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Many and rock
Many modern moorings still rely on a large rock as the primary element of their design.
Many of the scuba diving tours come to this area as well, where there are sunken ships, sea mountains, and cave rock formations.
Many species prey on the cane toad in its native habitat, including the broad-snouted caiman ( Caiman latirostris ), the banded cat-eyed snake ( Leptodeira annulata ), the eel ( family: Anguillidae ), various species of killifish, the rock flagtail ( Kuhlia rupestris ), some species of catfish ( order: Siluriformes ).
Many of their songs were not " pure " disco, but were instead rock or pop songs with ( sometimes inescapable ) disco influence or overtones.
Many historic bands and early rock music recordings used this configuration, notable users including Ringo Starr in the Beatles, Mitch Mitchell in the Jimi Hendrix Experience, John Barbata in the Turtles and many others.
Many notable rock drummers have been influenced by Keith Moon, including Dave Grohl, Neil Peart, Tommy Lee, Peter Criss, Brad Wilk, and Tre Cool.
Many of the band's songs dealt with themes of romance, unrequited love and sexual conquest, which were common in rock, pop and blues music.
Many rock groups ( particularly heavy metal and punk groups in the 1980s ) are well known for wearing leather clothing.
Many instrumental performers and singers, including a number of music celebrities, have learned " by ear ", especially in folk music styles such as blues and popular styles such as rock music.
Many surviving acts moved away from psychedelia into either more back-to-basics " roots rock ", traditional-based, pastoral or whimsical folk, the wider experimentation of progressive rock, or riff-based heavy rock.
Many of the British musicians and bands that had embraced psychedelia went on to create progressive rock in the 1970s, including Pink Floyd, Soft Machine and members of Yes.
Many punk-themed films have been made, and punk rock music videos and punk skate videos are common.
Many other films are associated with punk, such as 24 Hour Party People, which presents the evolution of punk rock into New Wave and Madchester, and Threat, which focuses on militant Straight edge punks in the New York hardcore scene.
Many other popular rock and roll singers of the time, such as Fats Domino and Little Richard, came out of the black rhythm and blues tradition, making the music attractive to white audiences, and are not usually classed as " rockabilly ".
Many of the earliest white rock and roll hits were covers or partial re-writes of earlier black rhythm and blues or blues songs.
Many groups moved towards the beat music of rock and roll and rhythm and blues from skiffle, like the Quarrymen who became The Beatles, producing a form of rock and roll revivalism that carried them and many other groups to national success from about 1963 and to international success from 1964, known in America as the British Invasion.
Many early rock and roll songs dealt with issues of cars, school, dating, and clothing.
Many observers saw rock and roll as heralding the way for desegregation, in creating a new form of music that encouraged racial cooperation and shared experience.
Many authors have argued that early rock and roll was instrumental in the way both white and black teenagers identified themselves.
Many helped pioneer psychedelic, and eventually progressive and hard rock, having a major influence of the nature and sound of rock music and meaning that rhythm and blues would be a major component of that sound.

