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Many and pop
Many of their songs were not " pure " disco, but were instead rock or pop songs with ( sometimes inescapable ) disco influence or overtones.
She has composed over 3, 000 songs, the best known of which include " I Will Always Love You " ( a two-time U. S. country chart-topper for Parton, as well as an international pop hit for Whitney Houston ), " Jolene ", " Coat of Many Colors ", " 9 to 5 ", and " My Tennessee Mountain Home ".
Many of the band's songs dealt with themes of romance, unrequited love and sexual conquest, which were common in rock, pop and blues music.
Many episodes featured people most British viewers had barely heard of at the time, such as Linda Ronstadt ; some featured veteran performers like Ethel Merman and Rita Moreno ; some featured well-known pop singers, including Elton John, Diana Ross, and Leo Sayer.
* Many tricks combine the kickflip with a revolution of the board on the z axis in multiples of 180 degrees, as happens during a pop shove-it.
Many music artists have used the Union flag ranging from rock artists The Who, Freddie Mercury, Morrissey, Oasis, Iron Maiden and Def Leppard, to the pop girl group the Spice Girls.
Many of the bands from this era were strongly influenced by other genres, such as heavy metal, alternative, pop, and even rap.
Many artists made their mark with pop standards, particularly interpreters like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Frankie Laine, Nat King Cole ( originally known for his jazz piano virtuosity ), Lena Horne, Tony Bennett, Vic Damone, Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand, Peggy Lee, Sammy Davis, Jr., Mel Tormé, Sarah Vaughan, Eydie Gormé, Andy Williams, Nancy Wilson, Jack Jones, Rita Reys, Steve Lawrence and Cleo Laine.
Many contemporary performers have worked in the style of classic pop including Harry Connick, Jr., Linda Ronstadt, Michael Bublé, Diana Krall, Stacey Kent, John Pizzarelli, Ray Reach, Karrin Allyson, Madeleine Peyroux, Jane Monheit, Maude Maggart, as well as those known as cabaret singers such as Andrea Marcovicci and Bobby Short.
Many countries with local pop music industries soon copied the trend towards promo film clips.
Many of Herman's show tunes have become pop standards.
* Many faculty in the Music Department are active in Durango performing arts ensembles, including the Durango Choral Society, the San Juan Symphony, and several chamber ensembles and pop bands.
Many of the major Spanish pop stars of the era rose to fame through these music festivals.
Many compared the demise of the group to that of fellow pop band Steps, as they too had denied their intentions until the moment before their split, after which they were accused of acting out of " greed and cynicism ".
Many hip-hop remixes arose either from the need for a pop / R & B singer to add more of an urban, rap edge to one of their slower songs, or from the need for a rapper to gain more pop appeal by getting an R & B singer to sing some lines here and there.
Many stations play primarily gospel music ( whether Black Gospel or Southern Gospel ) or worship music, while others play all formats of contemporary Christian music including rock and roll, pop, rap, country, and alternative.
Many of these records made # 1 on early versions of the US pop charts-" The Gypsy " was their biggest chart success, staying at the # 1 position for 13 weeks in 1946.
He has also released further albums: 2001's Meet Joe Mac, One Too Manya live compilation album of his work in 2002, — and a pop album 8: 09 in 2004.
Many of the most popular R & B songs were not performed in the rollicking style of Jordan and his contemporaries ; instead they were performed by white musicians like Pat Boone in a more palatable mainstream style, which turned into pop hits.
Many Delta Blues artists moved to Detroit and Chicago such as Big Joe Williams creating a pop influenced city blues style, however, this was displaced by the new Chicago blues sound in the early 1950s pioneered by Delta Bluesmen, Muddy Waters, Howlin ' Wolf and Little Walter, harking back to a more delta influenced, yet electrified sound.
Many notable surf bands have been equally noted for both surf instrumental and surf pop music, so surf music is generally considered as a single genre despite the variety of these styles.
Many find a comedic value in fart lighting and the activity is increasingly represented in pop culture possibly because " for adults, the allure of the vulgar is regressionary and often secretly pleasurable.
Many bands that emerged from the New Romantic movement became closely associated with the use of synthesizers to create rock and pop music.

