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Many and stayed
Many of these fans had watched the game on the stadium JumboTron displays and had stayed into the early hours of the morning when the team arrived.
I'm going home .” Many athletes, dazed by the tragedy, similarly felt that their desire to compete had been destroyed, although they stayed at the Games.
Many of Pacelli's Munich staff stayed with him for the rest of his life, including his advisor Robert Leiber and Pascalina Lehnert – housekeeper, friend, and adviser to Pacelli for 41 years.
Many local residents have expressed dislike of this tactic, noting that many of these people only stayed in Columbia County on weekends, and are in rent-controlled apartments in New York City during the week.
Many have thought that if Nannette Fabray stayed with the show, that the musical would have lasted longer.
Many artists took refuge in England, joining Whistler, including Pissarro and Monet, while Manet and Degas stayed in France.
Many Gilgitis and Kunjuti were also enslaved in China After being freed due to the efforts of British authorities in China, many slaves such as Gilgitis in Xinjiang cities like Tashkurgan, Yarkand, and Karghallik, stayed rather than return to Gilgit.
Many pro-Orange voters stayed home.
Many members of the Cherokee Nation moved west, but the majority stayed until removed by Federal Troops sent into the area during the summer of 1838.
Many land Lords stayed at Loon op Zand or built a vacation cottage in or near the village.
Many Mississippi politicians, governors and U. S. Senators have stayed there, including Theodore G. Bilbo and Jefferson Davis.
Many celebrities have during the centuries visited or stayed at the castle, including Carl Michael Bellman in the 18th century and August Strindberg in the 19th century.
Many stayed in Monaca, however, and not long after Müller and his followers left, a new religious speaker named William Keil showed up in the area in the early 1840s.
Many elements in Super Mario Bros. 2 stayed for the game's sequels and related games in the series.
Many more personnel changes followed, but Anderson stayed in the band until 2008.
Many families were split as some Separatists stayed behind in the Netherlands, planning to make the voyage to the New World after the colony had been established.
Many stayed in Nova Scotia, settling in places like Saint John, and many became active in the future development of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
Many stayed in Macau after the expiration of their military service, marrying Macanese women.
Many of the pottery factory workers had stayed on after it closed, farming and working for the owners.
Many personalities have stayed at Malacañang over the years.
Many Algerians stayed on in France after 1918, and sent the money they earned there to their relatives in Algeria.
Many prisoners stayed in the area on their release.
Many members of the Straight Left faction who had stayed in the CPGB formed a group called " Communist Liaison " which later opted to join the CPB.
Many of its inmates ' went native ', stayed in Britain and married local women.

Many and did
Many of these were part of the corruption indulged in by Scott and the Pennsylvania's president, J. Edgar Thomson, which consisted of inside trading in companies that the railroad did business with, or payoffs made by contracting parties " as part of a quid pro quo ", as biographer David Nasaw writes.
Many BBSes inspected every file uploaded to their public file download library to ensure that the material did not violate copyright law.
Many of the cartoons and art Watterson did at Kenyon can be found online.
Many city-states in ancient Greece limited debt slavery to a period of five years and debt slaves had protection of life and limb, which regular slaves did not enjoy.
Many went to Nicaea, where Theodore Lascaris set up an imperial court, or to Epirus, where Theodore Angelus did the same ; others fled to Trebizond, where one of the Comneni had already with Georgian support established an independent seat of empire.
Many consider New Yorker cartoonist Peter Arno the father of the modern gag cartoon ( as did Arno himself ).
Many fans and media were beginning to blame Jerry Jones for the team's ills, noting that he refused to hire a strong coach or general manager, preferring to hire coaches who did not want to be involved with personnel duties so that Jones himself, as GM, could manage them.
Many more errors came from the tendency of actors to interpolate words and sentences, producing so many corruptions and variations that a law was proposed by Lycurgus of Athens in 330 BC "... that the plays of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides should be written down and preserved in a public office ; and that the town clerk should read the text over with the actors ; and that all performances which did not comply with this regulation should be illegal.
" Many studio heads agreed nor did they want negative feelings about Hollywood to be instilled in political leaders.
Many Muslims believe as Saudi Prince Saud al Faisal did that the hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth obtained from the Persian Gulf's huge oil deposits were nothing less than a gift from God to the Islamic faithful.
:" Many will say to me, ' Lord, Lord, did we not in your name eat and drink and do powerful deeds?
:" Many will say to me on that day, ' Lord, Lord, did we not in your name eat and drink and prophecy and drive out demons?
Many churches still display holy relics such as the bones of a saint, a scrap of cloth once worn by a holy man, or the skull of a martyr ; the Templars did the same.
Many argued that it was a scourge on cricket and must be stamped out, while some did not see what all the fuss was about.
Many natural structures, including human bodies, follow a certain handedness, but it was widely assumed that nature did not distinguish the two possibilities.
" Many years later, when the Gundam series was finally licensed in North America, the rightsholders did come up with a unified list of " official spellings " for English-language material, and some of these spellings include Schodt's renditions, as well as the renditions to which certain North American fans were attached.
Many people did not support the handing out of the already small state resources the Afghan state had at its disposal.
Many early chip companies were wiped out in the aftermath ; those that survived did so by finding other chips to produce.
Many languages around the world have no numerals above two to four — or at least did not before contact with the colonial societies — and speakers of these languages may have no tradition of using the numerals they did have for counting.
Many in the colony however, began to chafe against the aristocratic Family Compact who governed while benefiting economically from the region's resources, and who did not allow elected bodies the power to effect change ( much as the Château Clique ruled Lower Canada ).
Many clergy and lay people of Utrecht did not want to become one more formerly autonomous jurisdiction now under Roman control, however, many did.
Many things have existed that did not have an owner, sometimes called the commons.

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