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Many and think
Many of our young people think it would.
Many people think that pansies last only a few weeks, then their period of growth and bloom is over.
And a witty American journalist remarked over a century ago what is even more true today, `` Many a writer seems to think he is never profound except when he can't understand his own meaning ''.
Many supporters of globalization think that policies different from those of today should be pursued, although not necessarily those advocated by the anti-globalization movement.
Many other denominations do not consider the role of ministry as being sacramental in nature and would not think of it in terms of " holy orders " as such.
Many diabetes specialists no longer think of flexible insulin therapy as " intensive " or " special " treatment for a select group of patients but simply as standard care for most patients with type 1 diabetes.
Many consumers in developed countries are outraged to think that the products such as clothes of household goods they use might be the efforts of child labour from developing countries. Strong international treaties are taking place to legalize child labour.
Many of the more established think tanks, having been created during the Cold War, are focused on international affairs, security studies, and foreign policy.
Many think tanks, however, purposefully attempt to alleviate this problem by selecting members from diverse backgrounds.
Many private and government universities in Sri Lanka have research-related think tanks.
Many artists, designers, and architects think like inventors.
Many of them later became his soldiers and officers, and came to think of him as a father.
Many think that Miffy is Japanese, because Sanrio's Hello Kitty and friends are rendered using a similar line style.
Many Chinese people think that this was his most important achievement.
Many of Schoenberg's practices, including the formalization of compositional method, and his habit of openly inviting audiences to think analytically, are echoed in avant-garde musical thought throughout the 20th century.
Many people think that they were the last in England to hang for witchcraft but there were several after them.
Many scholars think the Ara Pacis ( an altar from the Augustan Era ), displays Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and his elder sister Domitia.
Many think it is apparently a corruption of Praetutium, or rather of the name of the people Praetutii, applied to their chief city, Interamnaes, now present day Teramo.
Many think that the money received from the lawsuits only brought the town trouble.
Many people think that Arizona is a vast, open desert without vegetation.
Many think that the Yellow River these traders referred to is the Aniak River.
Many think Dayton's salvation came with the completion of a floodwall in late 1981.
Many historians have identified the early modern period as the epoch in which individuals began to think of themselves as belonging to a national polity — a notable break from medieval modes of self-identification, which had been largely based upon religion ( belonging to a universal Christendom ), language, or feudal allegiance ( belonging to the manor or extended household of a particular magnate or lord ).
Many think that the money received from the lawsuits only brought the town trouble.
Many historians have agreed with this central claim but think historical evidence should also include oral traditions as well as an established system of written history, which had previously been the litmus test for a society having left " prehistory " behind.

Many and Roaring
Many church based organizations call Roaring Creek their base.

Many and Fork
Jack ’ s Fork County, as example – in which Antlers was located – was a vast territory whose tiny county seat was Many Springs ( modern-day Daisy, Oklahoma ).
Many subdivisions or outer areas are considered part of Pineville, including Key Rock, New Richmond, Skin Fork, Mullensville, Glover, Wolf Pen, Rock View, and others, but the town limits are much smaller than the area considered part of Pineville.
Many lesser streams also originate on the slopes of Grandfather, including: Upper Boone Fork, Little Wilson Creek, Wilson Creek ( North Carolina ), Stack Rock Creek, and others.
Many of her Limited Fork Theory poems can be found online in podcasts, journals, and on YouTube.

Many and River
Many also went north of the Missouri River, where Kansas City had incorporated areas between the 1940s to 1970s.
Many small rivers were altered or abandoned after the upper Ohio River formed.
Many people also fish for smelt year-round on the Puget Sound beaches as well as in the Columbia River.
Many of these battlefields and churches, as well as old fortresses, are situated in Bessarabia ( mainly along the Dniester River ).
Many of the early safety procedures and waste disposal practices were inadequate, and government documents have since confirmed that Hanford's operations released significant amounts of radioactive materials into the air and the Columbia River, which threatened the health of residents and ecosystems.
Many Sui soldiers were defeated by the prominent army leader Eulji Mundeok of Goguryeo-in prominent battles such as The Battle of Salsu River.
Many snake species, which are not directly dependent on surface water, may be found both within the inner gorge and the Colorado River corridor.
Many additional streams enter or join with the Allegheny River along its course.
Many prominent individuals opposed the construction of the dam at that time because of the damage it would do to Seneca lands, including Pennsylvania Congressman John P. Saylor of Johnstown, and Howard Zahniser, executive director of The Wilderness Society and native of Tionesta — a small settlement located along the Allegheny River several miles downstream from Warren.
Many Chinese fled south of the Yangtze River as numerous tribesmen of the Xiongnu and remnants of the Jin wreaked havoc in the north.
Many were taken to the Yangtze River, where they were machine-gunned.
Many Onondaga went with Joseph Brant and other nations to Canada, where they received land grants in compensation and formed the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation.
Many waterfalls can be found in the park, and most of them are located in the valleys of Soča River and its tributaries.
Many families began to migrate south to the Tongue River watershed area, where they established homesteads.
Many ended up west of the Mississippi River in what was then French-colonized Louisiana, including territory as far north as Dakota territory.
Many of the people in the state supported the Union, although Missouri's Little Dixie section along the Mississippi River in southeastern counties was strongly pro-Confederate.
Many years later, c. AD 58, the Chauci seized an opportunity to expel the Ampsivarii and occupy their lands at the mouth of the River Ems, whereby they gained a border with the Frisians to the west.
Many of their episodes occurred on the Lincoln Highway, including almost losing their brakes coming down off Donner Pass, barely squeezing across the narrow Lyons-Fulton Bridge over the Mississippi River, and getting stopped at the Holland Tunnel because trailers weren't allowed through.
* Kourou River: Many people go up the river on canoes or small boats to camp along the shore in open dwellings, or simply in hammocks.
Many dams were built throughout the county to assist loggers as they sent their timber downstream to the lumber and paper mills in the Wisconsin River valley.
Many such sites were inundated when the San Gabriel River was dammed to create Lake Granger.
Many timbers were floated up the Maumee River to be used as ship's masts.
Many tribes of the Delaware Nation lived in Hunterdon County especially along the Delaware River and in the Flemington area.
Many areas around the meanders of the River Strule have also been developed into open areas.
Many farms in Franklin were cleared by the Creek Indians, Well known leader Osceola was born on Red Creek, 10 miles from the Tallapoosa River.

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