Many and songs
Many songs have used this term, including the American patriotic songs " America, The Beautiful " and " God Bless the USA ".
Many American folk songs are identical to British songs in arrangements, but with new lyrics, often as parodies of the original material.
Many songs have been written to teach phonemic awareness and they are usually referred to as alphabet songs.
Many of their songs are very old and are said to date back to the old kingdom of Mali.
Many of the songs are sung in a call and response format while others are in the form of a narrative.
Many disco songs employ the use of electronic instruments such as synthesizers.
Many non-disco artists recorded disco songs at the height of disco's popularity, and films such as Saturday Night Fever and Thank God It's Friday contributed to disco's rise in mainstream popularity.
Many original television theme songs of the era also showed a strong disco influence, such as " Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow " ( theme from Baretta, performed by Sammy Davis, Jr. and later a hit single for Rhythm Heritage ), Theme from " S. W. A. T.
She outlined her family's poverty in her early songs " Coat of Many Colors " and " In the Good Old Days ( When Times Were Bad )".
Many of the works were abridged and interpolated songs were commonplace.
The piece has enjoyed a number of major revivals, and several of its songs have become standards, including " Broadway Baby ", " I'm Still Here ", " Too Many Mornings ", " Could I Leave You?
Many use traditional songs and rites from sources such as The Silver Bough and The Carmina Gadelica.
Many of his songs were in very basic keys ( C, G, D, F, etc.
Many of his songs are standard repertoire for singers and jazz musicians.
Many of these songs were written by Peter Lord, Jeffrey Smith and Sandra St. Victor, who were members of The Family Stand.
But if Pacific Overtures is never going to be anyone's favorite Sondheim musical, it is a far more forceful and enjoyable evening at the Promenade than it was eight years ago at the Winter Garden ... Many of the songs are brilliant, self-contained playlets.
Many of the earliest white rock and roll hits were covers or partial re-writes of earlier black rhythm and blues or blues songs.

Many and are
Many of them, moreover, are beginning to complain about the scarcity of Western amusements and to ridicule the old life of the bazaar merchant, the mullah, and the peasant.
Many selections are themselves convincing contributions to this appraisal.
Many of our very best friends are reformers.
Many home-bound subway riders utilizing the Flushing-Main Street express are daily confronted with the sight of the local departing from the Woodside station as their express comes to a stop, leaving them stranded and strained.
Many belly dancers are married, but Serene is one of the few who will admit it.
Many of these experiences are so important that they will be cherished forever by me.
Many hours are given free by the Jaycees to make this and all local pageants outstanding events.
Many adults showing at Westminster today are products of this Class.
Many cells, bacteria, and other microorganisms are transparent to visible light and must be stained for microscopic investigation.
Many of the cells and microorganisms which are transparent to visible light, absorb or reflect the much shorter wavelengths of the ultraviolet spectrum.
Many industry trade associations are developing campaigns to protect or enhance the share of the consumer's dollar being spent on their particular products.
Many food and beverage companies are already on a highly planned basis.
Many other ( probably nearly all ) snakes at maturity are already more than half their final length.
Many of the new appointees are art collectors.
Many years later ( on August 3, 1915 ), Lucy Upton wrote Winslow's daughter soon to be graduated from Smith College: `` While I love botany which, after dabbling in for years, I studied according to the methods of that day exactly forty years ago in a summer school, it must be fascinating to take up zoology in the way you are doing.
Many of the features of the homes are the latest modern devices in American homes, but an interesting blend of cultures finds us using Japanese artfulness in our own Western architecture at the same time that the Japanese are adopting Western utility patterns.
Many legislators are already weary and frustrated over the so-far losing battle to block token integration.
Many of the toll-road bonds still are selling at prices that offer the prospect of an annual yield of 4 per cent, or very close to that.
Many others are attracting the traffic needed to push revenues up to the break-even point.
Many of the coal seams in the nationalized British mines are twisting, narrow and very deep.
Many English Catholics are proud of their Catholicism and know that they are in a new ascendancy.
Many of you are familiar, I'm sure, with the story of my early struggles: the fire in January, 1947, that destroyed everything -- even our precious list of subscribers.
Many caecilians and some other amphibians lay their eggs on land, and the newly hatched larvae wriggle or are transported to water bodies.

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