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Many and applications
Many types of applications use variables representable in eight or fewer bits, and processor designers optimize for this common usage.
Many of the instances that occur in practical applications can be solved much more quickly.
Many reported IPS values have represented " peak " execution rates on artificial instruction sequences with few branches, whereas realistic workloads consist of a mix of instructions and applications, some of which take longer to execute than others.
Many business applications being written today use the client – server model, as do the Internet's main application protocols, such as HTTP, SMTP, Telnet, and DNS.
Many SFA applications also include insights into opportunities, territories, sales forecasts and workflow automation.
Many applications pack all their data files into a single file called archive file, using internal markers to discern the different types of information contained within.
Many early aircraft engines ( and a few in other applications ) had the crankshaft fixed to the airframe and instead the cylinders rotated, known as a rotary engine design.
** Many embedded applications have a limited amount of physical space for circuitry ; keeping peripherals on-chip will reduce the space required for the circuit board.
Many early PDP-11 applications were developed using standalone paper-tape utilities.
Many inductors used in radio applications ( usually less than 100 MHz ) use adjustable cores in order to tune such inductors to their desired value, since manufacturing processes have certain tolerances ( inaccuracy ).
Many CD authoring applications attempt to get around the filename length by truncating filenames automatically, but do so at the risk of breaking applications that rely on a specific file structure.
Many mathematicians feel that to call their area a science is to downplay the importance of its aesthetic side, and its history in the traditional seven liberal arts ; others feel that to ignore its connection to the sciences is to turn a blind eye to the fact that the interface between mathematics and its applications in science and engineering has driven much development in mathematics.
Many lab-on-a-chip applications have been demonstrated within the digital microfluidics paradigm using electrowetting.
Many XML-based applications now exist, including Resource Description Framework ( RDF ), XForms, DocBook, SOAP and the Web Ontology Language ( OWL ).
Many others exist, some of which are used in very narrow range of applications or are more like applications processors than microcontrollers.
Many Structuralists later moved away from the most strict interpretations and applications of " structure ", and are thus called " Post-structuralists ".
Many applications can transform a document into a PostScript program whose execution will result in the original document.
Many converters to RDF exist from different applications.
Many patents were filed in the 1950s and 1960s concerning variations on these three-ring structures with applications to psychiatric conditions.
* Many computer-aided design applications support splines and other curves, such as:
Many other wiki applications have also been used within enterprises.
Many of the enterprise wiki applications, such as TWiki, Confluence and SharePoint, also support such features, as do open-source applications like MediaWiki and XWiki, via plugins.

Many and practices
Many of these facial disfigurings were and still are done in some parts of the world as punishment for some crimes, and as individual shame and population terror practices.
Many other " community day schools " that are not affiliated with the Solomon Schechter network take a generally Conservative approach, but unlike the Schechter schools, these schools generally have " no barriers to enrollment based on the faith of the parents or on religious practices in the home.
Many faiths around the world — from Japanese Shinto and Chinese traditional religion, to certain African practices and the faiths derived from those in the Caribbean, to Native American beliefs — hold that ancestral or household spirits offer daily protection and blessings.
Ibn Taymiyya argued against the shirking of Sharia law, and against practices such as the celebration of Muhammad's birthday or the construction of mosques around the tombs of Sufi sheikhs, believing that these were unacceptable borrowings from Christianity: Many Muslims ' do not even know of the Christian origins of these practices.
Many of the expectations and practices which we associate with spoken and written language are no longer applicable.
Many martial arts, especially those from Asia, also teach side disciplines which pertain to medicinal practices.
Many pagans and pagan traditions attempt to incorporate elements of historical religions, cultures and mythologies into their beliefs and practices, often emphasizing the age of their sources.
Many traditional practices among the natives had been outlawed by German administrators, specifically the acts of tattooing and mengol.
Many spiritual practices refer to this peace as an experience of knowing oneself.
Many UU congregations have study groups that examine the traditions and spiritual practices of Neopaganism, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, Pantheism, and other faiths.
Many of these same religious beliefs and ancestor veneration practices are still carried on today in the religion of Kemetic Orthodoxy.
Many of the early safety procedures and waste disposal practices were inadequate, and government documents have since confirmed that Hanford's operations released significant amounts of radioactive materials into the air and the Columbia River, which threatened the health of residents and ecosystems.
Many critics of Smart Growth point to deficiences in Smart Growth regulations — it is hard to criticize principles that promote " best practices ," " stewardship ," and " quality of life.
Many environmental lawsuits question the legal rights of property owners, and whether the general public has a right to intervene with detrimental practices occurring on someone else's land.
Many of the practices of Orthodox Christian hermits and desert-dwellers were imitated in Sufism's growth in the center of the former-Christian lands of the Middle East.
Many similar prayer practices exist in other Christian communities, each with its own set of prescribed prayers and its own form of prayer beads, such as the prayer rope in Eastern Orthodox Christianity.
Many Christians cite the meal as a way to connect with the heritage of their own religion and to see how the practices of the ancient world are still relevant to Christianity today.
Many believed privately owned power companies were charging too much for power, did not employ fair operating practices and were subject to abuse by their owners ( utility holding companies ), at the expense of consumers.
Many family doctor practices have created their own clinics, offering 24-hour service for their patients if needed.
Many other traditional Catholic practices are observed within Anglo-Catholicism, including eucharistic adoration.
Many of Schoenberg's practices, including the formalization of compositional method, and his habit of openly inviting audiences to think analytically, are echoed in avant-garde musical thought throughout the 20th century.
Many of the country's legislative practices derive from the unwritten conventions of, and precedents set by, the United Kingdom's Westminster Parliament ; however, Barbados has evolved variations.
Many indigenous communities interweave pre-Columbian ( pre-Hispanic ) and Catholic Christian symbols in their religious practices.

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