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Many and show's
Many of the show's episodes survive today, and are notable for Kaye's opening " signature " patter.
Many of the show's storylines were taken from the experiences of its writing staff, cast, and crew, most notably, the 1982 death of Will Lee — who played Mr. Hooper — and the marriage of Luis and Maria in 1988.
Many NBC tour guides have claimed that Lynde was afraid of earthquakes and the center square proved to be the safest square of the show's set.
Many of the show's performers, including Paul Merton, Josie Lawrence and Sandi Toksvig, were regulars with The Comedy Store Players, an improvisational group based at London's Comedy Store.
Many memorable episodes and storylines took place during the second season, which built up the show's popularity among young viewers.
Many times, her braces form a central part of the show's plots, as they are magnets, which leads Sharon to unintentionally attract different objects and get into embarrassing situations, although they do help her occasionally.
Many of show's staffers were longtime friends of Hunt's from Chicago.
Many of the TV show's sketches were actually performed as " radio sketches " -- during filming, Air Farce cast members stood on stage in front of microphones reading from scripts, whilst sound effects technician Alex Sinclair could be seen on stage adding sound effects as needed.
Many the show's details and situations were also mined from her own family, marriages and experiences.
Many bachelorettes are runner-ups or eliminated contestants from The Bachelor, including Trista Rehn, whose wedding to Ryan Sutter – the show's winner – was televised on ABC.
Many fans were becoming tired of the show's scripted nature and speaking out.
Many of the situations from the show are based on the real-life experiences of Romano, creator / producer Phil Rosenthal and the show's writing staff.
Many of the show's cars are shown to have special abilities in the series, which is one element of the show's glory and legacy.
Hanna-Barbera Productions, CBS executive Fred Silverman, and some of the show's writers have said that this story is false, and that the show was actually based on the radio program I Love a Mystery and the TV sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.
Many of the show's storylines were taken from the experiences of its writing staff, cast, and crew, most notably the death of Will Lee — who played Mr. Hooper — and the marriage of Luis and Maria.
Many of the show's storylines were taken from the experiences of its writing staff, cast, and crew.
Many of the show's characters were based on people he had known while living in Texas.
Many subsequent attempts have been made to fix its perceived problems, but nonetheless, Nelson's book is still used in many American productions, because a contractual stipulation, ostensibly, prevents the London version, which many believe to be the source of the show's popularity and appeal, from being performed within the United States.
Many of the ads for corporate sponsor Ralston-Purina's Chex cereals used the show's space opera motif in their pitches.
Many of the show's estimated five thousand plus episodes exist:
Many Shakespearean characters and stories found their way into the show's storylines, particularly Macbeth and A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Many of the show's other sets were built in a cleared out portion of the bowling alley such as the interiors of Stuckeyville High School, the courtroom, and The Smiling Goat.
Many years later one of the show's song's " When I Was Out This Morning " ( with lyrics by Hall ) was included on Carr's composer compilation album.

Many and plots
Many plots revolved around Dilbert's engineer nature or his bizarre inventions.
Many of the early strips were reprints of the Bull Tales cartoons, with some changes to the drawings and plots.
Many remained landless, and plots grew smaller and smaller and thus more and more unproductive as land was subdivided among heirs.
Many of the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers musicals of the 1930s also feature screwball comedy plots, notably The Gay Divorcee ( 1934 ) and Top Hat ( 1935 ).
Many inhabitants have plots of land ( at the patches ) on which they grow potatoes.
Many plots involve the teen and twenties offspring of these families, so new nuclear families come into existence over time.
* Bryce's The Geology of Arran 1855 notes: " Many years ago, a large population, the largest then collected in any one spot in island of Arran, inhabited glen, and gained a scanty subsistence by fishing and by cultivating fertile plots on the sunny hill-sides.
Many of mobile home plots are offered by RV parks that allow for all sorts of camping and offer extra plots for mobile homes ( static caravans ). The cost for such a plot tends to be between 400 € and 1. 500 € a year, depending on the location and facillities.
Many Krofft shows have similar plots involving children accidentally trapped in other worlds, but Land of the Lost is the Kroffts ' most serious treatment of the premise ... especially in the first season, slightly less so in the second, and considerably less so in the third.
Many organic gardeners are sympathetic to the philosophy of wildlife gardening, and will usually try to incorporate some aspects of the wild garden into their own plots in order to both act as a means of biological pest control, as well as for its value in promoting biodiversity and generally benefitting the wider environment.
Many plots feature nascent political independence or devolution as backdrop with reference and settings including Scottish parliament.
Many of these traits stem from a dysfunctional childhood with his squabbling parents Frank and Estelle, and often form the basis of his involvement in various plots, schemes, and awkward social encounters.
Many of the plots and sub-plots that developed throughout the story was never resolved ; everything is open to interpretation: the fate of boomers, the situation with the Knight Sabers, Nigel's actual feelings about Sylia, Nene and Mackey's feelings towards each other, and many other plots within the story remains unresolved.
Many small dacha plots, especially those that were recently purchased, are not used for large-scale fruit and vegetable farming.
Many of her stories involve plots where the danger of carelessness or deceitfulness, as well as the danger of the past repeating itself.
Many 3D models of historical and existing spacecraft are available flying in reasonably accurate trajectories, from Sputnik 1 and Voyager 2 to the Hubble Space Telescope and International Space Station, as are extended data plots for stars ( 2 million with correct spatial coordinates ).
Many of the plots revolved around silly action genre clichés and movie parodies, with many of the feature roles played by actors and celebrities such as Mark Hamill, Alan Thicke, Erik Estrada, Gary Coleman, John Salley, Joey Buttafuoco, Patty Hearst, Adam Carolla, Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf, George Takei, Gilbert Gottfried, Walter Koenig, Pat Morita, Anson Williams, Christopher Darden, Maureen McCormick, Lee Majors, David Arquette, Musetta Vander, Angelica Bridges, Ian Ziering, RuPaul, and Dweezil Zappa.
Many habitat measurements were taken in plots between 0. 1 and 2 acres ( 0. 04-0. 8 ha ).
Many of these plots had Jimmy and Lois being captured, only to get rescued at the last minute by Superman.
Many scenes are laid in houses or plots of land which are under the power of malignant beings of various kinds, and where eating or drinking anything at all-even so much, in one case, as taking in a single drop of wine from a girl's lip in the act of kissing her-would place an unwary visitor under the owner's power.
Many dreams revolve around fantasy plots and themes, based on popular books, television programs, ancient mythology, or original creations of Furcadia players.

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