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Many and companies
Many companies have upgraded their sales manpower and tested new selling, distribution, and promotion techniques to gain a bigger competitive edge.
Many food and beverage companies are already on a highly planned basis.
Many companies have systems, particularly in R & D, which work more or less well, depending upon size and actual belief in the policy on the part of administration, as will be abundantly apparent in subsequent quotations.
Many companies are coming into the country from China and surrounding nations to help improve road surfaces.
Many large companies have a privileged status when it comes to taxation.
Many Armenian companies, especially those owned by government-connected tycoons, have long reported suspiciously low earnings, thereby avoiding paying larger taxes.
Many of these new companies could not meet such requirements to be listed on the Board.
Many of these were part of the corruption indulged in by Scott and the Pennsylvania's president, J. Edgar Thomson, which consisted of inside trading in companies that the railroad did business with, or payoffs made by contracting parties " as part of a quid pro quo ", as biographer David Nasaw writes.
Many 3rd party companies would introduce compatible Ethernet and Token Ring cards that used these same drivers.
Many companies in the American food industry develop new products requiring minimal preparation, such as frozen entrees.
Many commercial BBS software companies that continue to support their old BBS software products switched to the shareware model or made it entirely free.
Many private taxicab companies also operate larger minibus vehicles to cater for group fares.
Many modern companies operate without a COO.
Many companies saw that there were good profits to be made in the calculator business with the margin on these high prices.
Many smaller computer companies had come and gone in the 1950s, wiped out when new technical developments rendered their platforms obsolete, and even large companies like RCA and General Electric were failing to make a profit in the market.
Many mental health professionals use the manual to determine and help communicate a patient's diagnosis after an evaluation ; hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies in the US also generally require a ' five axis ' DSM diagnosis of all the patients treated.
Many of the people involved with INGRES became convinced of the future commercial success of such systems, and formed their own companies to commercialize the work but with an SQL interface.
Many companies began to market expert systems shells from universities, renamed " generators " because they added to the shell a tool for writing rules in plain language and thus, theoretically, allowed to write expert systems without a programming language nor any other software.
Many bonding companies will not issue bonds to convicted felons, also effectively barring them from certain jobs.
Many technical investors use fundamentals to limit their universe of possible stock to ' good ' companies.
Many companies are working on techniques to reduce cost in a variety of ways including reducing the amount of platinum needed in each individual cell.
Many companies often provide free samples to the press in order to generate media coverage for their products.
Many public utilities, including the national telecommunications company Matáv, the national oil and gas conglomerate MOL Group, and electricity supply and production companies were privatized as well.
" Many Canadian companies such as Axiom, Energy, Mirage, Paradigm, PSB and Revel use blind testing extensively in designing their loudspeakers.

Many and create
Many Austrians also argue that capital allocated to investment goods cannot be quickly augmented to create consumption goods.
Many biological molecules are polymers: in this terminology, monomers are relatively small micromolecules that are linked together to create large macromolecules, which are known as polymers.
Many dictators create a cult of personality and have come to favor increasingly grandiloquent titles and honours for themselves.
Many of them hold that it is immoral to prohibit or prevent people from exercising these freedoms and that these freedoms are required to create a decent society where software users can help each other, and to have control over their computers.
Many different anthropogenic sources have helped to create this decline, including the siltation and sedimentation, blocking of dispersal / migration routes, and destruction of riverine habitats created by dams and other development, as well as pollution, disease and overharvesting for commercial and scientific purposes.
Many techniques have been used to create steel ; Mediterranean ones differ dramatically from African ones, for example.
Many home aquaria are unable to naturally supply sufficient infusoria for fish-rearing, so hobbyists may create and maintain their own supply cultures or use one of the many commercial cultures available.
Many of the later sources may also have formed part of a propaganda effort designed to create a history for the people of Ireland that could bear comparison with the mythological descent of their British invaders from the founders of Rome that was promulgated by Geoffrey of Monmouth and others.
Many rural towns have begun using murals to create tourist attractions in order to boost economic income.
Many life forms that live at these depths have the ability to create their own light known as bio-luminescence.
Many of the dramatic war films in the early 1940s in the United States were designed to create a patriotic mindset and convince viewers that sacrifices needed to be made to defeat " the enemy.
Many of the British musicians and bands that had embraced psychedelia went on to create progressive rock in the 1970s, including Pink Floyd, Soft Machine and members of Yes.
Many of Virginia's rivers flow into the Chesapeake Bay, including the Potomac, Rappahannock, York, and James, which create three peninsulas in the bay.
Many newer board models contain small moulded fins on the board which allows the rider to use smaller centre fins and also to create less drag.
Many species of mosquitoes are not blood eaters, and many of those that do create a " high to low pressure " in the blood to obtain it do not transmit disease.
Many were dumped to create artificial reefs.
Many digital filters are based on the Fast Fourier transform, a mathematical algorithm that quickly extracts the frequency spectrum of a signal, allowing the spectrum to be manipulated ( such as to create band-pass filters ) before converting the modified spectrum back into a time-series signal.
Many instances of such a boot image create a virtual dedicated host.
Many cities striving to implement better TOD strategies seek to secure funding to create new public transportation infrastructure and improve existing services.
Many of such differences and the occasional tensions they create still exist in modern times.
Many professional embroidery operations still refer to those individuals who create the designs and machine patterns as " punchers ", even though punched cards and paper tape were eventually phased out, after many years of use, in the 1990s.
Many films became landmarks in special-effects accomplishments: Forbidden Planet used matte paintings, animation, and miniature work to create spectacular alien environments.
Many of these ships were later destroyed and used for landfill to create more buildable land in the boomtown.
Many Dobro-style guitars are now hybrid electric guitars, and some manufacturers are adding strings to create 7-and 8-string resonator-style guitars.
Many of these misconceptions result from the desire to create an interesting story.

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