the Sunday school hour to be the most practical time for adult preparation classes.
Many of them had once been members of a church or at least had been given instruction in Christianity but for one or another reason had allowed the connexion to lapse.
Many American anthropologists adopted his agenda for social reform, and theories of race continue to be popular subjects for anthropologists today.
Many served in the armed forces, while others worked in intelligence ( for example, Office of Strategic Services and the Office of War Information ).
Many members of this family are cultivated for various purposes.
Many plants in this family, such as wild carrot, have estrogenic properties and have been used as a folk medicine for birth control.
Many of the settings for Agatha Christie ’ s books were directly inspired by the many archaeological field seasons spent in the Middle East on the sites managed by her second husband Max Mallowan.
Many architects and architectural firms focus on certain project types ( for example, health care, retail, public housing, event management ), technological expertise or project delivery methods.
Many religions, whether they believe in the soul's existence in another world like Christianity, Islam and many pagan belief systems, or in reincarnation like many forms of Hinduism and Buddhism, believe that one's status in the afterlife is a reward or punishment for their conduct during life.
Many ancient civilizations alloyed metals for purely aesthetic purposes.
Renaissance architects included Alberti, Brunelleschi and Bramante. Many of these artists came from Florence and it remained an important centre for the Renaissance into the 16th century eventually to be overtaken by Rome and Venice.

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