Many and drummers
Many drummers differ slightly or radically from them.
Many rock drummers were influenced by John Bonham's work with Led Zeppelin.
Many years later, Zawinul would pay tribute to Gravatt's skills and state that he had been the finest of the band's " pure jazz " drummers as well as being " from the jazz side ... my favorite of them all.
Many power metal drummers play with double bass pedals or two bass drums, utilizing them to play a constant stream of sixteenth notes ( semiquavers ) with snare drum accents on the beat, a style not restricted to, but most often associated with, power metal.
Many rock drummers have cited him as a major influence.
Many street drummers perform with empty plastic baskets.
Many early rock music drummers, such as Ringo Starr, used a secondary ride cymbal with rivets, normally a ride cymbal thinner than the main ride and ideally one size larger.
Many other Rock and Roll drummers have switched to or began with Ludwig drums during their careers: Brian Bennett of the Shadows, Ian Paice of Deep Purple, Simon Kirke of Bad Company, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, Ronnie Tutt with Elvis Presley, Aynsley Dunbar of Journey, Jefferson Starship, Peter Criss ( before switching to Pearl ) and his successor, Eric Carr of KISS, Lars Ulrich of Metallica ( before switching to Tama ), Herman Rarebell of Scorpions, Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues, Roger Pope of Hookfoot, Elton John and Hall and Oates, Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche, Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Asia, Alan White of Yes, Matt Frenette of Loverboy, Steve Negus of Saga, Rick Allen of Def Leppard, Will Berman of MGMT, Rob Bennett of The Pacific Raiders, Carlton Barret ( Bob Marley and the Wailers ) and Baxter Mawoza of Synthesisare.
Many drummers use traditional grip on drums that are perfectly horizontal, especially in marching percussion.
Many highly regarded drummers endorse DW, including Joe Morello, Derek Roddy ( Serpents Rise ), Dave Grohl, Dominic Howard ( Muse ), Steve Jocz ( Sum 41 ), Brooks Wackerman ( Bad Religion ), Scott Travis ( Judas Priest ), Scott Phillips ( Creed and Alter Bridge ), Abe Laboriel Jr. ( Paul McCartney ), Neil Peart of Rush, Will Berman of MGMT, Dave Matthews Band's Carter Beauford, Zak Starkey, and Nickelback and Martone drummer Daniel Adair.
Many professional drummers used Vistalites or similar acrylic drums in the ' 70s and ' 80s.

Many and have
Many of them have drifted into the cities and towns and seaports.
Many years later I went to see S.K. in England, where he was living at Whiteleaf, near Aylesbury, and he showed me beside his cottage there the remains of the road on which Boadicea is supposed to have travelled.
Many readers of this department no doubt discount certain of my opinions for the simple reason that they can guess pretty accurately, even if they have never actually been told, what my age is.
Many styles have perforations and an almost weightlessness achieved via unlined leathers.
Many such loans have been made to establish small concerns or to aid in their growth, thereby contributing substantially to community development programs.
Many mills have already placed firm orders for this machine.
Many states have laws regulating the use of boat trailers and some have restrictions regarding the age of motor boat operators.
Many companies have upgraded their sales manpower and tested new selling, distribution, and promotion techniques to gain a bigger competitive edge.
Many companies have systems, particularly in R & D, which work more or less well, depending upon size and actual belief in the policy on the part of administration, as will be abundantly apparent in subsequent quotations.
Many of the men on our campus have a pretty set curriculum, especially in the various engineering fields, with few electives till the senior year.
Many of the suggested systems seem to have only the most tenuous relationship to the language structures that they purport to represent.
Many rate increases already have been put into effect.
Many years have passed since a Metropolitan audience heard anything comparable.
Many studies have observed the effects of volunteerism ( as a form of altruism ) on happiness and health and have consistently found a strong connection between volunteerism and current and future health and well-being.
Many of them also have infixes.
Many aquatic salamanders and all tadpoles have gills in their larval stage, with some ( such as the axolotl ) retaining gills as aquatic adults.
Many songs have used this term, including the American patriotic songs " America, The Beautiful " and " God Bless the USA ".
Many amateurs are beginners or hobbyists, while others have a high degree of experience in astronomy and often assist and work alongside professional astronomers.
Many definitions of art have been proposed by philosophers and others who have characterized art in terms of mimesis, expression, communication of emotion, or other values.
Many of the recent TV Games series of old Atari games have included either the 2600 or arcade versions of Asteroids.
Many species in the iris family have a great economic importance in ornamental horticulture and the cut flower industry, especially Gladiolus, Freesia, Sparaxis, Iris, Tigridia ( tiger lily ), Ixia ( corn lily ), Romulea, Neomarica, Moraea ( butterfly lily ), Nemastylis, Belamcanda, Sisyrinchium ( blue-eyed grass ), Crocosmia and Trimezia.
Many species have an erect woody stem which is covered with persistent dried leaves unless there have been fires, topped by a crown of long thin leaves.

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