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Many and different
Many peasant parties were also nationalist parties, because peasants often worked their land for the benefit of landlords of different ethnicity.
Many Coccidiomorpha have an intermediate host as well as a primary host, and the evolution of hosts proceeded in different ways and at different times in these groups.
Many different methods can be used to stimulate apoptosis in various places along the death signaling pathway.
Many supporters of globalization think that policies different from those of today should be pursued, although not necessarily those advocated by the anti-globalization movement.
Many studies now indicate that chronic treatment with antipsychotics affects the brain at a structural level, for example increasing the volume of the basal ganglia ( especially the caudate nucleus ), and reducing cortical grey matter volume in different brain areas.
Many cover versions are in different languages rewritten to reference local units ; these include:
Many notable Celtic musicians such as Alan Stivell and Paddy Moloney claim that the different Celtic musics have much in common.
Many different forms of storage, based on various natural phenomena, have been invented.
Many cultures use different baselines for their calendars ' starting years.
* Mint mark collections: Many collectors consider different mint marks significant enough to justify representation in their collection.
Many different methodologies are used to study cognitive science.
Many countries such as the United States will monitor and control the banking sector through different agencies and for different purposes, although there is usually significant cooperation between the agencies.
Many different causes and correlates of crime have been proposed with varying degree of empirical support.
Many other senators tried different conspiracies and were condemned.
Many different types of synchronous clock motors were used, including the pre-World War II Hammond manual-start clocks.
Many rendering algorithms have been researched, and software used for rendering may employ a number of different techniques to obtain a final image.
Many CPUs feature a second set of pins similar to those for communicating with memory, but able to operate at very different speeds and using different protocols.
Many crossbow scopes feature multiple crosshairs to compensate for the significant effects of gravity over different ranges.
Many applications pack all their data files into a single file called archive file, using internal markers to discern the different types of information contained within.
Many of the debates among Christians have roots in questions about the sources of authority different Christians believe represent God's purest or most definitive message.
Many ecclesias organise holidays for young people, the most popular form in the UK being camping holidays and Youth Weekends such as Swanwick and others locally organised by different ecclesias.
Many types of counter circuits are available as digital building blocks, for example a number of chips in the 4000 series implement different counters.

Many and analog
Many dual system television receivers, equipped to receive both analog transmissions and digital transmissions have analog tuner ( television ) receiving capability and must use a television antenna.
Many countries are replacing broadcast analog television with digital television to allow other uses of the television radio spectrum.
Many embedded systems need to read sensors that produce analog signals.
Many digital, virtual analog and software synthesizers utilise subtractive synthesis, sometimes in conjunction with other methods of sound synthesis.
Many such games natively support joysticks and analog player movement, like Valve's Half-Life and id Software's Quake series.
Many analog meters have been instantly broken by connecting to the wrong point in a circuit, or while on the wrong range, or by dropping onto the floor.
Many FEC coders can also generate a bit-error rate ( BER ) signal which can be used as feedback to fine-tune the analog receiving electronics.
Many analog videotape systems rely on a downconverted color subcarrier in order to record color information in their limited bandwidth.
Many models offer various types of analog modulation, either as standard equipment or as an optional capability to the base unit.
Many residents of that era remember the large analog clock in front of the State National Bank which provided a useful service to adults and teenagers in the 1960s.
Many analog units possess unique characteristics that are desirable.
Many plug-ins exist now, such as by Waves and iZotope, that incorporate some kind of analog modeling.
Many of these are virtual analog synthesizers, where the modules simulate hardware functionality.
Many electronic design elements combine to affect perceived sound quality, making the global " analog mixer vs. digital mixer " question difficult to answer.
Many studio-grade systems provide external hardware, particularly for the analog to digital conversion stages, while less expensive software systems can use the hardware included with any modern computer.
Many top mastering studios, including Bernie Grundman Mastering ( which mastered 37 Grammy-nominated albums in 2005 alone ,) and Gateway Mastering still embrace analog signal processing ( such as analog equalization ) within the mastering process.
Many early and lower-end LD players had poor analog audio components, and many early discs had poorly mastered analog audio tracks, making digital soundtracks in any form most desirable to serious enthusiasts.
Many discs that had originally carried old analog stereo tracks received new Dolby Stereo and Dolby Surround tracks instead, often in addition to digital tracks, helping boost sound quality.
Many cable providers are able to fit about 10 digital SD channels or 2 digital HD channels on a single analog channel frequency.
Many Apple II computers also used DE9 connectors for joysticks, but they had a female port on the computer and a male on the controller, used analog rather than digital sticks, and the pin-out was completely unlike that used on the aforementioned systems.
Many major recording studios finally " went digital " after Digidesign introduced its Pro Tools software, modelled after the traditional method and signal flow present in almost all analog recording devices.

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