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Many and earlier
Many earlier writers, mourning the demise of the old order, tended to romanticize and exaggerate this `` gracious Old South '' imagery, creating such lasting impressions as Margaret Mitchell's `` Tara '' Plantation.
Many Athenians prominent earlier in the century would have lost citizenship, had this law applied to them: Cleisthenes, the founder of democracy, had a non-Athenian mother, and the mothers of Cimon and Themistocles were not Greek at all, but Thracian.
Many retailers open very early ( typically 5 am or even earlier ) and offer doorbuster deals and loss leaders to draw people to their stores.
Many Boers had German ancestry and many members of the government were themselves former Boer military leaders who had fought with the Maritz rebels against the British in the Second Boer War, which had ended only twelve years earlier.
Many of these legends are apparently built on earlier ones.
Many such books are now lost works and remembered only by his references, much like the lost sources mentioned in the work of Vitruvius a century earlier.
Many films were remakes of earlier Ufa productions shorn of the nationalistic Blut und Boden traits of those Nazi-period films.
Many years earlier, an advanced civilization once existed, and for a time, the Earth's Cosmos was in perfect order.
Many dishes ' names probably entered the Greek vocabulary during Ottoman times, or earlier in contact with the Persians and the Arabs.
Many of the earlier legendary elements are interwoven in the 13th-century Vita Amlethi (" The Life of Amleth ") by Saxo Grammaticus, part of Gesta Danorum.
Many of his films were noted for creating " psychological dilemmas " for his male protagonists along with having a strong " sense of environment ," similar in style to films by director Sidney Lumet, for whom he had earlier worked as assistant director.
Many discussions of " classes " in the 19th century and earlier are really referring to sets, or perhaps to a more ambiguous concept.
Many early manuscripts, however, contain individual readings from several different earlier forms of text.
Many appear to have been written early in the history of ancient Israel ( first millennium BC or even earlier ), while others may have been written after the exile to Babylon, which occurred in the sixth century BC.
Many tax rates set by local councils proved to be much higher than earlier predictions, leading to resentment even among people who had supported it.
Many of the earliest white rock and roll hits were covers or partial re-writes of earlier black rhythm and blues or blues songs.
Many elements of his philosophy have precedents in late Aristotelianism, the revived Stoicism of the 16th century, or in earlier philosophers like St. Augustine.
Many practical Roman innovations were adopted from earlier designs.
Many of the earlier public schools in the United States were one-room schools where a single teacher taught seven grades of boys and girls in the same classroom.
Many of his novels, for example, are expansions and refinements of earlier short stories.
Many earlier inventors had previously devised incandescent lamps, including Henry Woodward and Mathew Evans.
Levon and the Hawks were recommended by blues singer John Hammond, who earlier that year had used Helm, Hudson and Robertson on his Vanguard album So Many Roads.
Many early television networks ( e. g. the BBC, NBC or CBS ) evolved from earlier radio networks.
Many of these essays are reprinted in his 1998 book I wish I had made you angry earlier.

Many and accounts
Many ancient historians accuse Agrippina of poisoning Emperor Claudius, though accounts vary.
Many accounts of the development of expertise emphasize that it comes about through long periods of deliberate practice.
Many of these scholars accept the general principles of the documentary hypothesis and suggest that the Torah consists of inconsistent texts edited together in a way that calls attention to divergent accounts.
Many Himalayan versions of the tale include eight arms with which Avalokitesvara skillfully upholds the Dharma, each possessing its own particular implement, while more Chinese-specific versions give varying accounts of this number.
Many general accounts of Kit Carson describe him as an outstanding honorable person.
Many current and recent philosophers — e. g., Daniel Dennett, Willard Van Orman Quine, Donald Davidson, John Rogers Searle, and Jerry Fodor — operate within a broadly physicalist or materialist framework, producing rival accounts of how best to accommodate mind — functionalism, anomalous monism, identity theory, and so on.
Many early accounts which apparently refer to this animal describe the males as being sexually aggressive towards human women and towards females of its own species.
Many accounts claim he was taken from his New York City apartment by KGB agents, taken back to the Soviet Union and made to work in a sharashka laboratory prison camp at Magadan, Siberia.
Many reports have been made by such trained observers as pilots, police, and the military ; some have involved simultaneous radar tracking and visual accounts.
Many negative accounts build on Adam of Bremen's writings ; Adam is said to have watched Sweyn and Scandinavia in general with an " unsympathetic and intolerant eye ", according to some scholars.
Many accounts also exist of donors being postoperatively denied their promised pay.
Many historicists such as H. B. Nicholson ( 2001 ( 1957 )) and Nigel Davies ( 1977 ) were fully aware that the Aztec chronicles were a mixture of mythical and historical accounts, this led them to try to separate the two by applying a comparative approach to the varying Aztec narratives.
Many accounts suggest Louis XVI ’ s desire to say more, but Antoine-Joseph Santerre, a general in the National Guard, halted the speech by ordering a drum roll.
Many modern historians have observed that all the accounts are improbable.
Many first hand accounts of the American War of Independence can be found in " the Diary of Lieutenant Frederick Mackenzie " or Serjeant Roger Lamb's " Original and Authentic Journal of Occurrences During the Late American War ".
Many kleptocratic rulers also secretly transfer public funds into secret personal numbered bank accounts in foreign countries in order to provide them with continued luxury if / when they are eventually removed from power and forced to leave the country.
Many highly educated amateurs now also travelled to Egypt, however, including women such as Harriet Martineau and Florence Nightingale, who both left fascinatingly philosophical accounts of their travels, which revealed learned familiarity with all the latest European Egyptology.
) Many of these early accounts associate miracles with the relics: mentioned in Acts are Paul's handkerchiefs which healed the sick ().
Many also attribute Atlanta's name to Martha's middle name of Atalanta ; however, there are conflicting accounts which suggest the name Atlanta was derived as the feminine form of Atlantic ( Atlanta being one end of the Western & Atlantic Railroad ) by John Edgar Thomson, Chief Engineer of the Georgia Railroad.
Many accounts of Kant's philosophy treat " noumenon " and " thing-in-itself " as synonymous, and there is textual evidence for this relationship.
Many international television broadcasters ( as well as domestic television broadcasters ) have set up accounts on streaming video sites like YouTube to allow their news and information broadcasts to be globally distributed.
Many of the major events of Columbia's past have been summarized in this section from local texts, newspaper accounts, and from the recollections of residents.
Many accounts say that she was psychotic, and that her mental illness grew worse with age.

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