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Many and biblical
Many biblical authors draw a strong connection between love of others and love of God.
Many evangelical creeds will restate traditional Calvinist or Arminian theology, such as belief in biblical inerrancy and creation.
Many biblical scholars are prepared to admit that there may be a historical core beneath the Exodus and Sinai traditions, even if the biblical narrative dramatizes by portraying as a single event what was more likely a gradual process of migration and conquest.
Many hold that for miracles such as this, one must either assert the literal truth of this biblical story, or one must then reject the story as false.
Many towns in Ethiopia are named after biblical Israel settlements, including Ethiopia's third largest city of Nazret ( Adama ).
Many members ( including notable members — Joseph Smith and Brigham Young among them ) of the mainline LDS Church, past and present, have believed that Jackson County was the site of the biblical Garden of Eden.
Many sites in the Holy Land have been destinations for religious pilgrimages since biblical times, by Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
Many of these rules, although originally developed for biblical textual criticism, have wide applicability to any text susceptible to errors of transmission.
Many biblical studies scholars advocate use of the term " Hebrew Bible " when discussing these books in academic writing, as a neutral substitute to terms with religious connotations ( e. g., the non-neutral term " Old Testament ").
Many of his films were biblical epics set on vast outdoor sets that required communication with hundreds of extras.
Many students also enroll in pre-professional programs and go on to graduate school, with most students matriculating as majors in education, biblical studies, and business.
" Many Christian groups forming at the time wanted biblical names such as " Church of God, Church of Christ, or Church of the Living God " and rejected terms such as Baptist, Methodist, or Episcopal as not being scriptural names for the church.
Many people think that the Ziz is a biblical creature.
Many Biblical scholars concluded that the account was a piece of political spin, which had been intended to disguise atrocities carried out by the tribe of Judah against Benjamin, probably in the time of King David as an act of revenge or spite by David against the associates of King Saul, by casting them further back in time, and adding a more justifiable motive ; more recently, scholars have suggested that it is more likely for the narrative to be based on a kernel of truth, particularly since it accounts for the stark contrast in the biblical narrative between the character of the tribe before the incident, and its character afterward.
Many Religious Jews espouse aliyah as a return to the Promised land, and regard it as the fulfillment of God's biblical promise to the descendants of the Hebrew patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Many secular as well as religious universities and colleges offer courses in biblical studies, usually in departments of religious studies, theology, Judaic studies, history, or comparative literature.
Many biblical scholars also interact with traditional Jewish and Christian interpreters and methods of interpretation, which may be called biblical exegesis or hermeneutics and history of interpretation or reception history.
Many highly regarded translations of the Bible still use the Vulgate for consultation, especially in certain difficult Old Testament passages, but nearly all modern Bible versions go directly to the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek biblical texts for translation, and not to a secondary version like the Vulgate.
Many scholars doubt the historical accuracy of biblical texts relevant to times prior to the 9th century BCE.
Many traditions based on biblical scripture and other writings in the Jewish and Christian religions, such as Protestantism, Orthodox Christianity, and Orthodox Judaism, expect the literal renewal of Jerusalem to some day take place at the Temple Mount in accordance with various prophecies.
Many people believed it to be the biblical Book of Job, when in fact it was a book of JOB brand cigarette papers.
Many of her poems also include biblical references and religious allusions.

Many and scholars
Many scholars consider modern anthropology as an outgrowth of the Age of Enlightenment, a period when Europeans attempted to study human behavior systematically, the known varieties of which had been increasing since the fifteenth century as a result of the first European colonization wave.
Many scholars see the persistence of Germanic Arianism as a strategy that was followed in order to differentiate the Germanic elite from the local inhabitants and their culture and also to maintain the Germanic elite's separate group identity.
Many scholars debate over what happened on the threshing floor ; yet it seems unlikely Boaz and Ruth had sexual relations based on the narrative's portrayal of their character ( esp.
" Many scholars argue that this collection originally consisted of three independent and anonymous prophecies, two of which were subsequently appended to the book of Zechariah ( as what scholars refer to as Deutero-Zechariah ) with the third becoming the book of Malachi.
Many scholars see Banquo as a foil and a contrast to Macbeth.
Many scholars in those days thought it reasonable to believe that there exist means for transforming cheaper ( base ) metals into gold.
Many scholars argue that these sophisticated fortifications allowed the east to develop relatively unmolested while Ancient Rome and the west collapsed.
Many scholars employ the term, especially those in the fields of history, cultural studies, and postcolonial theory.
Many modern scholars of liberalism argue that no particularly meaningful distinction between classical and modern liberalism exists.
Many legal scholars believe that a number of legal cases, in particular Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union, established that the use of content-control software in libraries is a violation of the First Amendment.
Many scholars such as Jerome visited the school of Alexandria to exchange ideas and to communicate directly with its scholars.
Many scholars consider the epistle to be written in the late 1st or early 2nd centuries, after the death of James the Just.
Many Islamic scholars and modern Western academics do not view Uzair as " Ezra "; for example Professor Gordon Darnell Newby associates Uzair with Enoch and Metatron.
Many scholars now believe that the author was one of Paul's pupils or associates, citing stylistic differences between Hebrews and the other Pauline epistles.
Many modern conservative scholars today also suggest that Solomon is an unlikely author.
Many scholars see this as an indication that this letter was written before the Epistle to the Galatians, where Paul formed and identified his positions on these matters.
Many Asian civilizations distinguish between art / court / classical styles and " folk " music, though cultures that do not depend greatly upon notation and have much anonymous art music must distinguish the two in different ways from those suggested by western scholars.
Many Muslim scholars argue that even though technology may have advanced, the fundamentals of human life have not and is in the scope of current laws.
Many scholars are convinced that Peter was not the author of this letter because the author had to have a formal education in rhetoric / philosophy and an advanced knowledge of the Greek language.
Many scholars also doubt Petrine authorship because they are convinced that 1 Peter is dependent on the Pauline epistles and that is was written after Paul ’ s ministry because it shares many of the same motifs espoused in Ephesians, Colossians, and the Pastoral Epistles.
Many scholars take Mark 16: 8 as the original ending and believe the ending ( Mark 16: 9-20 ) was written later.
Many believe " the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles originally constituted a two-volume work ", which scholars refer to as Luke-Acts.

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